Tokyo Rehabilitation centerJayde Fortune

A boy with a few... concentration issues.

a character in “Could You Love Someone Like Me?”, as played by Everscale

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Name~ Jayde Fortune


Reasons to be in the center~ His parents began to worry about his daydreaming when it came to their attention that he had no idea where they lived.

History~ He lived in a crazy household with ten other kids, seven of them older than him. Nine of them boys. Driven to distraction by the chaos, he withdrew into his own mind, creating a world in his head, where he stays to the point that he has no idea where he really lives.

Sexuality~ Undetermined. He's... well, he's never thought about it.

Age~ 15

Family?~ Six older brothers, one older sister, three younger brothers, and a father who raises them alone.

Weird Quirks~ He spaces out 90% of the time. He is usually staring at absolutely nothing, or more often straight at someone and not really seeing them. His parents had to drive him to the Center and walk him to his room, or he wouldn't have made it there.

Fears~ Chaos. Commotion. Really any loud noises.

Strengths~ Um.... he... created his own world in his head....

Clothing styles~ Whatever his parents put out for him. Or his caretakers in the Center.

Crush~ He's never thought about it.

Hobbies~ Daydreaming. Imagining.

Partner Intrests~ He would like someone who could tolerate his daydreaming, and who would be gentle and quiet with him.

Favorite food~(includes Drinks) Whatever someone puts in front of him. And usually, shovels into his mouth.

Talents~ He's an abstract thinker, and if he ever thought of it, an incredible writer.


Drifting, clueless, but imaginative. He is a bit timid when he does come out of his world. Mostly he came to the Center for his own safety; he would wander out of the house and get completely lost in the city.

So begins...

Jayde Fortune's Story