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while the idea for this rp came mostly from a dream it does take inspiration from the shadowhunters series :


Crimson Lust


" Even though we were never supposed to be together. I can't be with anyone else, no matter the consequences"
-Nicole Gulla


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The town of Valmead, Connecticut was an unusual place. On the surface this small town was like any other you'd see. It had only one stoplight and the closed chain store was 30 miles outside of the towns limits. It was the kind of town where no one locked there doors because crime was virtually nonexistent. There was nothing about Valmead that screamed unusual from the outside, but then you look at the towns population and you start to realize that no matter what happened through out the year it always went into the new year with exactly 546 residents. When the youth graduated high school many would be so done with small town living that they'd move as fast and as far as possible, but this sudden drop in population only lasts for a couple of weeks. It always went right back up because some very people to who moved away years before all of the sudden hate big city life and move back with their fledgling families. Which also helps keep the population equal because even death couldn't change it since every time one died someone was born the very next day. Over the last 100+ years there has only been one year in which the population dropped by 2 and that was 10 years ago.

This sudden drop in population wasn't of natural causes and actually caused the town to be wary of any outside people. It was the first time in the history of this town that there was a murder this brutal. According to the official reports the horrendous act was done by one man while he was traveling through their tiny town. With what appeared to be no real motive the town was terrified and on edge. What the official reports didn't mention was that while only one man was charged with the murder he was only an unwilling accomplice and the true killers were vast in numbers and not human at all.

The official reports didn't leave out this information from the official reports to hide what really happened. They just simply didn't know, because this town has its own protection squad. Since the towns creation more than just humans have been drawn to it and while most of these being are friendly some needed to be put in their place before they hurt anyone. That's where the Moonlight Hill book store at the edge of town comes in. This small family bookstore is owned by a lovely couple and in the last 11 years they've taken in three more young ones to help out, all of which can do some serious damage if needed. One of the ones that has been brought into the family was the orphan of the couple from ten years ago. As the only human working for Moonlight Hill she is constantly facing the over protectiveness of her new siblings. She is always looking for a way to help out and prove herself though she knows the least of their world.

Since the only time Moonlight Hill has ever failed to save anyone was 10 years they are almost more wary of any and all visiting the town. Though even they couldn't predict the mess one injured traveller would bring to their lives.


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---Ivy Rose Rodiela--------------------- Aamon Lemaire ---

--------FC: Kathrine Mcnamara ---------------- FC: Kim Ji Won ----------

----------Played by: Beccaberry --------------- Played by: SofiUnnie ----------

The Sisters

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------------------Anastasia Goodwin/Torneau ------------Gwenaël de Sauveterre------------------

--------------FC: Zendaya -------------------- FC: Claire Holt --------------

--------------Played by: BeccaBerry -------------Played by: SofiUnnie--------------

Their Partners

【These two characters don't have/need a separate character page just include a bit about them and how they met in The Sisters info sheet】

ImageImageImage -♡♥♡- ImageImageImage

--------------Malecai Le Torneau --------------- Devyn Brantley de Sauveterre --------------

------------FC: Won Jong Jin ---------------- FC: Charles Michael Davis ------------

--------------Played by: SofiUnnie -------------Played by: BeccaBerry--------------

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Character Portrait: Aamon Lemaire
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Character Portrait: Aamon Lemaire
Aamon Lemaire

Even if they want me dead, I will survive.


Character Portrait: Aamon Lemaire
Aamon Lemaire

Even if they want me dead, I will survive.

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Character Portrait: Aamon Lemaire
Aamon Lemaire

Even if they want me dead, I will survive.

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