Land of DragonsSenju Koji

Grandson of Yamoto

a character in “Conflict in the Land of Dragons”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Land of Fire, Konohagakure
Kekkei Genkai: Mokuton (Wood Release)- with the chakras of both water and earth Koji is able to combine the two and create wood style jutsu
Elemental Jutsu (Mokuton, Suiton, and Doton)
About 6 feet tall, looks like he does in the above photo, however he wears his Leaf headband around his head. Usually he would also wear his flak jacket, but he didn't bring him since this isn't a mission but a vacation.


Koji is usually a happy guy, who's fun to be around, but when it comes to a fight he gets very serious, as he believes he must prove the strength of the Senju clan. He can be a bit of a smart-ass sometimes, and in general you either like him or hate him.


Smoke Bomb
Explosive Tags
Metal Wire

Jutsu List-
Splinter Rasengan (Hahen Rasengan)- after creating a regular Rasengan Koji begins feeding equal amounts of earth and water chakra into the sphere. This causes it to grow, and the color to change to a dark green as the two different chakras mix. A wooden shell then begins to grow around and enclose the sphere, and once complete is stops floating above his palm and sits there, like a wooden ball. He can then either throw it or slam it into the enemy, either way, when the wooden shell connects with something it shatters explosively, sending thousands of tiny splinters out in all directions, which rip through everything around it. These splinters are so small, however, that they are microscopic, and do damage on a scale so small one might not even know he was hit until he began coughing up blood later on.
The green Rasengan inside does the same as a regular Rasengan, only in a larger area

Rasengan- by focusing his chakra into the palm of his hand Koji is able to create a sphere of pure chakra that spins in his hand and becomes self-contained, meaning he doesn't have to continuously feed more chakra into it. He then slams the sphere into the enemy, causing it to explode outwards in a spiral, causing a good deal of damage

Mokuton: Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland (Mokuton: Hijutsu: Jukai Kotan)- after a series of handseals Koji is able to cause massive trees to grow anywhere he likes, which can drastically change the battle field, or even trap an opponent within. This takes a lot of energy, however, and he has to stand still while the trees grow

Burning Clone Technique (Moeru Bunshin no Jutsu)- after creating Moku Bunshin (wooden clones) he sets them on fire with his fire chakra. Since wooden clones last longer than normal they can fight the enemy, burning them with every hit that connects

Suiton: Water Wave Palm (Suiton: Suihachi)- Koji raises his hand so that the palm faces whichever direction he wants, and a strong, continuous current of water sprays out, disrupting the enemies movements and jutsu


Koji is the grandson of Yamoto. Because Yamoto was experimented on when he was born and gained the Mokuton kekkei genkai in this manner, it was passed down to Koji. His life has been a rather normal, almost boring one, going from mission to mission for the new Hokage, fighting the Urigiri, so on and so forth. He is in the process of being promoted to the rank of ANBU, however, they have given him some vacation time to rest up before he takes on the S-Rank mission that will serve as his test. So, he has decided to come to the Land of Dragons and enjoy the festival.

So begins...

Senju Koji's Story