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Tier Lumina

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Manji had made short work of the third rate Lumina Fang goons at the gate, many of them lay dead or injured, and the rest fled the scene. Having experience as a bandit with raiding towns, Manji had made sure that no alarms were raised, so He has some time before reinforcements of the crack troops of the Lumina Fang arrive. Scratch that, there was one guard left between him and the city, the young man he talked to earlier.

"Move boy, or I will be forced to cut you down."

The young man was clearly shaking as he held his blade with both hands in front of him. Manji was reminded of himself when his father "trained" him. He really didn't want to kill the kid, so he'll probably just severely injure him... Enough so that he'll never hold a blade again. Looking totally relaxed but ready to strike, Manji walked towards the young man.

"I warned you..."

In that moment, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a man mounted on a horse and crossbow aimed in Manji's direction. He raised his short wakizashi to deflect the bolt, but the target was not him but the young man's knee. The young man let out a surprised cry and Manji swiftly launched himself at his enemy and planted a knee in his gut, knocking the young man out on the ground.

You're better off living an honest life and being a farmer kiddo

Looking around at the scene of carnage, Manji was feeling satisfied with himself. Despite most of his swordsmanship being self taught, Manji had practiced the fundamentals to the core: his he wasted no movement but at the same time produced raw power. Many of his enemies lay on the ground missing heads, limbs, and lower halves of their body; he probably overdid it. After all, this was his comeback fight.

"Now that that's out of the way... What did that guy say again? something about a Tavern?"

As if on cue, his stomach let out a loud growl, loud enough to startle the people in line that were still frozen in shock as to what just occurred in front of them. Manji wiped off his blade with a cloth; There was some time left so Manji decided to make a lil money for his journey. He took in a deep breath...

"YOU FOLKS LISTEN UP! THIS GATE BELONGS TO THE DEMON SWORDSMAN NOW, YOU CAN CALL IT THE GATE WHERE THE DEMON SWORDSMAN KICKED ASS(well sliced ass.) Also known as the gate with the quickest wait time, just pay me 10 gold per person and you'll enter the city in no time at all!"

10 Golds could be earned easily enough in a day, compared to the amount of bribes and time spent at the gate under the Lumina Fang, this was quite the fair price. People eagerly paid Manji the gold coins, some even thanked him as they passed through the gates. Manji could hear the reinforcements arriving so it was time to go; he had collected a hefty sack of coins anyways.


There were some cheers from the now greatly shorter line.

Manji lost himself in the crowd of people rushing through the gates, there was no way the Lumina Fang will find him as he made his way to the tavern recommended by the mysterious crossbowman earlier; Manji's hefty sack of coins jingled happily as he walked through the streets of Tier Lumina.

Manji entered the tavern to see a what seemed to be a touching family reunion. He sat himself down at one of the tables, set his sack of coins and "stinky salted fish" on the ground next to the table, and placed his paired blades on the table.

"Oh don't mind me, I'll order a special, so take your time"

Manji's stomach growled again, this time even more loudly.

"Actually make that 3 orders...."

"The Capital city is a place of peace for my people... that at least should never change." ~ King Crucible

The Land of Tarantia

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"The open wilds are a dangerous place, monsters, bandits, Lumina Fangs and worst of all, me! Haha!" ~ Naga

Grove of Cycles Past

"You shouldn't be here..." ~ Tamashi Kugutsu


"A place where the stars reflected on the crystal clear water. Our people were the kindest but also the most naive . . . that's what led to our downfall" ~ Ikari Kimidori

Semper Divitiae

"It's a sad place that tries to fix itself but only becomes worse after every attempt." ~ Shizuku Masako


"It was nice growing up here, not like some other poor village that struggled to get by. It's such a nice place... that every bandit in the area really seems to want it." ~ Molan Lassiter


"It's a simple place... that's true enough. But it's my home and that means more to me than any big city lights." ~ Yohana Saiko


"Not just my home, but the home of Truth. Within these walls, there is no deception." ~ Arn Grimr


"I guess you could call it a port- it's more like a gossip hub on water." ~ Kaida Reika