Confessions of a High School Slaughterer

Confessions of a High School Slaughterer Open

When a local teen goes missing, the police suspect another high schooler is responsible. When his body is found, the search for the killer turns this small private school upside down.

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Christina walked down the hall clutching her bag. There was a guy who just went missing and is probably dead and she went to the police if the other girls found out she would be ashamed. The only rule was never go to the police. She walked into her room and shut the door. "What did I do they didn't like me from the start of this year, if they find out what i did i'm dead!" She looked around at the empty room. Nobody wanted to be in her room they all hated her. "One more year and i'm out of this place" She sighed and slid to the floor. "It makes no sense..." She got up and looked out the window seeing Jonah. "Jonah?" She blinked and he was gone. "I am the only one who knows hes missing right?" She walked to her door and locked it. Then went to sleep in her bed.