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Intro: {Dont have to read}
"Each year on a child's 10 birthday they are taken from there homes. They are put through tests. Some children are normal and go home a week later. Some children show abilities. Abilities that are more advanced. That aren't really normal. Once children show these signs they are submitted into a program. No choice is given to them. Once in this program the story is they are slowly bringing these abilities out. They also have these creatures. Sitting awaiting for there child to help them hatch. It says that the children are taken to a warehouse that contains thousands upon thousands of large and small eggs. A child seems to be guided to a certain egg. Once they touch that egg it glows a pattern. Then latter hatches. Thats just what they tell children at night so they will go to bed. NO one really knows . . . except the croddlers. Those are the people that have gone through the training. Once they come out they are seventeen.

"There hasn't been a croddler for centuries. Or so they say. The last croddlers went missing. Theres a story though that instead of pairing with a human who doesn't have that blood they pair together. Hidden somewhere they are having children and they have the blood automatically no wondering if they ill have it. As legend says the day they are needed. They will return to protect us." The old man asked told his grandson.

Summary: {Must read}
When you reach a certain age you are trained to see your abilities. Once your abilities are found you are suited with a certain creature. Each creature is different and provides more power. Then a group of people just got there new creatures and are in training when there home is attacked. If you have read this far please place your character in the History section. They ban together and decide to go after the attackers. A man from there home goes along with them to guide them but when a a creature shows up they find out he isn't who they thought he was.
The creatures have there own powers depending on what they are. Your ability fits in one of these categories but its nothing out of the ordinary. All the creatures can travel to places fast some how. OK so you must have read the first part. but put it instead in the equipment section. Flying Teleporting, Running, ETC. It just depends on creature. They also can comunicate elementsre human through the mind

*Fire- mammal cross breeds-4or5*
*Water- amphibians/fish cross breeds-4or5 all together*
*Earth- reptiles/plants cross breeds-4or5 all together*
*Wind- bird cross bbreeds-4or5*
*Hybrid- mix of groups-1 from each animal group 1or2 elements*

Character spots/pairings:

Fire Girl: TAKEN
Hybrid Male:

Fire Male:

Earth Girl:
Earth Male:

Hybrid Girl: RESERVED
Water Male:

Water Girl:
Wind Male:

Creature:{Description or pic if you can find one}
Your Look:


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Re: Creatures

I'm finally done with her! :)

Re: Creatures

Thats OK I received your character and I like it.

Re: Creatures

I lost my character :( Ill have to start over...but the pic I found has the back end of like an otter. It's pretty nifty.

Re: Creatures

Alright I just wanted to make sure people knew what it was about. Some people just join to join. Thank you for considering though.

Re: Creatures

Was interested until I saw the hoops you have to jump through to submit a bio, 'Put it in history' 'put it in equipment'. blahblah

It puts people off to need to so something pointless to simply prove you read something. Good luck, and good bye.

Re: Creatures

Horsey yes you may

Chloe yes you may have her and I don't see why one mammal would hurt if it fits. What were you thinking?

Re: Creatures

I'd love the wind girl role, I was wondering if my creature could have 1 mammal though?

Re: Creatures

Can I please have the hybrid girl? ;D

Re: Creatures

You flatter yourself, dear.

Re: Creatures

Thank you for the input but I would appreciate it if you don't steel my ideas.

Re: Creatures

This roleplay sounds incredibly interesting, but I make a rule not to join roleplays that reserve characters in pairings when the roleplay's plot is not central to those pairings. I apologize for not being able to join in on this, but with your inability to offer less conventional pairings (transgenders or homosexual pairings) and your reserves in pairs, I will have to abstain. Thank you for the ideas from this wonderful roleplay, though.


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