Confessions of a High School Slaughterer

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When a local teen goes missing, the police suspect another high schooler is responsible. When his body is found, the search for the killer turns this small private school upside down.

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Setting: Girls Dorms2010-07-11 22:36:37, as written by Sprites
Kierra Madalyn Brackett was sitting in her school dorm, watching tv. Suddenly a news announcment caught her eye. It said: "Local private school student missing, foul play suspected." She was shocked. She was in the only private school in the area. She would have heard if someone was missing. Kierra turned up the volume and listened.
"A teenage boy, Jonah Intex, disappeared from the local Bishop's Boarding School for the Wealthy three days ago, and police are fearing that foul play is involved. Was it another student? A staff member? Or someone completely different? We'll have more on this story later."
Kierra turned off the large plasma screen. She felt a strange feeling at the pit of her stomach. Jonah was gone? Her heart started pounding. She climbed in bed and went to sleep, hoping when she woke up it would have been just a dream.