I HAVE gone mad..... Heeheehee

a character in “Curiouser and Curiouser”, as played by ChaosxChild13

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Name: Alice
Age: 10 in Wonderland, Age is unknown in reality [She still sees herself as the young ten year old, so that's how she appears in Wonderland]
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: None
Type of Creature: Human

Supporter of the White Queen (good) or the Queen of Hearts (evil) or Neutral: Neutral


Alice was a sweetheart, always trying to help, yet she came back dark, and deadly. She has Wonderland Syndrome, and has a hard time distinguishing her reality from Wonderland. She doesn't understand much anymore, and the Wonderland Syndrome has slowly turned her crazy. She hates the Red Queen because she believes that the Red Queen had beheaded her beloved friends and took over Wonderland...

This is her land, not the Red Queens... That bitch... Well, she doesn't know what's coming... Teeheehee....

Likes: Playing cards, tea, white fluffy rabbits, creating chaos. Cheshire the cat, Mad Hatter, blue caterpillars, she somewhat likes the White Queen, but she knows the White Queen has a dark side, beautiful red roses.

Dislikes: Being beheaded, the Red Queen, the strange white padded room she resides in, the impostors of the original Mad Hatter, Cheshire and other beloved friends. The young girl who claims to be her "Daughter".

Traits: She has a dark chuckle, she likes to twirl her hair and shuffle her cards.


Weapon: A deck of cards that are quite sharp and appear to cut through anything, small viles that says "Drink Me" [Poison], small cakes that have "Eat Me" on them, also extremely deadly and poisonous. A pocket watch that can hypnotize anyone within a matter of seconds.

Power: Since she has created this wonderland, if she touches anything it will suddenly turn extremely dark and deadly -- for example if she touched a cup of tea it would turn into a bubbling, oozing cup of poison, or if she touched a tree its leaves would crumple, fall off, and the trees branches would curl and the bark would rot.


Alice created Wonderland on her own.... Yet... Everything began to change as she started not being able to tell her reality from the Wonderland she had invented. She was put into an Asylum, changing Wonderland for the worst, everything began to change. The Mad Hatter was soon more Mad than usual, Wonderland was never truly saved, but the Red Queen still ruled. Cheshire had come to visit her in her real world and tried to help, but she touched him, making him change into a mangy, skinny, horrible looking creature. Everything began to change. For some reason more Hatters began to appear, and more Cheshires, now she becomes confused by who is the original and who is an impostor, so she soon began to believe everyone was an impostor in her Wonderland. Her goal is to rid of all impostors in her Land and nothing will stop her. For she created this world, she can easily destroy it as well.

Her haunting humming of childhood songs can be heard throughout the Wonderland.

Now she sits in the Asylum, yet she is lurking around Wonderland, and the way to find her? Follow the insane cackle and the burnt grass tracks beneath her feet.

So begins...

Alice's Story