Confessions of a High School Slaughterer

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When a local teen goes missing, the police suspect another high schooler is responsible. When his body is found, the search for the killer turns this small private school upside down.

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Setting: Girls Dorms2010-07-13 14:55:05, as written by SheaTeal
Rosenna pulled the brush through her hair one more time, moving the brush so it didn't destroy her loose curls. She looked into the mirror, staring with no expression at her own reflection. Why couldn't she remember anything about class this morning? The notes were scribbled down in her notebook, dated and with the time of 7:20, but she didn't remember waking up nag going to class. She laid the brush down, looking at how her hair looked so soft and fuzzed out. She tried to think of a good explanation for it, but her mind found none.

Lying open on her bed was a newspaper with the headline of, "Student Missing At Local Private School", with a long article about Rosenna's classmate, Jonah Intex. Looking over it again, a big teardrop blurred the words, sliding down the paper. Rosenna put it down.

"Please let him come back safe," she mumbled, folding her hands in a prayer.