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Cracked Rummince

Cracked Rummince

A romantic comedy. Note: By "comedy", I mean "really weird thing that kinda involves humor".

233 readers have visited this universe since Abraxas_Axis created it.
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You can…


A romantic comedy. You can be whoever you want, and do whatever you want. It doesn't have to necessarily be related to romance, but it's preferable if it is.

Have funs!

~~ Abraxas_Axis


This was originally intended to have just two rules, but then I realized I needed to make sure people didn't do bad things with their posts. So here it is:
1. Keep the swearing to a minimum, please.
2. I will add the posts to arcs. Nobody else should, as this has a special chronology to it.
3. No railroading, or making other people's characters do stuff. It's very rude, and nobody likes it.
4. No double-posting. You should give your opponent/romantic partner time to respond.
5. 4th wall breaking is fine, but in SMALL AMOUNTS and for COMEDIC REASONS ONLY. Don't be like, "Hey guys what about that soccer game last night?" No. Think Deadpool, and how he breaks the 4th wall with his little yellow thought boxes.

Stick to these rules, and the game will be fun!

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Character Portrait: Bowser
Bowser played by Abraxas_Axis
A big koopa who hates plumbers, kidnaps princesses and is a pyromaniac.
Character Portrait: Armless Salvatore Greco A koopa who is a crack shot despite missing an arm. He comes from Mexico, and is the Gang Boss of the NBCOC.
Character Portrait: Melissa Chainsaw Bowser's secret crush. She prefers wielding a 5-foot chainsaw to a gun. Big muscles, tattoos, but is also very friendly and kind, despite being the sadist of the New Bork City Organized Crime.

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New Bork City

New Bork City by Abraxas_Axis

Home of the Empire State Ketchup Bottle

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3 characters
1 players
New Bork City Organized Crime

[Abraxas_Axis] The mafia group of New Bork City.

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This is where all the posts will go until I deem a good spot for it to end. Send me a message if you have any suggestions for when.

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Character Portrait: Bowser
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Bowser sat in a reclining chair, listening to the record player play low-key jazz movement at he stared at the flickering lightbulb tied to the ceiling. The boarded up windows of his gang's hideout didn't do much to block the wind, and it caused the lightbulb to sway back and forth, back and forth.
This is what he'd been raised to. Ever since the gang had found him as a young mutated koopa, he'd been living in this abandoned building in the bustling New Bork City. If he peered between the ancient boards of the window, he could see the Empire State Ketchup Bottle in the distance. Some guy had written graffiti on it maybe 50 years ago. Whoever would have the time, patience and enormous supply of spray paint to do that, Bowser's heart was out to him. The words read, "BUB COLA", a slang for the famous cola drink, Dr. Bubble Cola. He had a can of it, in fact, sitting on the coffee table facing the chair.
While listening to the jazz, Bowser fiddled with his steel lighter. He flicked it on, watching the small bead of fire that sprung up. It was fueled by crushed-up fire flower sap. He flicked it off. He flicked it on, then off. On, off. On, off.
He honestly didn't know what he was doing with his life. He was a mutant; a giant among small turtle people. They feared him for his size and fearsome appearance, and he wished they didn't.
On, off.
He was so very lonely.
On, off.


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Character Portrait: Bowser Character Portrait: Armless Salvatore Greco Character Portrait: Melissa Chainsaw
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0.00 INK

Then, a woman peeked her head in the room. "Hey, Bowser," she called. "Boss' called a meeting!"
"Okay, I'll be over in a sec."
The woman nodded and left. Her name was Melissa Chainsaw, and she was the love of his life. She was strong, cunning, charismatic and a kindred soul to his depression - despite also being the most sadistic member of the New Bork City Organized Crime, or NBCOC for short.
Bowser flicked his lighter off, and got up. He was only 27, but he felt aged beyond his years. Perhaps it was the depression. Maybe it was his giant shell weighing him down. In any case, he left the room.
He soon found himself at the meeting room. A long oak table fitted all the members of the gang. On the far end was the mafia boss himself; Armless Salvatore Greco. The best shot in all of New Bork City, despite missing an arm. He didn't wear a prosthetic, however, just to show he could do stuff without two.
"I've called you all here today," he spoke with confidence, "to tell you that we are going to be trying the largest job we've ever done before!"
Whispers spread around the room like a bucket of water making a splash and increasing in length as you pour more and more water on the floor. Someone took up the courage to ask what the job would be.
"The job we'll be doing, it'll be very dangerous and risky." He paused for effect. "We will be robbing the most high-security bank in New Bork City! We will be robbing the Ketchup Bank!"
Everyone gasped except the man himself. "Not the Ketchup Bank! That's the most prized bank of all! There's so many ketchups we won't be able to fit them all!" Ketchups were the currency of New Bork City.
"Don't worry, all. I've got a plan of how to go about this. Just let me handle the planning and everything will be A.O.K. Now get your stuff ready! We'll be performing the grand heist in one week."

Cracked Rummince: Out Of Character (OOC)

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