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Forced to experience different types of death every time she sleeps, Sephy more than anyone wishes to rid herself and her family of this curse.

a character in “Cursed”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Puppet Master: I am angelwolfchild.
Character Name: Persephone Willows
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Curse: Whenever she sleeps, Sephy enters a state of alternate consciousness. In this state she seeks ways of killing herself. Not only can she feel the death as if it were really happening but people can also see the damage upon her body while it still seems to be sleeping e.g. when she is stabbed people can see the wound and the blood. Not only that, but she stays dead until dawn, no matter what anyone does. She can be woken just before she actually dies but if this happens then her body retains whatever damage it has sustained so far permanently. This curse only runs with the women of the family and only stays with them until they give birth, when they pass it to their child.
History: Sephy is the only child of Sophia and Marcus Willows. As soon as she was born the curse took its effect on her. Because of the nature of her curse, she tries to avoid sleep as much as possible, making her very weak and fragile. She is also very reclusive, unable to make friendship connections with anyone, let alone start a relationship. She has always been determined that if she couldn’t break the curse then she would never have a family, the last thing she wants is to pass it down.
Personality: She is extremely reclusive, almost cold at times. Sephy does not show her emotions very easily, making it difficult for her to connect with anyone. She enjoys dancing, she is particularly fond of ballet. She also does alot of reading, mostly romance and fantasy stories but for some reason she often finds herself drawn to the gothic stories, even though she hates thinking about things like death.
Weapons: None
Crush: None yet
Theme Music: ‘The Funeral Song’ by The Rasmus
Bonus: Sephy really wants to break the curse, she wishes to have a real relationship and possibly a family, but she is terrified of letting anyone in. Although she longs to fall in love, she’s scared to. Also, she doesn’t know this yet, because she dies so often in her dreams she is immune to death in reality. The only sign that she has the curse is the dark circles under her eyes from her refusal to sleep.
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Cursed Appearance: Image

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