ChicagoCat Hughes

"Just one more hour."

a character in “Csi: Chicago”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

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Name: Catherine "Cat" Hughes
Age: 27
Role: Forensic Scientist
Specialty: She specializes in Homicide Detective/Crime Scene Investigating, Forensic Pathology (Medical Examiners) and Forensic Nursing.
Personality: Catherine, or known as Cat in the lab has a very hard working attiturde. She refuses to give up until a case is solved, even if that means comprimising sleep and daily needs. She is known for working long hours and sometimes skipping over lunch when working on a case. While off duty she is found lounging around with Co-Workers, enjoying coffee and walking in the park. Though after a while, the cases start to take a toll on her.
History: She was born and raised in Californa. After meeting a forensic scientist at her school meet and greet she became fascinated by the job. From that day in kindergarden she vowed to be the best that there was. Noone could sway her from her studies. She was always found working. Despite her parents pleas to become a teacher, she continued strong and went to college. Ten years later she was hired by the company and she's been working there for three years. A very reliable person.
Other: She wears her hair in a bun while she works.

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