The Milky WayShelton Black

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Age: 34
Nationality: South African
Species: Human
Position: Team Leader, Gamma Squad
Squad: Gamma

Shelton Black is a veteran soldier, which can be seen by the way he carries himself, tall and confident. He's got relatively long, brown hair, and reddish brown beard stubble in the form of a chin curtain beard. He has concentrated, green eyes that always seems to be awake. In combat, he wears the standard issue SRC uniform.


Black is an officer for a reason. He's sharp-headed and a tactical genius who always keeps cool even in the middle of a battle. He's often perceived to be somewhat detached emotionally, even outright cold, but this is merely his professionalism as an officer. While he may be perceived as cold, and doesn't show it, he is actually a passionate man who serves with SG because he believes he can do a lot of good in that position. An idealist, but with a sharp edge of realistic outlook on life, he sets his and the objectives of his team high, but not high enough that they cannot achieve them.


Main weapon: 6,8 mm Chain Rifle
Sidearm: Glock 20, 10 mm Auto
Also equipped with a survival and combat knife in case of an emergency, as well as standard issue military gear, for example compass, flashlight, closed communications radio system, and of course, spare ammunition.


Black grew up in South Africa, the son of a colonel in the Special Forces, and a nurse. At the age of 18, he followed his father's advise and joined the South African Army, where, after finishing bootcamp as one of the best recruits, he initially served in the role of airborne infantry with the 6th Air Assault. He did so in the position of radio specialist, where he also underwent some level of intelligence and counterintelligence training, especially in regard to signal intelligence. He was later handpicked to become team leader because of his matching character, and did so well in this role, that he, when the time came, he had no trouble getting into officer school in Johannesburg. He marked himself as being in the top of his class during the entire time of his officer training. After finishing it, Black went on to join the South African Special Forces Brigade, where he underwent training to become team medic.

Under the flags of South Africa, the African Union, and United Nations, Black proceeded to serve in warzones all over Africa. In time, he was recommended by his superiors for candidacy to join the Terran Allied Government's Armed Forces, a planetary defense force and world government intended to serve as Earth's face outwards, to deal with intergalactic politics and conflicts. Black accepted, but never found his place in the Armed Forces of TAG. After a year of service as a drill instructor training marines on Mars, he resigned his commission, and returned to his home country, South Africa. His resignation had barely been dealt with before Black received an offer from a former captain at the military academy where he had undergone officer training, who was now working in the private sector, employed by a private military company called SG. The Captain, a man named Meier, recommended him for an open position within SG, as team leader of one of SG's Legionnairy Reconnaissance squads, with the 4th Auxiliary Legion. In this role he carried out patrols on the very edges of the Milky Way Galaxy, for various planetary and interplanetary governments.

It was only a matter of time before Black was transferred from Legionnairy Recon to SRC Team Nine, which is his current position within SG. Initially, because of his going straight from Legionnairy Recon to SRC Team Leader, without, as is common practice, serving a few years with SRC first, he was looked upon with doubt and distrust by SRC soldiers, but Black quickly proved himself to be a highly skilled team leader.

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Shelton Black's Story