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Kade Assilim

A neko who fears nothing more than hurting another.

357 views · last seen in Tokyo Rehabilitation center
a character in “Could You Love Someone Like Me?”, as played by Everscale


Name~ Kade Assilim


Reasons to be in the center~ His older brother was a violent creature, and wildly jealous of Kade. He attacked Kade whenever their parents weren't home. Kade became frightened, withdrawn around her brother Mael, and spent all of his time in his room. Completely clueless, his parents sent him away, worried for his welfare. Away from Mael's violent presence, he is loose and friendly, his usual cheerful self.

History~ um... aforementioned? in the reasons' section?

Sexuality~ He doesn't care, as long as it's love.

Age~ 17

Family?~ His brother Mael, and his clueless parents Thomas and Adina

Weird Quirks~ He scratches the back of his head when he's thinking.

Fears~ His brother Mael, and ever hurting someone like Mael hurt him.

Strengths~ He is friendly and gentle, and very athletic.

Clothing styles~ He likes collared, button-down shirts and jeans, and prefers to go barefoot when he can.

Crush~ Sebastian

Hobbies~ He likes to run, play sports, and spend time with his friends.

Partner Intrests~ Someone kind, preferably sweet, and who might need protecting.

Favorite food~(includes Drinks) He has a thing for ice-cream. And any form of chocolate.

Talents~ He is a great dancer, a good runner, and animals respond very well to him.


Loose, friendly, and very gentle. He has no problem making a fool out of himself, as long as he can get a smile out of the people around him.

So begins...

Kade Assilim's Story