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Corrupted Soil

Corrupted Soil

A different universe than you're used to. Alien races roam space, wars rage on planets, and Earth is quite in a predicament from time to time...

1783 readers have visited this universe since Epik_B0mber created it.
Topics: fantasy, fiction, modern, original, sci-fi, scifi, space, stuff, universe, and war (Add Tags »)
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You can…


This is the known universe.. but it isn't.. It's a different one, with a different story, different beings.

Different endings.

Our story mainly begins in the 2015.
The year that made the most noticeable changes in history.
It was on this day, that a stray extraterrestrial being would reveal itself to a single human.
By this act, the entire species would soon be known, along with many other new ones, plaguing the once clean world of Earth.
And in the future, a whole new world is opened up to more then one species.

This is the story of a band of brothers, and others, that go all around the world trying to save it.
And not just Earth, but many other planets too. Hell, they blew up a planets once! Which is cool!
Basically, if you join this Roleplay, you're going to be reading lots of already written lore, THEN you get to jump in where the story has ended.
From there, you can create a non-canon story for everyone to enjoy, and if it's so good that I think it's good, it might just be implemented into the real story.
Anyways, that's basically all for now, lel.

(more.. story stuff.. later.. i guess. idk lel :/)

What Is This?
Oh my, that slipped my mind!
Corrupted Soil is uh, well.. a reincarnation of a previously told story. Except you, the community, are going to continue it.
Genres: Modern, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Fantasy
Things to look for: War, Aliens, Creatures, Planetary Exploration, Flashbacks, Vietna- i mean..
What we hope you can make: (Atleast with some amount of) Human characters to carry out the non-canon rest of the story!
(Note: If you would like to be any other species, please PM me; example, want to play as the Kydolian species. Thanks!)

Any questions? Visit the discussions! Thanks!

P.S: The majority of this is basically me telling a story and allowing you to continue off where it ends...


This roleplay is created to reenact the past and/or create a non-canon future.
In the event of viewing the past, you probably won't be able to modify anything.. (probably)


-OOC Racism and Cursing is not tolerated (A-Okay in role playing unless said otherwise)
-Sexual content is VERBOTEN (images, pictures, videos, OOC chat, and if it's really sexual, RP TOO!!)
-Taking control of everything and just making your own story is also a NO NO.
-(Not including me because I have to write lots and lots of stories) Only 1-4 characters would be nice, please don't flood me with characters. (unless they die or something)
-Please attempt to keep characters in human origin or atleast be part human. No god-like characters will be allowed.
-Basic site rules and stuff (Link incase you don't know)

All for now...

What is expected of you if you create a character (a description that looks something like this):
Name: Lee Roy Jenkins
Age: 24
Sex: Spaghetti
Race: Apache Attack Helicopter
Height: 5'
Physical Description: VeRy FaT
Mental Description (opt): Insane
Beliefs (opt): Things
Relations (opt): Mario and Luigi's cousin
Powers/Abilities (opt): SPAGHETTI SPLASH
Skills: Is good at eating you
Backround: Born in a manger, ate spaghetti and became russian mobster.

(You don't specifically need stuff like 'Equipment, Alliances, or anything, as those will probably change a lot during roleplay.. Or maybe not, if you feel that won't then add stuff like that in too)
And then whatever else you want to add

That is all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S: The majority of this is basically me telling a story and allowing you to continue off where it ends...

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A KyHuma mixture. Likes to shoot things.
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The Merp Chronicles

The first 'Season' (the literal first year) of all this story. I think there's like... 8 Chapters? I can't remember lol

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0.00 INK

In the beginning, everything was created.

The first species to exist, was an ancient one. It existed thousands of years ago.
But they never really expanded. Never really repopulated. Unlike Humanity, which began its search in space in the year 1960.
Soon; about 5 decades later, humans would find other species. Or..
Other species would find them.
Planetary Battles ensued when these races met. Although, most of the human race; who was still living on Earth and Earth alone had no idea any of this was happening.
(You know, government hiding everything and all and stuff)

It wouldn't be until the year 2015, that a hero and his colleagues would emerge, changing history for better...
and for worse.


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Character Portrait: Joey
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0.00 INK

The following is a recreation. As said before, this is the retold story of the already existent.

The true (and retarded) story
(Don't worry this story gets so much better than this in time.. I mean.. 4 years is a lot to work on, right?)

It was such like any other day; a cool fall day in the September of 2015. Felix Kel sat on a bench in his local park, enjoying a small bottle of water.

It was here on this day, that history would be ever changed.
(It was also here, that the authors were really young so lots of things make no sense, and they couldn't draw and one couldn't spell and they had bad penmanship...
but a story must be told how it happened to be accurate)

(here we go..)
THEN HE SADE (I quote)
We are aliens here to invade your desk!

THEN, even though Felish was a CIVILIAN
Ha! Stupid player.
Then FELIX who we should actually be called OLD FELIX because he DIES later because hes OLD but not really
BuTT Then He REAzlied Der was no1 in it!
So then he did something that was actually reasonable and called the FBI.
Then the story started making more logical sense, as alien man got sadded very becuz he was hoemles and wanted a hoem
So then Feet got a change of hart and decide 'LETS RUN AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE I JUST CALLED AYYAYAYAA'
And they did.

(END OF CHAPTER (post it note) 1
Ok again it will get much better later I promise
...Seriously look at this, this is the quality of someone who didn't draw for a year, and the quality of someone else who all they've drawn is chibis and minecraft.

Also, this was an accidental story. It went from two kids who NEVER met each other sending post it notes asking each other about, well, each other, to becoming a full fledge Universe filled with characters stories experiences and, well, yeah. That's why this starts off so awkwardly and such. Because it was all an accident, starting with this post it note that I gave him. Yeah, my drawing is the left by the way, I was the kid who didn't draw for a year. I used to be better before I drew this. Anyways.. Less story about me, it's about this. But seriously, we're better now. It should only be this painful to tell this story for the first... couple chapters..)


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Character Portrait: Joey
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0.00 INK

So then in the next chapters, lots of random things happened.
We actually can't view these bizzare events because they have been lost from existence,
but we can remember them..
Well I can, not you

So.. They go places..
And they fight a weird hooded dude with another guy...
And there's some weird ass stuff going on but..
Yeah... No we're gonna skip it

So now Old Felix (internally) dies and new Felix looks cooler and thinks better and stuff
And they do stuff...

AND ThEN.. I think..
Joey and Felix are walking and stuff
And then Joey falls down a random cavern or something...
THEN (even though he's a male (shut up fuk this is why Kydol are special)) he LAYS AN EGG (wowo)
So then Felix go to find him
again I don't know how but-
Tune in next time (or don't because if you're reading this before I post better quality you've probably become uninterested, but I'm guaranteeing you this story gets better) for the next chapters or something where there's actually EVIDENCE of what happened and the story makes a little bit more sense.


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0.00 INK

Quick Update!
Sorry for not really posting anything, I simply had lots to do and exhaustion has been hitting me harder than anything. Hopefully, I should be sane enough tomorrow to continue the (not very) epic series of TMC... See you on the flip side!


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Character Portrait: Joey Character Portrait: Henry
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0.00 INK

Okay, time to get serious...


Just saying: 80% of the following all happened exactly how it is written; that includes events and dialogue (I only exaggerated 1 line of dialogue out of this entire thing) The only thing that was taken out (which at the time was a big part of the story but, no.. just no.) was a xenomorph that tagged along. But we can't have that sort of stuff wandering around in our series, that'd look like this is a fan story of Alien or some crap like that.
(When the riot happens that you'll read about, yeah no that was the alien in the comic. But, hey, changing the story so it works) I know the story probably seems like I'm bad at writing, but I just have to write it as it is. Trust me, I could do much better if I was remaking it or something.

Without further ado...

Later into the series, Joey (somehow) falls down into a cavern, and is (somehow) captured by the FBI! Felix finds out about this and gets very emotional, pledging to get Joey once again. He trains in the arts of a bounty hunter, and ambushes a government convoy in which Joey is in.
He successfully stops the convoy (with his hand; why? idk lol) and evicts Joey's unconscious body from the convoy.

Felix resides in a local town for some time, until things get hot. The FBI have tracked his location, and are now sending reinforcements to capture him! Felix hides and attempts to escape, when suddenly a random riot breaks out in the streets. This helps Felix be able to escape, but before he can, he notices a particular roof sniper picking off FBI forces...

Going from one roof to another, Felix finds himself face to face with the masked vigilante. They have a short discussion, and jump off the roof to escape. (and they somehow survived, why?!)

Then there's this moment I realize they somehow lost Joey again.
Then they try to break him out of a testing room, but then Joey gets abducted by OTHER ALIENS!!!!!
(Alien space ship looked kinda like this)

So like five minutes later the ALIENS have no interest in the other ALIENS so then they drop Felix and the gang into a random forest. Felix breaks his leg on impact (yay logic! Wait.. wait no.. in the comic.. HIS FOOT FKN FELL OFF-- THEN HE PUT IT BACK ON WHAT THE FU-)

So Felix and Henry go adventuring to find where Joey went, but then they get split up! (somehow)
Then Felix finds Joey.. or more..

Joey finds him.
And in some way, Joey must have hit his head..
Bcuz now he's evil-- for like-- 2 chapters.

So then Felix loses him and finds Henry again
or more-- they-- they climbed on board??? Voluntarily? The fu-
So then Felix and Henry get on the ALIEN ship
And they get CAPTURED...

Then they are brought to the ALIEN OVERLORD of the ALIEN SHIP
yes, you heard that right
an alien leader named BLEEPS.
(don't ask me I didn't make him)
And apparently all the other aliens are Bleeps but they're clones! And then everyone notices the big clone machine.
"Joey, save us!" shouts Henry, preparing for the battle. So then Joey comes out of nowhere and gets CAPTURED
But it's not Joey, it was actually dust and Bleeps is just really blind lol.
Suddenly, the limbs of Bleeps' clones drop out of ventilation shafts...
"Alright, you see? You will die!" shouted Henry.
"I'd just clone again!!!" Bleeps yelled back.
Henry pulled out his trusty pistol, yelling back,
"And we will finish you!"
Henry waved his pistol around in the air, but something was wrong with Bleeps.
Bleeps started glowing and, getting bigger. He was like- 2 feet before, now he was 3.. His eyes started glowing, and with the big machine-y thing-y on his head, he yelled,
"I will ShoW YoU POWER!!!!"
Suddenly, lightning was everywhere!
He grew 10 times his size! Looking like a huge puffle! Laser emitters shot Bleeps up into the air, suspending him in an almighty electric power! Bleeps cackled tremendously, as Henry and Felix looked on; now the smaller ones. They cowered in fear of dying! But suddenly, Joey-- well; changed Joey, jumped down from the ventilation shafts!
In a grim voice, he muttered "Pick on someone your own size, you fluff ball."
(Also, at this time, Joey had like-- a million arms)
Bleeps laughed at such a worthless threat! He was unstoppable!

Of course, that's what he thought.

Joey did what any sane person would do when it ISN'T a dramatic movie, and went right over to the big laser emitters and punched the sh*t out of them. The power fell from Bleeps, dropping him to the floor.
"Nyygh, what are you doing?!!" Bleeps yelled in fear.
Then, Joey did more sane things, went over to the cloning machine, and kicked it to crap as well. I mean, these things were made of like thin metal, so it was really easy to destroy.
"Destroyed your stuff!" Joey said in a playful tone, showing his old side.
"No! My Clones!!! Nyaaaah!!" yelled Bleeps once again.
Then, the most ear shattering scream emitted from Bleeps. He yelled a simple 'no' at the top of his lungs! Slowly getting bigger, and biigger...
"HE'S GONNA BLOW!!!" screamed Felix.
Henry, during the haze of the-- well- everything blowing up, looked to see Joey changing his shape. But, alas, he could not reach to him as the ship exploded, launching Felix and Henry through a hole that had already taken its shape in the hull of the ship!
"Joey.. Noooooo!" was the only sound heard from the falling group.
Felix hit the ground hard-- again.
He fell into a deep sleep...

He was in the clouds..
"A- am I dead?!" he yelped, panicking about this situation
"You might" whispered Joey, coming from nowhere.
"YOU'RE ALIVE?!?!" shouted Felix
"I might be dead" said Joey with a simple shrug.

"GAH!!" Felix said, reawakening from the fall.
Man, good thing he had his OP diamond armor on, so he didn't take any fall damage AT ALL.
Felix sat up, looking around. Henry was over by a rock, he had seemingly changed too.
His mask no longer covered his entire face, and the side that showed was severely bruised and marked. But there was something wrong with his eye. It was red, the same red that Joey had taken on...
Felix ran over to Henry and frequently shaked him like a mad man, yelling
"W-wha?! He's alive?"
"As in.. NOT. DEAD." Felix proudly stated.

Then, from the sky, the big ol' space ship thingy EXPLODED into a million pieces, sending a eye-catching red ball straight down to earth. With a small cloud of dust as it hit the ground, it disappeared into the area. A mile away, Henry looked on to the spot where the object had landed. Suspecting it could be Joey, he rallied Felix, and they began their journey..

To find Joey...
(again again..)

TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR (the comic's) CHAPTER 10; THE FINAL CHAPTER (but not really because that's written on like 4 more chapters) Hope u enjoyed the fact this story is actually going somewhere now. Kbye lel

Nothing to see here. Move along, 2738663. Nothing to see here. Move along, 2738662. Nothing to see here. Move along, 2738661.


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0.00 INK


If you're actually interested in this series, and are awaiting and constantly checking for updates, please read this!

I will probably updating this story at least once a week or more. The most prevalent update time would be around the weekend, so check in around those times so you aren't wasting your time constantly checking for nothing! Thanks!


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Character Portrait: Joey Character Portrait: Henry
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0.00 INK

(The following dialogue is 80% true and not exaggerated; the rest is spell check and for drama. Everything else happened.)



Before we start--

They gathered around the table.
The three silhouettes glared at each other.
(I really don't know what exactly he's supposed to look like; do remember these all on post it notes; so it looks like this kind of. We'll call him Bucket Man now)
The man in the middle cleared his throat.
He looked back at the cage in the corner, then back to the men.
"I've called you here for a reason...." he trailed off
Glances were exchanged.
"JOEY!" he yelled!
"wow.." said random guy #1
(Also guessing this man's design)
(and thats it lol)

Meanwhile back to where the protagonists are-
Joey got up from the miniature crater he made, the others saw him from a distance;
"Joey IS alive!" cheered Henry, running down the mountain.
The two began their descent.
"Joey, am I glad to see you still kicking!" yelled Henry, still halfway up on the mountain.
Joey didn't notice. He began running towards them. He started running straight up the mountain
"Holy shite, Joey's on the run!" Henry anxiously stated.
Before they could even react to anything else, Joey jumped right up from wherever he was, and spun around and kicked Henry square in the face.
"HENRY!!!" shouted Felix
Joey landed, looking up at Felix with the most feral look in his eyes.
Felix felt his adrenaline kick in and his anger build up, his hands balled into fists;
"NOO! BASTARD!" he screamed.
In one of the fastest movements a human can make, Felix snatched up his pistol from its holster and put a few right into Joey's chest, as he was mid way in the air coming towards Felix. Joey hit the ground with a very audible THUD, and his skin changed from the red form to its normal gray tint.
Felix was speechless. He looked upon Joey's seemingly lifeless body, worry replaced the rage in his eyes.
He stood over his body, and lightly kicked his foot. He was ready to cry.
"Joey?" he said with quite the shaky voice.
Joey's eyes shot open at the mention of his name, and a slight smile replaced Felix's frown. Felix definitely didn't expect what was coming next, as Joey's eyes turned a blood red color again, his claws sharpened at the flash of Felix's eyes, and Joey dug his fist straight into the side of Felix's face.

It was here, in Felix's small haven, that he had a flashback. (so apparently he DID have military experience)

"THERE THEY ARE!" shouted the soldier, who was then blown away with a laser.
"GAAAH" was his scream of agony.
The van drove by at high speeds; Felix standing on the top.
He lowered his laser rifle.
"Nice shot, Felix!" said the driver
Felix replied with a simple 'thanks'.
The van sped off towards the objective.

yep, you guessed it.
The soldiers were shocked as lasers sped towards them with a van behind those lasers.

Felix woke up. He didn't move, but he woke up. He opened his eye to feel blood all over his face, basically drowning him on the rock he lay. He could hear the conversation.

Henry stood only a few feet from Joey and downed Felix. He waved his pistol viscously at Joey.
"This isn't you, Joey! Don't do this!"
Joey took a step forward; emitting a hissing sound
"STAY BACK!" Henry said, continuing to aim the gun at Joey.
You could see it from a mile; his hands were shaky, if he did shoot, it would have been below a Stormtrooper's aim. He finally convinced himself, muttering:
"I can't shoot, I- I can't. Should I? No.. I.."
A small cage fell from the sky, smashing into the ground with Joey in center.

On the next time...

Part 2, (literally named) This is Bad...



Is that you?

Felix woke up woke up (for reals) with these thoughts seemingly floating around in his head...
He looked around, wiping the blood from his face.
Nearby, Henry sat with his gun to his head. Felix stared at him with wild eyes.
"What?" mumbled Henry with a smirk on his face.
"Congrats you woke up-"
"What's that?" Felix said, pointing up at the BIG OL ALIEN SPACE SHIP
The cage was actually just suspended in the air right now, which, once again, NOBODY NOTICED UNTIL NOW.
It began to be reeled into the BIG OL ALIEN SPACE SHIP, when Henry dropped his gun, screaming "JUMP ON!!!"
They did.
"Is Joey okay?" said Felix
"Not really," replied Henry, looking into the cage. Joey glared at him with evil in his eyes, yet he did nothing.
They finally entered the ship through a hole in the bottom into a dark room, but then it got darker, as something hit them in the back of the head.

They re-awoke.
Felix sat facing the mysterious silhouette, Henry tied behind him. They were tied to chairs.
"W-who are you?!" said Felix in a firm yet scared voice.
The man walked into the light

"Call me.. Apex."


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Character Portrait: Joey Character Portrait: Henry
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0.00 INK

Fun fact before we start:
75% of expressions and scenes that I've drawn so far (including now) are all remakes of what were on these post-its. That's why some scenes are really low quality-- I mean- a post it is really small, i can't believe we were able to draw these.




Chapter 10, Part 3 (but its really 2 because we broke logic)

Apex circled around behind Felix and stared directly at Henry.
Henry let out a snarl, his eye turning the color that Joey's had.
"Who are you!?" he said in anger.
"I go by many names.."
"Just call me Apex.." he replied, coming up and grabbing Henry on the shoulder.
That was it for Henry, he screamed at him.
Anger welled up, and his skin; like Joey's, turned red. (I really hate this part)
He ripped the rope off the chair and shred it into a thousand pieces.
He was ready to kill Apex, and he was goi-
Apex jumped onto Henry, injecting him with a sedative.
Henry changed back to normal and hit the ground, moaning and then going silent.
"You calmed him?" asked Felix.
"Yeah, I know- easy, right?" replied Apex, holding the bloody needle in hand.
Apex forgot to talk in his deep tone, and Felix noticed that.
"Wait a second.. Where-- do I know you from?"
Apex lifted his mask;
"Surprise!!!" Apex said
"Connor!?" Felix said in extreme shock.

TMC, PART 4 (but really 3)
Infection (great name ;-;)

Because of logic, Joey smashed through the space ship hull right into the room. Connor came behind him surprisingly and stabbed him with the needle too. Joey turned back to his gray skin color.
"Nh, what the?! What just happened?" he said, scratching his head.
"Joey!" Felix said, forming his arms in the shape for a hug.
Joey halted him
"No really, what happened."
"Connor" Felix said, pointing at Connor across the room.
Connor waved.
Felix walked up to a big power lever that had been sitting on the wall. He put his hand on the switch, turned around, and yelled "Run!"
"Don't do it!" said Connor, becoming hostile.
The BIG OL SPACE SHIP instantly exploded because logic.
Everyone but Joey was hurtling towards the ground, because Joey already jumped out and ran away. Felix looked towards the direction Joey was running, watching as his skin turned back to the red color that Felix began to despise. Then the trees obscured his view, leaving him to plummet to the ground.


(we were really bad with chapter-ing)
Henry was changed.
He was like Joey now.
The rage coursed through their blood.
They met up.
"My brother, so good to see you." Joey said slowly and softly.
"Yes, same." Henry replied.
"But, what now?" he asked.
"We're wanted dead. I shall start something they won't forget." Joey said reassuringly.
They never noticed the man in the bush next to them.. or.. rock.. is that.. what? How did I not notice this before? Here.. lemme draw it:

Meanwhile, half a mile away.

2 Months later.
The city was run by the infection. No one knew how it started, or what it is, but it happened. Thousands were changed, and the quarantine was a failure. A helicopter circled the outskirts of the town; 2 men standing inside, peering through the open doors. Suddenly, a rocket caught their attention, and they jumped out for life!
Their parachutes saved them from the fall, but the zombies below would not. Bullets rang out from buildings, tearing up one of the men's parachute, causing him to plummet straight into the horde.
"A-AH! GOING DOWN!" he said before dropping.
The other pulled out his pistol and shot as man as he could before he landed. Sadly, he met the same feat.


Felix and Connor looked out the window, seemingly friends again. They had been trapped in the city with all the others.
"You okay?" asked Connor.
Felix didn't respond.
"Hey, wait." Connor looked back at Felix. (even though he's been blind since the explosion)
"You remember the Blastronaut mission??"
"Yeah?" Felix said with uncertainty.
"Well maybe that's what this virus is!! From there!" Connor exclaimed.
"Oh, good theory!" Felix said. Then they geared up to find the source of the virus.
"We have to find it!" Felix said with a slight panic; he waved his arms in the air for dramatization.
They had a teleporter in the building because they were in a laboratory building. They went ZAP into the underground territory of the city, where an office from the same company sat.
They were transported into the office. They put their guns up and looked around. They saw a man in the corridor, next to a corpse. He stood facing the other way.
"Are you okay sir?" Felix said, stopping in the hall. He put his hand up to check on him.
The man slowly turned to him, and he was no sir at all!
"GARSP" Felix and Connor doed!
Well actually it was:

The zombo shrieked, and grabbed Felix's extended arm, sinking his teeth into it.
"Woah! Cut it out!" Felix screamed.
Connor aimed his gun- but wait- he's blind.. So he doesn't.
The zombie stepped back and snarled; fresh blood trickling down his mouth.
Then it stopped.
It froze.
Felix and Connor looked at it with puzzled faces.
Felix looked down at his arm, watching it slowly turn green just like the zombie; that's not good.
He looked back up and was caught off guard; because in the doorway to the next room, Joey stood.
The zombie knelt onto the floor, and it went brain dead, not moving the least. Joey slowly walked towards Felix, muttering his name.
"J-Joey?" Felix said. He then broke into a sickening cough. His face turned green, his veins bulged out. He fell to the floor.
"I.. Can't.. B-Breath.." were his last words.
Connor lifted his helmet and SUDDENLY GOT PUPILS WHAT THE FU-
"Felix!?!" he exhaled.
Suddenly a random table appeared in the middle of the room, and Joey lifted him up and placed him on it. Also, random tendrils burst out of Joey's back, slowly slithering towards Felix. he dug them into Felix's skin.
"He was bit!" Connor said, leaning onto the table but still keeping his distance in case either of the two turned hostile towards him.
"I can tell.. It's in my blood"

Felix plunged into darkness. He felt nothing, saw nothing, and heard nothing. He stood in a dark cave. He looked around, seeing nothing. Suddenly, he appeared.
What the? Felix thought. He himself was standing in front of himself; but his twin had a white armor variant, opposed to his armor; which when he looked down, he realized he had on.
"Who are you??" Felix said as he pointed at himself.
"I'm you silly!" Other Felix said.
Felix tried to walk forward, but he bumped into an invisible barrier. Then it became evident it was glass. Then he was in a smaller room, and the glass became round. And everything around him became even more black; all he could see through was the glass.
"I-is this a mirror?!" Felix said, watching a frame appear on the glass on the other side.
"So long!" White Felix said.
White Felix proceeded to punch the mirror, turning Felix into a million pieces.

Joey was done the procedure. Felix's skin had changed back to normal, and the virus was rid of his body. Joey's tendrils melted back into his body.
"There, all done." Joey proudly said. He put the helmet back on Felix, which instantly turned white; along with his armor.
They both stared at Felix's armor in disbelief.
"That's-- not right." Joey said.
Connor looked at it with uncertainty, "I never knew his armor changed colo-"
Felix sat up in such a quick movement. He grabbed Joey by the neck and pulled his pistol out at Connor.
Joey pushed Felix off of him,
"Felix, stop!" he said with a growl.
Felix looked around and checked his surroundings, then he put his pistol down and chuckled.
"Oho, sorry!" he said with a big smile.
"..Did I do something wrong? You're really giggly" Joey said, allowing a single tendril to slide out of his back and towards Felix's head.
"Ho no, there's nothing wrong with me-" Joey stabbed right into his brain.
Joey searched his brain, and was actually mentally transported there for a minute.
They stood looking at each other.
"See! I'm the only Felix here- I mean, why would there be more of me?"
Joey turned around, looking at an oddly broken mirror.
"Uh, what's that?" Joey said, picking up pieces of glass.
"a mirror."
"That's it?"
"U sure?" Joey said, slowly putting it back together behind him.
(to be exact:) "Yeeeeeeeep!"
"I fixed it for you-" The mirror disappeared and reappeared into Felix's hands, as he hung it up on the opposite wall.
"D- yeah- I'll do that later" he said calmly.

They came back to real life.
Felix walked around aimlessly.
Joey leaned over to Connor,
"I think there's something wrong with Felix."
"You may be right" Connor confirmed, as they looked over at Felix.
"HEY GUYS! I FOUND A SHIP!" he proudly pronounced, standing next to a jet-like space ship.
They all jumped in and took off.
This caused all the zombies to die and everyone lived happily ever after because that was a bad idea anywa-
Felix flew through space erratically. It was odd, because he had safely flown before, but now he was going as fast as he could possibly go.
"Hm, you may be very right, Joey." Connor said while they sat in the hull.
"I think I'm right too." Joey said, slowly turning back to a gray color as his rage rid itself from his body.

They landed on a random planet infront of a huuuuge base.
"We're here!!" Felix proudly stated whilst walking towards the base.
"Uh, what is exactly 'here'" Connor questioned, as he had never seen this place before.
Felix walked up to the door and knocked on it. It opened up to about 5 pairs of guns pointed at them.
A man in a weird mask spoke up.
"Welcome strangers.. Prepare to die!"
Everyone stood there for a good amount of time.
A bullet just bounced right off Felix
A bullet
just bounced
right off Felix.
Like- not his armor.
His fucking face--
Felix's eyes turned a crimson color, and red lightning emitted from his hands. He had a huge grin on his face, looking at the attackers.
"Open fire! Open fire!" the man shouted.
Bullets lit up the area, and Connor and Joey jumped behind the huge doors.
Felix walked towards them, zapping people and launching them into the air.
"Oh for fuck's sake" said the masked man, pulling out a knife. He ran towards Felix.
"DIE!!!" he said, lifting up the knife.
He didn't last a second, and lightning surged his body and fried him. The surviving members ran away in anguish.
"You're DEFINITELY not fucking Felix!" Joey said, revealing himself from the door.
Felix's eyes were white with power
"You're realizing this now?!" he said with a short cackle.
"No, it was a theory before, now it's DEFINITE."

"But ur still cool dou."
"Its not me!" Felix shouted, his armor momentarily turning black.
"No, it is!" He said again, his armor turning white.
"No I'm not!"
He began to vibrate violently, as Connor and Joey looked on in horror.
"Yes I am!"


(To be contindued in Chapter 11: Wut)


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Up next: A few new stories tied together with TMC, because there's like 5 comics that eventually come together! They'll be coming down soon!


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...Oh we're live again?

Okay okay.

back to TMC

Simultaneously, the new twins whimpered the word 'what', as they had an intense stare off at each other.
"Let's end this." said now-named Anti-Felix; as that was what he basically was; the opposite, white versus black, darkness and light- or, really the other way around but not really but just... okay it's white felix you get the point.

They jumped into the air and kicked each other really hard and brawled ferociously! They threw punches, kicked, and somehow made comic book sounds by punching each other!




Joey jumped in between, separating the two.
"Ladies.. ladies, please. It's CONTEST TIME!"

*insert jeopardy theme song*

"Best silly face!"

"Girl fight!"

"Uh, let's see who can shape shift! if you even can.."

"Show compassion to one another!"

"What was the name of the ship we were stranded on for a time?" (more on that later)
"Terriaki!" they both replied

"Whose pants did I pull down?"

"Who was trapped in a mirror?"

"Who have we been fighting 24/7?"

"What did Felix throw at me when we first met?"
"GRENADE!" said Felix; Anti-Felix speechless.
"AHA! GOTCHA!" Joey said, kicking Anti-Felix into a mirror that so happened to be on the ground behind them.
Joey picked up the mirror, Anti-Felix trapped within.
"YAY!" Felix said, jumping up and down.
"Why couldn't you guys be friends?" Joey asked
"In fact, try and do that." he then restated.
"M'kay" they both said.



(Um.. The next chapter was cringe, so we're gonna edit it times x9000 just so characters appear. You'd probably understand what happened if you put the pieces together.)

Everyone all got back together for the next trip; Joey, Henry, Felix, and Connor. (and Anti-Felix in a mirror) They decided they should go get some awesome pizza, and stop by at a cool looking pizzeria named FAT FARTY'S PIZZA. Going inside, they ordered a very very large pizza, gobbled it up. The waiter gave them their check.
"Oh, thanks! Uhhhhhhh-- Mike.. Mike Schmart.." Henry muttered, reading the name tag.
"You're welcome. Just pay the check." Mike replied, walking away.
A man in the corner of the pizzeria walked up to the table, sitting in a vacant chair.
The gang glared at him, wondering who this mysterious man was.
"Hello.." the man said in a deep voice.
His voice squeaked, "My name is Cameran, and I want to join you guys!"
Everyone looked back at each other.
"k lol"
"Wow, that was so easy! I'm so glad that I didn't have to go through some haunted pizzeria that had satanic demon robots that were trying to kill me in an office with only two electric doors and had to run into a bunch of buildings and hide from them then have my head ripped off stuffed into a suit and then put on a stage to then advance the plot by being revived somehow *INHALE* yeah like that could even happen anyways" Cameran let flood out of his mouth. (Totally not skipping like 17 sides of post it notes)
"Anyways, we should go now. Come along" said Felix.
They jumped back into the space ship thingy from earlier, and flew into space this time.
Suddenly an ASTEROID hit the ship, injuring Cameran very bad.
They then landed at a prototype medical bay floating around in space.
They all jumped out, and a doctor approached them
"Hello, how can I help-" KABOOOOM
Their ship exploded a lot!
Then, from the smoke, a very big tall black man came out--
Then, from the smoke, a tall man came out and shooted lightning evurehwayre!!! ONOSE
Doctor man took Cameran away very very fastly.
"Wait, who are you?" said Joey.
"..MEEEEEEEEE!!!!" boomed the big spooky man.
"But, who are you?"
"ugh.. TIS I, A VERY NOTORIOUS EVIL MAN, SKELEZ..uh..TOY...TOZ..." (i can't read the like 1pt font)
"Just call me skeleton lol"
"ok lol"
Joey started shooting lasers from his hands at big scary skeleton man, but they all bounced off him.
"Actually, you know what, screw this- Have a lolli pop!" he threw a small lollipop at him.
"Oh, cherry?! I love ch-- i mean.."
The base place was about to eplode for no reason, so everyoneded got running to another spacey ship!
They jumped into a dreadnought, and FLOWED INTO SPACE!!!

place went BOOM
"I'll be baaack!"
The spacey ship was headinging back to home but then it did a weird and went SUPER FAST into a planet outside of solar system called Klywon. They ship got crasheded and sad.
"sigh, guess I'll call a rental" Felix said, picking up a phone.
An hour later, a space ship came hurtling down from space and was SMUSHED into the ground.
"Here, let me try" said Joey, allowing his antennae to extend and straighten.
Two hours later, a space ship came hurtling down from space and CRUNCHED right into the planet.
Little did they know about the random fluctuation of heavy gravity in the upper atmospheres.
"Aw man, we're never gonna get out of here!" groaned Henry.
"Wait, let's just use that one" Joey said, pointing to a random ship that had been sitting there the entire time.
They jumped in and did SUPER ZOOM out of atmosphere and flied away. Then, within a few hours, they were back on Earth! (yay)
"Oh god, adventuring has sure tired me out" mumbled Joey, hitting the ground upon touchdown.



The image faded into view to the entity.
"ALIVE?! HOW?!!!" It pounded the ground.
Up on the globe was Joey, tired as could be.
"Hummm.. It seems it's time for me to take this.. into my own HANDS!"
(those are all pedestals not his body or anything-- wow I just noticed it looks like a body lol)

Actually coming up next is the past because there were lots of chapters lost in between but they're still sort of kind of worth something.


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So, followup on TMC 11-13, I want to go back real quick to clarify a few things.
First, we started the series so far in the chapters because most of the beginning was lost to time. So here are the remaining previous chapters to clarify some things:

So Cancer Joey and Minecraft Felix (who we will call Kilabr0 because this was a reincarnation of Creator #2 of the series) went to go turn on a generator for some reason..

Also we fought alot. I used to draw dotted lines for this boi and he would draw my characters n crap to continue something that can't / shouldn't happen. Example here is these were supposed to be Joey's dead comrades on his side, in my opinion they were just some.. things..

Okay, somehow, Kilabr0 get into space and stuff, and then he fights what are basically ripoffs of Star Wars clones in a bucket. yeah don't mind most of this stuff it's really bad... Really.. Really bad. Yet they are the fundamentals of our comic. We started off badly but we've built to something much better today.


Okay, so. Clone trooper men eject from ship cuz they get attack and Kilabr0 kill the attackers. Then he finds this ship called the Teriyaki or whatever and goes on it. There was a comic of Kilabro on the actual ship and there's gay xenomorph shit there, and you already no the rules. NO FANDOMS or REFERENCES that aren't screwing up the story in any way. Image
Okay in the corner is the first appearance of the hooded dude.
Image this guy whom you saw earlier when Apex appeared and everything. Again backing the part where we disagree he captures Joey but I dislike that idea because Joey's busy doing other things so we switch him out with our dummy 'Bob'; a great example of us disagreeing in the comics. Don't worry, at some point we actually started talking to each other about it before actually writing it. Next image is Kilabr0 vs Deccabro. Creator #2 had something with people having alternate selves (Anti-Felix v. Felix, Kilabro v Deccabro) So he fought his other MINECRAF self.

Deccabro (6-legged dude) fights Kilabro, Joey fights hooded dude. Also a weird xeno shows up because Creator #2 didn't know what those were.

Hooded Dude escapes, Deccabro dies (hopefully) And about after this point Kilabr0 reincarnates into Felix and the series gets 50% less cringey.

I guess you could call these TMC - Before Merp. Idk. Just hope it shed some light on a few things
... Oh and you probably noticed Joey has like a hundred arms.
yeah he does for most of TMC, but I just edit those out so he isn't, but at some point he loses those. Yay.
Later, in terms of when the crew goes to the pizzeria; yeah you already know what fandom that was. Anyways, there's a whole other story about Cameran (Yes their names are spelt incorrectly in the beginning but change over time) and Mike you-know-who survive for a while, then it gets weird, and cringey, but they don't do it at THAT pizzeria, no, they do it at an OC (ogod) called FLOPPYS. More on that never (unless cameos) so then blablabla they exist.


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TMC 12 (but really 14)
It Has Begun
(no kidding)
(i was lazy with art today btw)

The gang casually booked a local hotel because nobody had the brains to think about the fact they just let in some alien-looking people into their home without any other thoughts. (HumanBrain.exe will launch in 3 years)

They were all snug in their beds in the place when suddenly.
A huge earthquake struck the city hard, and they were all shaken out of their beds! Joey jumped up and looked out the window for any reason this had happened. He sat their aghast to what he saw.
Infinitely reaching into the sky were three humongous pillars. Beyond those pillars was a huge red planet!!! Mars? No.. It was the planet MERP!!! OOOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
How did the humans not see this planet slowly approaching earth? BECAUSE THEIR BRAINS STOPPED WORKING AHAHAHAHAHA-
no seriously this was so bad.
"EVERYONE, GET UP!" screamed Felix.
Joey walked over to a bed and sat down with a sigh,
"You know, I don't even care right now." he proudly stated.
"But we gotta! THEREZ ALIENZ!!!!" yelled Henry.
And he was right, because at the base of the pillars, big doors opened up, allowing earlier villains to appear and ravish the city! Bleeps had a new evil mecha robot thing with a big missile on the back, Skeletor-- torz-- toz.. SKELETON KING MAN was back too, and a big ol hooded man and other little minion people were all attacking the city! (which nobody cared about)
The hotel place was falling apart, and outside stood hundreds of evil people mens! Joey stood up with a grunt,
"Alright, y'know, fuck th-" SCHLORP
Joey sat down on the alien rocks. He had subsequently been teleported to some part of a planet; presumably Merp.
"Oh, another planet..Welp, at least I can get some peace around here." Joey then laid down and rest for the time being. Suddenly, he was awaken by the sound of someone clearing their throat. When he got back up, he was presented with two floating hand thingies. The blue hand thingie floated closer saying,
"Your life will deplete-"
"Until your defeat!" finished the red one.
"We'll lower your power-"
"This is your final hour!"
They both cackled menacingly.
"Oh my fuck, are you guys gonna be like this the entire time?? Why can't anyone leave me alone?"
Joey didn't notice the blue hand changing its finger positions, and a small blue beam began to build up at its finger tips.
The red hand grabbed Joey with a ghostly copy of itself, placing it in front of the blue one; as it itself fathomed a beam sword to attack Joey with! The blue laser came quick, but they were no match for Joey's skills, as he easily broke free from the hand. It probably wasn't the best idea for the hands to line themselves up, but they did. The laser smashed into the red hand, blowing him into pieces! The blue hand fell, losing its power.
"Yes! I wi- HOLY FUCK--"
From the red hand came a huge black gas, and from within that gas an eye appeared. The specter was an odd sight to Joey, but that deceived his attention, as he was grabbed with a gaseous tentacle and retracted into the gas!


He stood within the gas- somehow. It seemed he was in a completely new place, as the gas became a solid. He was in some sort of cave tunnel; the outside winds were silent now.
"j..Joey... ca.. you.. hear me?"
Joey's antennas perked up to the sound.
"Felix? Is that you?" he asked.
"How the hell are you able to transmit to me?"
"It's complicated, but it's useful" replied Felix.
Felix turned to the group back on Earth,
"I'm gonna try to talk to him INSIDE the weird sky fortress thingy."
"Sounds good." replied Cameron.
Joey continued his descent into the strange cave, until he came to a cave that opened up. Standing, or, well, being present in the center of the room was a smaller gas-like entity, except it was more liquid than gas. It too was black and had a single eye in the middle, but this eye was blue.
"Well... it seems I have a guest." the creature mumbled.
"Hi- yeah- uh. You do. Are you okay down here, or..?" Joey questioned.
"Okay means nothing to me, for I do not have such pathetic emotions. I am a time demon, and you shall call me Enigma!" the creature bellowed.
"Okay, Enigma.. Uh.. Welp, I'm pretty sure I freed you when I broke your-- shell.."
"Of course, I congratulate your feat; I was getting cramped in here. Anyways, you've come this far.. so I shall give you a choice."
"I will allow you to live, but Earth will die; or let Earth live and kill you."
Joey barely pondered a second,
"I've lived long enough. So for the well being of billions of species, take my single life-"
Enigma reached out and choked Joey with his tentacle in such a quick movement.
"Too bad, haha, I'm destroying Earth anyways! Trick question!"
"Ffck, I trustdh you!" Joey said while coughing.
Joey squirmed his way out of Enigma's grasp, and gave him such a stare into the demon's soul.
"You beasts never know what you're against, now DIE!" Joey's claws elongated, and he sank them deep into the eye of Enigma. Letting out a screech, Enigma froze. He slowly broke apart, as a white beam shot from his eye.

Down on Earth, Felix and the crew fought viciously. They murdered every type of thing they could. Their munitions were running low though, and the hordes were never-ending.
"We're not gonna get out of this alive!" cried Connor.
"Don't-- worry.. Joey will do.. well.. SOMETHING!" Felix shouted back.
Man was Felix good at timing, as suddenly, all the minions fell flat and died. And looking up into the sky, the planet was EXPLODING OMG AAAAAAAAAAAa
They all screamed, knowing this was probably the end; how would Earth survive such an immense meteor strike?! But it did, somehow. The planet exploded the other way, so all the rocks went into space and into rock belts and stuff. Ususally people celebrate this stuff, but everyone was still absorbed into being non-existent.
"yay" Cameron said silently.
From the sky a small orb fell, and it landed near the gang.
Felix, questioning what this rock was, walked over to it to get it while everyone else went back inside to have a miniature party.
It was a shiny little orb with a dot in the middle. It glowed red and blue. Felix picked up the small orb, suddenly invigorated with power; in the same colors, his eyes separately changed to red and blue.

Joey floated aimlessly in space; his body extremely bruised and damaged from the large planetary explosion. He felt nothing, and frankly it would be a miracle if he was alive.

TMC Chapter, uh, 19-21 (but really 15 lel)
The end? (because Merp just blew up so why is it named The Merp Chronicles?)

Everyone went their separate ways. Cameron told the crew he'd catch them on the flip side, and departed. Henry left with the excuse of having to find Joey, because every time Joey goes missing SOMEONE's gotta find 'em. Felix and Connor sat alone in the hotel, and even Connor departed for a short time to go get groceries- or whatever.
Felix pulled the orb from a small sack he had, and observed that it became a dull sphere now.
"Hm, that's.. odd-- gh.. agh! My head!"
Felix doubled over, and looked at his hands to gain focus.
He gasped and thought something was wrong, as both hands now appeared to have an eye, both either the color red or blue.
Suddenly, his hands then became black and became bloated, then hardening into a liquid substance as hard as rock! The mass slowly engulfed Felix's body, until he could not move, and until he could not breath! Then, electricity surged his body, and the mass blew apart! He held a small device in his hand, and raised it up into the air in victory.
"Ha, I knew this would come in handy!" he proudly stated!


The rocks still floated around in space, and Joey didn't hesitate to use what he could.
Joey slowly formed a small boulder, and then made it larger, until he had something that was smaller than Pluto. He sat on his meteorite-like 'planet' and began thinking about what to do next. A smaller boulder started revolving around the meteorite like it had a gravity field, which it apparently slightly gained.

And now begins
*cough* No we're not calling it that
Now ends The Merp Chronicles
and starts
I..Qui...Iquris Chronicles... okay.. sounds.. okay..
*ahem* Chapter 1: A New World. (but not really)

Joey stood upon his rock, making little statues to pass time and keep his mind straight. Sitting behind a bigger rock was an entity which had escaped the blast that Merp suffered. He peered at Joey, wondering what he was doing, but also keeping in mind what his commands were.

Joey noticed, and turned towards the creature, which then revealed itself.

"Oh, I'm quite sorry.. Forgot to-- introduce myself."
"I am Piotex 1.."
The creature's arm extended long and far towards Joey, pinning him upon a large pillar-like rock.
"Oh, my bad; I was trying to save my damn life and the life of billions- here you can live here"
"lol okay" Piotex blandly said, setting Joey down.

Meanwhile on the dwarfish planet Iquris' moon..

A small sphere crashed into the rock. It was the second and hidden eye of Enigma. It broke open, allowing his spirit to form on the small rock, and from there he formed into a much scarier red and blue creature.
Joey felt the disturbance wriggle through space, and intently looked at his miniature moon; noticing the new blob sitting upon it. He decided he would play some tricks on what was possibly that time demon, and sent sound waves his way to see how he would react.
Enigma drew the energy he could from the rock; which wasn't much- since it was a rock- or lots of rocks.
"What are you doing?" asked a mysterious voice.
"Oh, nothing. Just preparing to kill my nemesis." Enigma muttered, not caring of the source of the mysterious voice, but only to the fact it was interested.
"And who would that be?"
"It goes by the name.. Joey." Enigma said.
"Ah, so I see.." Joey said; still being an unknown entity to Enigma.
"He doesn't sound that bad, I mean he can't be that harmless!"
Enigma stopped the voice before it could speak any longer. He took a bigger form and began floating. (*cough* time to type some word-for-word stuff)
"You don't understand. I was sent from a dark... cold... terrible future. If he doesn't die before he finds the center stone... all will die."

"Go south" the voice said
Enigma launched himself far into the solar system. He arrived on a small planet and prepared to attack Joey. Then he realized it was a random cardboard cutout just randomly sitting on this planet.
"Wrong planet." Enigma said, returning to the moon significantly bigger.


"Agh, this thing is useless." Joey said, propping the stone in a way that he could launch it with force.
Then Enigma showed up and grabbed Joey.
"Aw fucking hell, what do you want now?! I thought I killed you!" Joey angrily said. Then his small contraption went off, and the stone was flung towards his face.
"..Oh damn."

"Wh? Felix? Well-- Old Felix?" Joey stuttered.
Infront of him was (cancer) old Felix, and behind him was a burning city!
"Imma show u da futur!"
But then he didn't because he started to fade away
"ono i fade away" joey say.
He woke back up with a surge of rage. His skin changed to the red some knew, and he felt strange growth in his body. He felt a new limb break through Enigma's grasp, and looking down at it after he tumbled out of Enigma's hold noticed he now had a double-edged tail.
Also, apparently from passing out on Enigma, he somehow absorbed some information that Enigma wasn't exactly his name, but his initials for an evil project. Joey momentarily turned gray.
"No.. Not. Again.. Shi.." he faded back to his rage state. He let out a roar, and took the center stone and broke it in two! Suddenly, the dwarf planet in which the two stood on broke open, and a large volcano found its way up through the crack. A vision of Old Felix stood infront of Joey.
"You must destroy the center stone at the top of Mount Merp-- which is- that mountain."
Apparently, while Joey was creating the planet, he had placed Merp's core in the center of his planet! With a quick movement, Joey flung the two pieces of the stone into the volcano, making the volcano explode!
Enigma momentarily jumped out of the weak atmosphere of the planet, to return later.
Joey sat down by a rock, where Old Felix appeared near him again.
"Have you learned your lesson?" he asked
"What? No! What lesson? There was no lesson in that!" Joey said, slowly returning back to normal.
Old Felix pulled out a gun.
"Lessons..." he hissed.
"I guess I'm just delusional now" Joey said..
"Fine, I'll tell you one thing though.."
"And what's that?" Joey said sarcastically looking over at OFelix.
"Felix will DIE!"
"And how could I take such glorious prophecy from a hallucination in my mind?"

meanwhile on earth

Felix stood at the top of a very big building.
Suddenly Joey saw this through a strange cloud.
"Oh shit, FELIX! NO! DON'T JUMP!"
he jumped.
Joey woke up sweating.
"Oh fuck you Felix-- or-- old felix!"
Old felix appeared infront of him with an angry expression. He pointed at earth.
"Now go save Felix!"
Joey, without a moment to spare teleported back to earth.
"FELIX DON'T JUMP!" he said, appearing out of nowhere behind Felix.
"Joey?!" Felix said, standing at the top of the building.
Joey rambled on about seeing the future and everyone was gonna die, basically looking like a lunatic until Felix cut him off,
"Jump? No! I just saw that thing.. Enigma? Yeah.. Enigma just came down to Earth for some reason."
Then Enigma flew up to the building, staring down at Joey and Felix.
But wait.. It wasn't Enigma.

(the fuck?)
(word for word:)
"Wait, if you're like this in the past because you're the past version of Felix, then doesn't this affect the present Felix right here?" Joey pondered.
"Kinda I guess." Old Felix said.
"So wait, if you and I are connected.." started Felix.
"We would feel pain, right?"
"..Yeah.. But.. My pain is ten times worse, so don't get any ideas!"
A great thing for a villain to state; and with that statement, Felix took a knife and began to gouge his eyeball without the slightest urge to wince at the excruciating pain. And, as Old Felix said; as Felix's eye bled, so did OFelix's single eye as well.
He started getting really bright and stuff and EXPLODED!
"YES!! My eye is bleeding! Ow!" Joey handed Felix a bandaid.

The next day, Joey sat around in the hotel room, and came up with an idea.
"I think I'm gonna go check out the past real quick, you want to come with?" Joey asked.
"Nnaaah," Felix groaned, holding a medical bandage to his eye, "I'm gonna go join the blastornauts. Also; I need an eye. But I'm sure Connor will come with?"
Joey grabbed Connor's arm and went into the magical past!
(were gonna skip the travelling-- 10 stickies later)
Joey and Connor come back with some scars.
"Oh man, that was fun as fuck!" Joey eagerly states.
"Oh hi guys, you took like- 2 seconds." Felix said.
"Hey, I got some bad news- uh- where should I start?"
"At the start?" Connor sarcastically stated.


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Ok.. Out from a hole of cringe onto the next meaning(less)ful chapter!


"So what's the bad news?" Joey asked
"Let me begin- *large inhale*"

(owait name now)

"While you guys were gone, you missed a LOT--"
"Wait I thought you said we were gone for a few seconds.."
"Erm.." he paused
"I took a nap and lost track of time- ANYWAYS--"
*random flashback bubble*
I went back to the Blastronought base when...
"Felix! Welcome home!" said the commander, eying Felix down.
"No, thank you! Uh.. I came here to ask if you had any eyeballs?"
But then suddenly, someone walked through the door...
"FELIX?!!!" the man screamed
I turned around to see it was..
"HERE SOME EYEBALLS" said my Commander, having his very ugly medic man come in with a bucket of eyeballs. Wait, those things were alive. I grabbed one from the eyeball tentacle monster thingy and just SHOVED it in my eye socket.
"Ah, eyeball!"
Now where was I? Oh, right.

"Where is the good part?" Conner interrupted.
Felix shushed him.
"I'm getting to it!"

My commander turned to me..
"How would you like the Cronosoft Mission?" he asked.
"YES SIR!" I replied.. Wait that wasn't even the correct response.. Oh well, in the past. Anyways, I noticed Derth was derply sitting behind a random box behind me as me and the commander shook hands and stuff..

"And uh, yeah. Actually I think I have to do something, so I'll finish later."
"ok" Connor said.
Then Felix and Connor walk off to place.

Somewhere on Earth...
Anti-Felix walked around looking for something. During his walk, such a strange thing caught his eye. He picked up a small orb of sorts; a very soft one to be exact. He was pretty hungry from being stuck in a mirror and all, so he thought, why not? and shoved the thing in his mouth...

But the next thing he knew:

Meanwhile back at the seemingly normal home that everyone was in
Joey walked down from the upstairs to check what the noise was downstairs.
"What the?!" he exclaimed.
Standing there was Felix and some golem looking guy, and behind them was a swirling portal.
"Space jail-- man- what's the meaning of this arrest?" Joey asked, trying to approach this calmly.
"HE BLEW UP 5 SPACE MOONS!" the golem shouted at Joey.
"NOW SPACE PRISON." he said, staring at Felix again with his one eye, not noticing he was sort of choking Felix.
"hack, NU!!!" Felix finally spit out.
"I'll pay him out of prison."
"WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU," the golem yelled, walking into the portal; he then vanished and it began to close up.
"God damn..." Joey said, then jumping into the portal himself.
Joey found himself in some strange prison-like place, consisting of a fw people he knew, like Bleeps; in which he walked past.
"Hello?! I'd like to speak to an officer about somethi-"
"No." the familiar golem said, dropping a gun and walking to him.
"Why not?" Joey asked
"Hey, do you have a license to have more than two arms on your body?" the golem angrily asked. (For at the time, Joey had 4 arms to combat anything that could possibly happen.)
"T--There's no such thing.."
"is that SASS?!" the golem gasped
"No, I'm just saying.."
"Get in a cell." the golem angrily asked
"You're under arrest for sass."
"Okay, hold up." Joey said, brushing his new sentence off,
"I bet you're not even a damn officer, or a warden for that matter. I've never heard of one that goes around and juts arrests people because they feel like it; especially when they do it and make shit up!"
2 minutes later
"Aw fuck" Joey muttered as the cell door closed on him.
"Oh that was fast." he said, reassuring himself.
Because the creators were not too good at making new characters, they used some old ones.
"Team one consists of you four.." the golem said,
"And you four are on that team." he said to the rest, gesturing them to the other side of the room.
The teams ended up being JOEY, FELIX, (random guy named) SLICE, and CONNOR (wait how did he get here?)
GUY TROOPER (Legit his name), BLEEPS, (some guy named) STICKP, and ANTI FELIX
"Wait what the heck?" Joey said, bewildered at the Kydol-like creature on the other side of the room. And, after using Kydolian methods to see if it was one, he gasped, because it was one! But wait, it wasn't one, because it was Anti-Felix and he was a mixture now, and that's weird! Before Joey could do any more analyzing, he was interrupted with the beginning of the game!
"If you're hit, you're out. If you win, you go free!" the golem chuckled.
The battle began, and almost instantly people were hit.
It was only 10 minutes later that only Joey and Anti-Felix remained.
Joey looked around to realize that he was the last one left, then he glared over at Anti-Felix.
"Just us? Damn.. Say, how did you uh-- well- you know."
"Do you like my arms?" Anti-Felix asked, laughing maniacally. The 6 balls he was holding suddenly set fire, and Joey looked on at them with fear of what would be next.
A-Felix didn't hesitate, and flung his balls at the speed of lightning! Joey squat down to dodge them, and realized that this wasn't going to be an easy fight, and the traditional ball would not easily stop him.
"You're leaving me no choice," Joey angrily said, grabbing balls with his arms and his trusty tail. He also tried A-Felix's tactic, but used a much more powerful magic to ignite his balls.
"Ready?" Joey asked.
"Uh.. I didn't sign up for this" AFelix said.
Balls went flying everywhere, and Anti-Felix ran for his life! At first he was easily dodging the balls with his new body, but then suddenly
"oh-- shit- AAAAAAAAA"
"Yay we win! Even though we got hit!" everyone cheered.
Then everyone (except A-Felix) all went through the sudden portal that appeared and went back to their homes and stuff

"So uh, what about that story you were talking about?" Connor asked
"Oh, right!" Felix said.

To Be Continued...
(sorry if everything seems badly written, I'm too tired today)


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0.00 INK

"So, wats de mishin?-"
Suddenly there was a train behind him, so I ran over and climbed into a cargo car.
The door shut behind me, I heard the BOOM whistle sound, and felt the BOOM wheels depart.
boom--- boom--- boom-- boom--- boom-- boom- boom- boom- boom boom boom boom
And then I was off on the BOOM train!
"So, where the the bomb?" I asked myself
Then I looked at the obvious looking BOOM BOOM crate sitting in the corner.
"Oh, that's probably it" I said aloud.
I walked over to it, and then the bomb suddenly disappeared!
"The bomb is gone and the door is locked!" I said aloud, again.
"IT'S UH TRAP!!" i screamed, as the train went BOOM!!!!!

It was only a few hours later that I dragged myself back to the base.
My commander looked on at me with disappointment, tapping his foot with his arms crossed.
I crawled over, and propped myself up, dousing a flame on my helmet.
"What happened?!" my commander angrily asked.
"That- BOOM TRAIN- just- BOOMED- our entire- BOOM-able supply cache!" The commander said, screaming and waving his arms in the air maniacally every time he said boom.
"I-- was sabotaged.. I mean deceived. It was a trap."
Now that I think of it, it would've made sense a boom train would have went boom... huh.. anyways-

"Hey-" Joey interrupted.
"Huh?" Felix asked
"Wanna go break some vill- people out of jail?" Joey asked.
"But my-- okay fine, I'll finish the story later." Felix pouted with his answer.
They used teleport to go to the golem's jail place somewhere in space or maybe its just a base who would know I can't discriminate-


Joey faceplanted into the ground on impact. He got back up,
"WERR HEUR TUH SAEV YUU!!!" he said in a drunken manner.
Within the next few minutes, the gang rounded up a bunch of villia- NORMAL PEOPLE together and huddled them onto a ship.
"Now I know you have all done some bad things in life, but we're gonna give you one last chance to relive it. Don't screw up this time or we'll put you down for good next time, you hear?"
"okay" Bleeps meekly replied, along with a few agreements from head shakes.
The doors closed and the ship took off into the sky, transporting the people to a better place.
The group arrived back home and sat down. Joey turned to Felix,
"Alright, continue then."


"That's it, Felix! You're going to get demoted from here!"
"Wh- WHY!? I'm sorry, sir! I just couldn't do it!" I pleaded.
"From this point on, you will now be referenced to as-- AGH!!" My commander fell down as a laser pierced his back, leaving his guts in a few places.
"That's not a good reference-- oh wait."
"WUUUUUUHHHH????" I questioned the source of the laser, and looking up from his corpse I saw a man in black probably staring me down. By instinct, I pulled out my big super laser pistol thingie ma jingie.
"Who are you?"
He took his helmet off
He laughed with a devilish grin. I took a step back, forgetting my gun was in my possession. He took a step forward to the commander's body and ripped a walkie talkie from his holster. He held it up to his face, staring me down while he did so.
It came over the loudspeakers.
I went into darkness from there. My eyes probably dilated 10 times smaller. Before I could even react, an army of my old comrades came bursting through multiple doors. They shot into the ceiling and shot bullets at me, but they never hit. I ran as fast as I could to the exit; which surprisingly no one was guarding..

"And that's how I lost my job.." Felix sighed.
"Das sad." Joey said.
"How do it end?" Connor asked.
"I just told you how- what more do you want?" Felix said sarcastically.

Felix, Connor, and Joey all went for a nice walk up a cliff.
Connor noticed a big portal thing, and urged Joey to jump into this absolutely random portal thing because why not?

Joey did so. Connor waved and Felix and said his goodbyes for whatever amount of time it would take them to return.
Felix went to sit down on a log, when suddenly he was blown away by a strong wind! He recovered from the blow and looked up to see some sort of man with wings. The man glowed bright white, making it very difficult to see him. Felix had no idea who this person was, but somehow the name rolled off of his tongue..

Joey landed hard on the new ground that was presented to him. He slowly got up, examining the terrain around him. This place was very familiar to him, and he immediately caught on to where he might be. He wondered how a portal on Earth had such potential, but this was it.

He was home.
"Kyol! You have returned!" peeped up a voice unfamiliar to Joey.
He turned to see a creature identical to him. It was in fact another Kydol; part of the inferior species. The Kydol waved around a stick with small metal balls on it, and it made sounds close to bells. Two other Kydols rushed from an unknown location, and they all bowed to him.
"Oh Great One, we are glad to see you've returned after many millennials! Our peoples thought you would be gone forever, but the prophecies were true!"
Suddenly, the world revealed to him. It went from a barren land to one full of fruits and civilization! Kydols surrounded Joey, looking at him eagerly for his return. They formed a line and threw petals into the air, celebrating him. Joey was quite confused yet flattered at such actions, as he didn't remember leaving behind much to explain himself. Sure, he was one of the very first to exist, but he wasn't expecting to become a god of sorts. He was lead into this big palace-like structure, into a room with a lone chair in the center. Art of Joey and many Kydols alike streamed the halls and the walls and the ceilings. Such wonder for such an isolated race, Joey thought. He sat down on the designated 'throne' and the Kydolians departed with one last hoorah.
Joey sat on the throne, pondering whether he should leave after this or not. He then remembered Connor, and wondered where he had gone off to. The radical religious Kydols stayed in the palace, kneeling and praying to Joey; or whatever they were doing.
"It is such a wonderful day to see the source of our origins is back!" the main Kydol said.
There was a loud bang from the front arch of the palace,
"Hah, a false god! How can you forget you were all forged from ME!!!" a voice boomed.
They all turned with disgust in their eyes. Joey looked on in curiosity to see what would happen next. The head Kydol looked on,
"Always the greatest!" Yeoj said, slapping the Kydol in the head.
From the shadows the Kydol walked in. He was unlike the other Kydols; having pure black skin; differentiated from the normal color of grays, whites, and even browns. He had strangely formed horns that made him look all the more menacing, and had eyes that pierced ones soul.
"Who do you pose to be as? This was my temple, and you took it from me! Scram before I put you down like I have to the others!"
"Alright, buddy, who do you think you are?" Joey asked, standing from the crude throne.
"I'm the one whose asking!" Yeoj said.
"My name is Joey, and your statement is wrong."
Yeoj froze at the name. He tensed up, nearly sweating, but then he shook his head in disbelief and looked back up with new confidence.
"Oh ho ho, so the prophecies were true. Woah, what amazement. BAH! I AM THE REAL GOD HERE! If you were TRULY the Great One, why would you curse me with three tails?"
"Curse? No; I'm not a god. You were born like that because you just were; also what's wrong with three tails?" The religious Kydols gasped at the many statements put forth.
"You-- you're not our god?" they asked with watery eyes.
"No! I'm just older than all of you! In some way you've come from me; don't ask me how that happened though I frankly don't recall." Joey said.
They then looked at Yeoj's tails,
"There's nothing wrong with those either?" the main Kydol asked.
"No! Why, do you have a regulation on tails?"
Silence filled the hall, and the Kydols scrambled, taking articles of writing and rewriting them.
"Great. A religion at hand- what more do I need-"
"A great opposer like me! Stand down, feeble mortal! I am the TRUE God here!" Yeoj boasted.
"There are NO GODS!" Joey screamed.
Then Joey blacked out for a second. He recovered to look up at Yeoj cracking his neck.
"Wow, what an easy target you are! You'll make great for the collection!"
"NO!! Stop!!!" screamed the main Kydol.
No one listened.
Joey jumped back up, wielding his fists, and keeping his tail at bay.
"One tail isn't going to do you any good, feeble weakling! Nor are 2 pairs of arms!"
Yeoj unsheathed 2 new pairs of arms from within his body. 2 new eyes opened up above his other ones, and his tails came up like snakes behind him.
"This is your end, false god! Any last words?" Yeoj said.
"You think you're hot, huh?" Joey asked.
"Well, take on this then.."
Joey jumped up into the air and landed on the throne, he dived straight at Yeoj from his behind and crushed him into the ground. The fight barely lasted a minute, as Joey had easily defeated Yeoj hands down; leaving him pinned on the ground.
"Shut your mouth you piece of trash. I'm no God, but I am bigger, older, and stronger than whatever the hell you think you are. All because you are an outcast means no shit to me. What then am I?" Joey spat on his face from his hidden mouth. He jumped up, walking away from Yeoj still lying on the ground.
"You're nothing, kid. Just another low-life. I have business to attend to on another planet." Joey turned around and bowed at the religious Kydols.
"Please do excuse my short visitation, but I hope it made your day. I will return either in emergency or before I die, so don't think I'm going to be dead soon." and with that, Joey departed back to the location of the portal's origins. He found Connor lying down in the alien grasses, and when Joey approached Connor shot right up. They departed from the alien planet, going back home for a few beers or something.

Felix eyed him down, still trying to figure out why he knew him.
The Illuminator (or whatever) put his hand out, revealing an item in his hand.
Felix took it, and gasped at his knowledge of the said item.
"A-- A Blastronaut Keycard?! How-- wh--"
"Thank you!" Felix squirmed.
Joey came back from the other planet, landing on his butt this time.
"Hey, we're back." Joey said
"Oh cool! Hey you gotta meet this cool guy his name is--- GONE?!" Felix turned around to find that the man had disappeared!
"Oh great, you have a mental illness now. That's wonderful." Joey said with stress easily filling his words.
"No no, he's real! Look!" Felix held up the Keycard.
"Okay.. A flying or teleporting OR invisible person you have made friends with." Joey sighed, and turned to the house just down the hill. He waited for Felix to come down to, and when they made it in it was already time to sleep. They ate a small meal and went to bed in the different available rooms...



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0.00 INK

Waking up the next morning, the gang got together to talk whilst eating breakfast.
Felix came from upstairs wearing a different uniform than he usually did. He must have been inspired.
"Oh, uh, nice- uniform?" Joey stuttered.
"Oh, thanks Joey! I took inspiration from The Illuminator!" Felix replied.
"Mmm, yes, of course.." Joey sarcastically stated.
Felix sat down and began digging in to the eggs that were made.
"Listen, I gotta run an errand real quick; some of my friends have been making a fuss." Joey said.
"Okay!" Felix agreed.

Joey left an hour later, and the crew waved him away as he traveled.
"Bye Joey!!!" Felix yelled.
It was just Connor and Felix again, and Connor felt uneasy as a pair of eyes melted into the back of his head. It was probably just him, because it didn't seem that anyone was there. He shrugged and continued down to the house with Felix. They heard someone clear their throat behind them, and turned to see Joey standing there looking extremely invigorated.
"Actually- y'know, it isn't exactly my problem; I'm staying!"
"Uh, alright- cool! Let's go back to the house, I want to try my new helmet!" Felix said with a big smile on his face.
The trio descended down the hill, when suddenly Connor's prophecy came true, and a squad of armed men ambushed them!
"DON'T MOVE FELIX!" shouted the masked men, pointing their weapons at him. Felix looked on at one who had his helmet on, and let out an angry groan, but continued to look on in fear. He looked over their uniforms, and realized who they were.
"BLASTRONAUTS!!" he screamed. This wasn't good, since he was sworn enemies with the organization now.
"Prepare to die, Felix! This is what you get for killing Commander!" The Blastronauts nudged them towards the cliff that they were standing on. They were cornered to the same place that Felix had seen the Illuminator, and they looked down at the never ending valley.
"Any last words, traitor?" asked one of the Blastronauts.
"Deh- uh- uhm- ah-- nn" Felix stuttered. He was wordless as he looked around for anything to escape from certain death.
Then, the wind kicked up from behind, and Connor and Felix turned to see what it is. They turned back around when they heard t he screams of the men. There stood Joey, ripping the head off one, and slashing the upper torso off the other with his tail. Felix's hat fell off the dismembered man and fell into the valley.
"The hell?" Felix questioned.
Joey looked up with a blank stare.
"Ugh, Derth didn't want them to kill me! They were turned against us by FORCE! They were fine! Why'd you do that!"
"You really believe that? They were about to push you off a cliff! It doesn't matter, come here with me."
"What?" Felix questioned
Joey leaped backwards off the cliff into the abyss. Connor and Felix looked down in disbelief. They looked back at the area around, which was now splattered with guts and blood.
"..Something is definitely wrong with Joey." Connor observed.

Falling into the abyss, the trio landed hard on a strange surface. It was much lighter than it should have been in a valley, and that was when they noticed they had travelled through a portal of sorts, which was weird to look at.
"Make yourselves comfortable. I'll be back." Joey whispered, holding a finger to his non-existent mouth. Actually wait, looking harder, there seemed to be an outlined of a grin on his face. Felix looked on bewildered by the sight, never recalling such before. Joey darted out into an open area, and Felix and Connor perched up behind a rock.
A transport ship floating near them; a group of people standing on the ground, handling what seemed to be Bleeps; again. Felix spotted his hat out on one of the soldiers, and almost jumped out to get it. Connor put his hand on Felix, sensing his anger.
"Hey, cool hat!" said one of the men from afar.
"Thanks man! I just got it from over there." the other man said, pointing near where the two were hiding.
Image Then, Joey walked into plain view, and all the soldiers froze. Felix and Connor looked on in confusion, and to see what would happen next.
"Prepare yourselves." Joey muttered.
A large man came from behind the group,
"INTRUDER! FIRE ON HIM!" he bellowed.
The firefight began, and as before Joey ripped through the crowds. Felix looked hard at him through the flying corpses, and noticed how his eyes and antennaes had turned- green? Infact, his antennas had drooped over into sharp triangles, which was strange. They watched as the green emitted from his hands as well, which seemed to control the environment. He would put his hands out at someone and something bad would happen.
Image They watched as he ripped one man in half, or crushed another's skull. Soon, Joey would take the ship down, as he ripped it to shreds merely by hand motions.
Felix's helmet dropped near him, and he put it on.
Bodies lie everywhere, and the large man sat cowering in a corner.
"Are you ready to die?" Joey said in a crooked voice. It became too obvious to the two that this couldn't've been Joey.
"P-Please don't kill me!" the man said in a much squeakier voice than before.
Joey lifted him into the air and pinned him on the top of a rock, leaving him there to fend for himself.
Joey walked back over to the rock, wiping his bloody hands off. Suddenly, a bright yellow portal opened behind him; sort of in the shape of a pentagon and a star...
It suddenly sucked everyone in, and the three screamed as they fell through void.
"Ah shit!" Joey yelped as he fell into a very small cage. Looking around, it seemed they were in a bay of some ship of sorts; but no ship of Earth..
Derth laughed,
"AHA! You have fallen directly into my tra-"
Joey broke the small box into pieces, and forced open the other two that had Felix and Connor stuck in them.
"Wh- Ah?" Derth stuttered, fleeing from the scene.
"See you shits later, I'm out!" Joey said, leaving with a big smile on his face.
That definitely wasn't Joey, Felix thought.
He just smiled.

Joey jumped through to an old facility. Across the room, Joey looked at him.
"Joel, you ass." Joey said.
Joey laughed, as he shifted into his true form.
"Your friends are completely idiotic!" Joel said, snickering.
"What did you do to them?" Joey said with anger in his eyes.
"Oh don't worry, they're safe-- in space!" Joel laughed hard.
"It's time to end this, brother." Joey said in a deep tone.
"Oh, ruining the reunion party already?" Joel said, as the green came to his limbs.

Felix shot off a few rounds at Derth, who was jumping behind multiple crates, firing back. Felix looked around, and noticed a conspicuous looking lever. He looked around and realized one of the walls in this hangar was no wall, it was a gate.
"I have a good idea, but it'll be risky!" Felix shouted, running over.
"What??" Connor asked, not hearing him.
Felix snatched the lever and pulled down on it hard. Red lights and loud sounds blared in the room, as a large dust cloud emitted from the door.
"What?!" Derth said, nearly infront of it.
"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" he screamed.
The large gate began opening slowly, as it began sucking everything in to it.
They were definitely in space, and Felix panicked. Connor nearly flew away, but grabbed onto a small notch in the ground. Felix held on tight to the lever, which stayed in its place. Derth had the most trouble, having to run back and doge crate after crate.
"FEEEELIIIIIXXX!!" screamed Derth.
"YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!" Derth screamed.
Felix pulled out a special gun from his back. The void nearly sucked it out of his hand, but he managed to hold tight.
"Go to hell."
From Felix's gone came a large rotund grenade. It hit Derth square in the chest, flinging him from his stance on the ground. Nearly in space, he screamed his final words.
Felix pushed hard on the lever, which reversed its direction. The doors shut and Connor sat there catching their breath.
"Oh- Felix- Shit! Felix!" Connor ran over to Felix's unconscious body.

"You always had to be good, Joey!" Joel said, slashing his tail at Joey.
"Likewise, you always had to be bad!" Joey said back, clawing at Joel's face.
"I chose my path; you're the one at fault!" Joel yelled, attempting to trip Joey. Joey gave him a solid blow to the face, knocking him out. Joey stood on Joel, claiming dominance.
"Stop this, Joel. Your days of cruelty are over."
Suddenly, a portal opened up, (again again again) flinging Felix and Connor onto the hard concrete floor.
Joey looked on at Felix's wounds.
"Felix! What the hell happened to you guys?" he asked.
"Well, it all went down *COUGH* --like this.."

"And that's what happened" Felix finished, all sitting at home.
Joey got up from the table and went to work on something, Connor sat by the door sharpening blades, and Joel sat in the corner rethinking life. Hopefully, this new formed gang could get some more good things done.

" our Ex-Operator Felix has stated that I should be the new leader, and if our enemy shall give such a wonderful comment as that, it must be true!" bolstered the man from before. The troops sounded off, as they praised their new leader; leader of the Blastronaughts.

He sat in his cell. Counting the days going by. He had no idea when he'd leave; and if he'd ever leave. He was chained to all four walls. He was immovable. He was trapped. He was known as:


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