Archangel of Sacrifice

a character in “Cry for you as I Die for you”, as played by Lilikins

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


-Lead Female Archangel.-

Archangel Profile:

Name: Elise
Age: Ageless
Role/Race: Archangel of Heaven.
Have you entered the Surface World? Yes.
Appearance: Image
Ability/power: Her power consists of protecting the ones she loves. Her powers rely on the blessings from god, providing her strength to overthrow her foes.

Human Profile:

Name: Rin Elizabeth Willows
Age: 19
Role/Race: Human-Reincarnation of Elise.
Have you ever entered the Surface World? Yes.
Appearance: Image
Ability/Power: None.



Elise's existence, in her eyes, was dedicated to helping others. She never held herself above anyone, always helping those in need. Her mood always seemed relatively calm, though became heated if a loved one was in trouble. Elise's soft words and actions could place anyone at ease, her open mind and body language welcoming anyone into her presence.


Rin, being a young college student, her gullible innocence seems to get the best of her. Though, she is feisty when need be. Growing up in a family of all boys, she had a bit of tomboy in her, speaking loudly and losing her temper at times. However, most of the time she is a soft natured girl, respectful to others until they make her angry. Rin's personality varies depending on the situation, but how you treat her, is how you'll be treated in return.



A large holy sword blessed upon by God himself, said to bring light into the deepest darkness.


Rin specializes in martial arts, taught by her brothers. Being raised in a big city, muggers come around every now and then, and her brass knuckles proudly greet their faces.



Stated in the introduction.


Rin's mother died upon giving birth to her, causing her to be raised by her father and five older brothers. Her father, Bruno, owned his own restaurant in New York, being one of the best places to eat in the whole city. Through Rin's childhood, her family had taught her to fend for herself, never having to rely upon anyone. This worked for her advantage. Once she turned 15, she acquired a job at her father's restaurant, saving up money for college, as her brothers did before her. After Rin graduated, she decided to go to a small college in the city of Lawrence, to escape the big city and get out on her own. Rin bought her own apartment in Lawrence and quickly found herself a waitressing job at a nearby restaurant, awaiting the fall for her classes to begin.

So begins...

Elise/Rin's Story