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Corrupted Soil

Corrupted Soil

A different universe than you're used to. Alien races roam space, wars rage on planets, and Earth is quite in a predicament from time to time...

2614 readers have visited this universe since Epik_B0mber created it.
Topics: fantasy, fiction, modern, original, sci-fi, scifi, space, stuff, universe, and war (Add Tags »)
Requires Approval: Yes

You can…


NOTE: This roleplay is HEAVILY unfinished! I am try as much as I can to get all the known story uploaded, so please be patient with me! Hoping to finish the first season by the beginning of 2019!

This is the known universe.. but it isn't.. It's a different one, with a different story, different beings.

Different endings.

Our story mainly begins in the 2015.
The year that made the most noticeable changes in history.
It was within that year that a stray extraterrestrial being would reveal itself to a single human.
By this act, the entire species would soon be known, along with many other new ones, plaguing the once clean world of Earth.
And in the future, a whole new world is opened up to more then one species.

This is the story of a band of brothers, and others, that go all around the world trying to save it.
And not just Earth, but many other planets too. Hell, they blew up planets once; which is cool!
Basically, if you join this Roleplay, you're going to be reading lots of already written lore, THEN you get to jump in where the story has ended.
From there, you can create a non-canon story for everyone to enjoy, and if it's so good that I think it's good, it might just be implemented into the real story.
Anyways, that's basically all for now, lel.

What Is This?
Oh my, that slipped my mind!
Corrupted Soil is uh, well.. a reincarnation of a previously told story. Except you, the community, are going to continue it.
*EDIT: No longer open for continuing the story non-canonly! This is now just a dump site for the entire story! Characters will sadly not be used by the public!!!*
Genres: Modern, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Fantasy
Things to look for: War, Aliens, Creatures, Planetary Exploration, Flashbacks, Vietna- i mean..
What we hope you can make: (Atleast with some amount of) Human characters to carry out the non-canon rest of the story!
(Note: If you would like to be any other species, please PM me; example, want to play as the Kydolian species. Thanks!)

Any questions? Visit the discussions! Thanks!

P.S: The majority of this is basically me telling a story and allowing you to continue off where it ends...

NOTICE: A new roleplay has been created for ANYONE who wanted to participate in this 'thrilling' storyline! Please see this Universe for more info!


This roleplay is created to reenact the past and/or create a non-canon future.
In the event of viewing the past, you probably won't be able to modify anything.. (probably)


-OOC Racism and Cursing is not tolerated (A-Okay in role playing unless said otherwise)
-Sexual content is VERBOTEN (images, pictures, videos, OOC chat, and if it's really sexual, RP TOO!!)
-Taking control of everything and just making your own story is also a NO NO.
-(Not including me because I have to write lots and lots of stories) Only 1-4 characters would be nice, please don't flood me with characters. (unless they die or something)
-Please attempt to keep characters in human origin or atleast be part human. No god-like characters will be allowed.
-Basic site rules and stuff (Link incase you don't know)

All for now...

What is expected of you if you create a character (a description that looks something like this):
Name: Lee Roy Jenkins
Age: 24
Sex: Spaghetti
Race: Apache Attack Helicopter
Height: 5'
Physical Description: VeRy FaT
Mental Description (opt): Insane
Beliefs (opt): Things
Relations (opt): Mario and Luigi's cousin
Powers/Abilities (opt): SPAGHETTI SPLASH
Skills: Is good at eating you
Backround: Born in a manger, ate spaghetti and became russian mobster.

(You don't specifically need stuff like 'Equipment, Alliances, or anything, as those will probably change a lot during roleplay.. Or maybe not, if you feel that won't then add stuff like that in too)
And then whatever else you want to add

That is all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S: The majority of this is basically me telling a story and allowing you to continue off where it ends...

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A KyHuma mixture. Likes to shoot things.
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The Shape Shifting Mage of the bunch.
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Shut up I knoooow about the names
Character Portrait: Jeremias
Jeremias played by DAOMR
"It's very important that I never go to sleep"

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The Iquris Chronicles

Still the first season of the story, but switching gears as Merp explodes...


Area for updates/announcements I post

The Merp Chronicles

The first 'Season' (the literal first year) of all this story. I think there's like... 8 Chapters? I can't remember lol

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The Creator tries to figure out how the chat works


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 “ What? ”


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Hey all, want you guys to know that there is an update for the roleplay!

I have made a separate universe for anyone who wanted to roleplay in this story. Thank you to the few who have supported me, and I hope I can make it up to you as the story progresses!

(Here's the link)


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I have returned with another episode!!!
We're getting really close to the end of one of the seasons, and every other season past these post-its are way better in story, logic, and actual design! That means I can stop drawing stickmen and-- wait shit i still have to draw stickmen but now they're fat. Gotta wait till Season 3 for human-like bodies...
Anyways, enough of that, for those of you who are actually still holding on I present...

The Final Season

(but we all know that's not true. Also there aren't even any seasons yet hahahaha-)

Suddenly, in a bright flash of light, everyone looked up to see they were now within a quite comfortable looking cabin.
"hh- wh- a?" Joey stuttered.
"Is this our uh- temporary home now?" Joel asked.
"I guess so" stated Murcury.
Exploring the cabin, the group found suitable bedrooms and all began claiming and personalizing territory within the building.
That one guy who showed up for like 1 episode randomly disappeared with Murcury, and everyone just didn't care and fell asleep.
Joey and Joel sat ideally in their room, waiting for exhaustion to knock them out.
"Ugh, I'm actually really bored now. Is there anything we can do?" Joey asked
"Well, there's nothing I can think of right now, brother. I think we've finished everything on the To-Do list." Joel replied, moving his antennae around.
"Woah, did you see that?" Joey said, getting up and pointing at the window. Joel turned to look, but saw nothing.

"I don't see anything. Maybe your exhaustion is finally kicking in?"
"Well... Yeah, I guess it was just me." Joey said, yawning from no visible source.

Slowly, he lifted the vent from its place, and lowered himself towards the carpeted floor. Landing with an inaudible thud, he slowly untied himself, viewing his surroundings.
He spotted him, and slowly sneaked up to him.
Ah, my prize. he thought.
Surgically removing the syringe from his belt, he leaned closer towards Joey, slowly applying pressure to the plunger as the fluid traveled within.

Joel heard something, he was sure of it. Becoming restless, he looked up from his bed, surveying the great void of the night. Once again he heard something, the creaking of a bed.
"Joey... are you okay?"
The man froze, the cover of darkness would soon be of no avail in stealth. Quickly, he hastened his paste on his push, and slid the needle out, placing it back in his belt. He slid towards the corner of the room and waited for whoever else was in the room to fall silent again. After a few minutes, he took up his rope, climbed up into the shafts with slight noise, and quickly exfiltrated from the building, leaving no trace of ever being there.

"It has been done, sir." the man said to his commander.
"...but I couldn't bring him here, I would've been caught-"
"You fool!" bellowed his commander.
"You were told to bring him here no matter the circumstances. That was your final warning, and thus you must pay the price!"
"No, no! Sir! I won't mess up this time I swe- GHAACK!" his words spewed, echoing through the halls as his head bounced onto the floor.

"Rise, Joey." Joel said, lightly shaking his brother.
Joey moaned, and then pulled off the sheets, looking at Joel with weary eyes.
"My goodness, did you sleep at all?"
"Nngh.. rough night, I guess." Joey replied.
"So that must have been you that I heard last night?" Joel questioned.
"What do you mean..?"
The duo walked out of there rooms and noticed how eerily empty the house was. Moving towards the kitchen table Joel found a note that Felix had left. Joey sat down at the table and stared hard at it, nearly falling asleep. Joel sat opposite from him, slowly eating a piece of bread whist eying down his sibling. Joey coughed, he coughed hard, projecting some snot onto the table.
"Mother in Makt, watch where you're coughing!" Joel said, more distant from the table.
"You must've caught something last night." Joel said again, rising from the table and placing his hand on Joey's cheek to better examine him. Joey waved him off.
"Relax.. I'm- okay.." he said in an almost drunken state.
"You're definitely sick" Joel retaliated. "I need to find out what you have."
"Maybe I can help" said a mysterious voice.
Joel; jumping into the air, instictually cast a fire ball behind him. The figure behind him dodged with ease, and watched as it went through the front door, setting fire to the shrubbery outside.
"Gah! Who are you? How'd you get in?" Joel said, holding flame in his hand.
The figure walked into better light.
"My name is Carson. And I think I can help!" he said cheerfully.
"Also you left the door unlocked so-"
"Wait, are you a Kydol?" Joel said, hastily walking up to him and grabbing him by his scarf.
"Uh.. yes. Yes I am" Carson said meekly, slowly attempting to free his scarf. Joel let go, joy in his eyes.
"And you are probably a newborn, yes?"
"I- guess you could say that.." Carson replied.
"Oh, good!" Joel said with glee, "What is it like back home?"
"..Oh.... Uh..." Carson looked off and scratched his head. "I never got to really see it." Joel was puzzled by this.
"What? How? Where were you born?" he asked.
"Let's-- wait until another day to sort this out." Carson said, walking up to where Joey currently sat. Joey coughed up more snot, and sniffled.
"We should probably relocate him to a bed." Carson stated. The two dragged Joey back into his room and packed him tightly under the blankets. Carson, revealing he too was trained in the arts, began attempting to identify the virus with magic. The two worked hard, but found nothing they could identify in human books, nor Kydolian.
"Strange, this, this is a new disease of sorts." Carson said while rubbing his chin.
"Look at his skin, its taking a green tone." Joel said as he rubbed Joey's skin; cooler and mushy to the touch.
"I should probably get to know our patient better. What is his name?" Carson asked, looking over at Joel.
"Well, he's Joey. I'm Joel."
Carson's eyes widened.
"The- Joey?"
Joel took a second to understand what he meant, but then put the pieces together.
"Oh, yes, of course. This is him."
"Such a powerful creature being attacked by a microscopic force. Fascinating." Carson remarked.
Suddenly a loud burst at the door alerted the two, looking behind them to see Felix and Connor enter the house.
"Are these friends of yours?" Carson asked. Joel nodded.
"Hey, we're back from a tournament. Oh, hey- uh.. Whose this?" Felix said, pointing at Carson. Joel told him, and they all proceeded to greet each other. Whilst everyone talked to each other; getting to know one another, Joel looked back over at Joey, whose eyes staid fixed shut. He got closer, listening for any breathing. He panicked. He felt for a pulse, but felt nothing. He stood up, taking the attention of everyone as he pounded into Joey's chest, attempting to resuscitate him.
"Woah, holy crap, what happened to Joey?" Felix said, walking over to the bedside.
"He- he got sick! This isn't happening." he began muttering over and over. He stopped. Tears in his eyes.
"Guys.." he said weakly. "I- I think he's.. Dead."



(I'm gonna call it that now. Not by its Chapter or whatnot)
In the next post.


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...Tyme for a mini epnisode for...

"My servant has failed me again!" he boasted.
"He was a noob-
"We must eliminate Felix as well." he said again.
"How will you accomplish that?" the voice asked.
"Leave it to me!" he said, walking into the light..

Lightning flashed overhead; a loud rumble came afterward.
Felix looked out on the terrain as he pondered the death of his comrade, sipping a beverage. He leaned back in the chair, thinking about what he could've done to prevent it.
It's my fault, he thought.
The others were inside, mourning the death of their lost one. Joey was gone, and he probably wasn't coming back. Joel had taken the body under his wing, and had given it a traditional Kydol send-off, burning the corpse and scattering the ash into the wind. They all sat silently inside, looking at each other.
"I can't believe I tried to kill him!" cried Connor
Carson said
"It will be okay."
Some drank, others did not. Small talk was exchanged, but then it'd fall silent again. Soon, the crew began leaving, saying their goodbyes, and traveling off into the distance. It was just Joel and Carson now.
"Hey," Carson said, wandering outside. Joel followed out, looking for what the problem was.
"Where's Felix?" Carson questioned, looking at the empty chair.

2 months later.

Felix zoomed down the highway. He went as fast as he could, keeping his cool.
The street tore up behind him as a small aircraft shot rounds just behind him. He kicked up the gear and sped across the terrain, nearing a cliff.
"I've got you now!" yelled the pilot, dastardly laughing as they approached the cliff.
Felix hit the throttle, and flew off the cliff, plummeting into the valley.
The pilot pulled back, stopping at the edge and attempted to look down.
"That was.. very unexpected.." he mumbled.
"Oh well, guess my job is do-- ooh!" A ship flew up into his view. He saw the opposite pilot wave to him, as he delivered rounds into his ship, blowing it up instantly.

"Hell yeah!" screamed Connor, cheering his miniature victory.
"Nice flip!" Carson complimented.
Felix thanked him still panting, rubbing the sweat off his brow.
"Alright, let's head off back home!" Connor said, turning the ship away from the cliff.
Felix sat there looking at a photo. It was really the only photo he had of him and Joey; not like they had much interest or time to really stand around to take one, but they were lucky to get one. He looked hard and long at it; thinking about the small interval of time they coexisted.
Suddenly, the screen behind him lit up, he jumped up at the sound of someone yelling.
"Uh, y-yes sir?!" Felix said, saluting the man on the dark screen.

"We aŗ̸̡̬͎̗̣̈́͂͒̈́̈́͊̓͂͜ͅȩ̺͉̟̟̓̓͑͆̓̾̄̿̈͠ a̸͓͎̣̝̱̜̫̪̍̇̀͌̋͜͡͝ṗ̵̧͙̗̮͎̅̓͊̊̏̃̿̇͘͟r̵̼̯͕͉̪̜̉̓͌̿̉̃͜͜͟͞o̢̡̟̱̜̠͎̠͖̍̀̈̏͛̌̚͘͞ͅb̶̨̫̫̺̼̏͆͊͂͠h̷̨̲̰͍̰̩̞̠̏̅̂̂̑̔̒̄̋̕h̶̭̖̬̬͚̻͐̄̓̓̋̇̎́̕͡ b̴̧̨͚͍̱͙͈͛̎̉͗̍̋͟͡ͅr̠̗̞̘̻͒̈͂͌̓̀̍͠͝ố̷̻͎̮̟̞̟̉̋͆̂̽̔̌͠s̴̠̣̫͍̥̫̱̆͊̎̍͊͐͑̍̀͂͢ẁ̴̝̠̣̣̖͚͉̓̒̂̾̕͠h̨̰͓̪͔͙̹͔̯̆̑̋͂͡͞à̠̬̞̖̮͍͒̀͘͝."

"Erm, what? You're breaking up, sir! What did you say?"
"CRAW!!!" screamed a beast from behind them. The camera shook and the man fleed, but failed to get away. The screen went static, then went black. Felix stood there agasp to what he'd just seen. He shook his head, calling Carson to come over. They headed to the back of the small aircraft and opened up to a small room.
"I missed this." Felix said.
"Me too!" Carson peeped.
The two walked back out in their sparkling armor.
"Ooh, can I come too??" Joel asked.
The two looked at each other, and then back.
"We'll all go!" Felix proudly stated, looking at Carson.

The ship descended onto alien soil. They were once again somewhere in space, searching for something.
"Oh my, that's big." Carson said.
They glared at the tall tower.
(Front and side views for reference)
"Let's go." Felix said, trudging forward.

It screeched at them, nearly blowing them away.
Standing within the halls of the huge building, they readied themselves for a battle.
"Wait a second.." said Carson. He glared at the tiny dome ontop of its head.
He conjured a beam and flung it towards the dome, instantly blowing it away with a yelp; a corpse flinging away from the scene.
The beast went silent, slowly wriggling itself back into the ground.
"Well that was anticlimactic" said Joel.
"Let's go in this room now" he said as he pushed a random button.
"Hmm.. There doesn't seem to be anything in here.." Felix noted as he walked in. They surveyed the room, but found nothing.
Clank! Felix heard from across the room. He toggled a light on his helmet to look, and saw. Just across a small dark pit was him..
"Ach! Please, no!!" screamed an innocent looking man stuck in a corner. Infront of him stood a man with robots arms and blonde hair. His eyes were white and green, surging with power. He turned and smiled at Felix, letting out a small chuckle.
"Let him go!" yelled Felix.
The man turned around, incinerating the cowering man in the corner. He turned back.
"Make me" said the man, electric coming from his fingertips.
Suddenly a drawbridge slid from under the floor, connecting the two splotches of ground. They both walked forward, the crew hanging back, watching in awe.
"You'll be much easier than Joey!" boasted the man; his hands on his hips.
Felix gasped, bringing him back months earlier. He re-felt all the pain again; the hopelessness of the entire situation. Then he remembered the small detail. He noticed the footprint on the carpet- no boot like anyone had, but he assumed it was just him. Besides, he was caught up in mourning his friend, not some random bootprint. It all came together now, he looked up with anger.
"You hired someone to kill him!" Felix screamed on the verge of tears.
The man laughed, "It took you that long to figure that out? I thought you were more than that, Felix!"
"You're dead!" Felix shouted, pulling out his gun. He cranked up the power on the thing, and let out a large beam of light towards the opposing force. He thought he had him, but from the red light he could see a conflicting green barrier. He grunted and walked forward, increasing the pressure.

10 minutes of fighting later, the two found themselves out of breath, glaring each other down with hatred. On the sidelines, the group stood wondering if they should step in or let the duel continue.
Felix yelped as he fell into the pit, his enemy quickly scrambling off the bridge.
Felix grasped the small edge of what was left, halting his descent. He cried out in fear, hovering over a pit of death.
"Later Felix!" piped the opponent, running off cackling. Felix was suspended, slowly losing his grasp.
"We have to save Felix!" Joel cried out in a half-hearted tone.
"THERES NO NEED TO FEAR," echoed a voice from nowhere.
The group looked around to see who said it.
Joel asked, "Was that..?"
"HENRY IS HERE!!!" screamed the voice, revealing a young Henry falling from the sky on a rope.


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With a brisk glide through the air, Henry glided through the air, accidentally letting go of his rope, and face planting into the hard rock below.
"hww Fwlxx." he said, waving his arm in the air.
"You're out of the hospital!" Felix said, still holding on for dear life.
Henry lifted up his head, and got up, reaching down to Felix.
"Sure did!" he said, pulling Felix up.
"Alright, we gotta get out of here!" Felix said, brushing himself off. And so they did, heading quickly back to their ship and blasting off back home.

"Welcome to the Star Bound!" Felix stated proudly.
"Wow, it's-- small." Henry said, loosing enthusiasm. It was a small ship; topped with bunk beds, weaponry, and some cool space TVs or something like such.
"This ship is like a house, but with guns-- and in space!"
"Alrighty then" Henry said, finding a place to lounge."

Cameron looked over his equipment. He opened up a crate, and took his possessions.
"I think it's time I told them." he said to himself.
"Tell them who I really am."
With that, he slid the helmet on.


"Ha ha, what a trick they tried to pull!" he cackled, walking over to his prize.
"They thought they could trick us with the sham funeral.." he continued.
"But I was able to... dig up some clues!" he said, laughing, ripping the white sheet off of his prize.

"So.. What do I do with it now" the man said, still admiring his possession long after reveal.
"..We give them Joey." said the man with the robot arms.
"What?" the man said in disbelief, turning to his leader.
"Are.. you okay?-"
"LISTEN!" castigated robot arms.
"If we give them Joey, they will think the worst part has past; surely the living dead should-- distract them for some time."
"They won't expect what is waiting for them..." he continued with a smirk.

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