Because the one before this is dead, I made this one. You are a student of amazing nature with a talent that surpasses all else that have tried. Unfortunately, you are captured by a sadistic bear, and now have to kill each other to escape.

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Hope's Peak Academy. The school that is the gateway to great success in life. In order to enroll, you must be two things: A high school student and the top in your profession, which could be anything, really. Being a barista, a gambler, or even the person who won the lottery to get in! (Ultimate Lucky Student) These students can be named in two ways: Ultimate X, or Super High School Level X (SHSL for short.) However, one does not simply "enroll". Instead of you enrolling, they enroll you. In other words, you must get an invitation. But, most of this information is irrelevant, for now.

You have been selected.

The front gate stands before you. It's oddly quiet there, but you shrug it off.

You walk into the building. Odd. It's empty. Where are the other students?

Suddenly, your vision begins to blur and swirl... until eventually, you blackout.

You awake to find yourself in an empty classroom. There are iron plates where the windows should be. This isn't right. You decide to try and head back to the entrance hall.

Eventually, you find yourself there, with 14 other students, all looking as confused as you are. A screen flickers, and you see... an... odd... teddy bear?

"Welcome students, to Hope's Peak Academy, blah blah blah. I am Monokuma! All students are required to assemble in the gym for the welcoming ceremony!

You all walk to the gym.

The odd bear is sitting on a podium on a stage.

"Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy! The school now known for everyone killing each other!"
Everyone seems extremely confused.
"Look, you all have some ElectroID's now! Make sure you keep a hold of them! Anyways, this is pretty simple! You guys are trapped here, and the only way out is to graduate! In order to graduate, you have to kill one of your classmates! Simple! Any questions? No, I didn't think so! I am your headmaster, Monokuma! Obey the rules and you'll be fine!"

Suddenly, someone starts to run forward and grab the bear.

Their eyes grow wide as the bear starts beeping. Quickly, they turn around and throw the bear with all their strength.

The bear exploded.
If there was any doubt about this being real, there certainly wasn't any anymore.

"Harm against the headmaster is against the rules! I'll let you off with a warning this time, but next time..."

The bear leaves you alone with the rest of the students, all staring accusingly at one another, no one willing to trust anyone.

As said, the students find themselves trapped with no way out other than to "graduate". In order to graduate, you must kill another student and get away with it. Monokuma will eventually provide motives for these students, and though they not be willing to kill each other, at least someone will give in.

Toggle Rules

  1. Nighttime initiates at 10PM
  2. You may not sleep ANYWHERE other than the dorms!
  3. A body is only truly found if 3 people other than the killer find the body.
  4. After a body is officially found, an investigation period will begin, after which a class trial will begin.
  5. When the trial has reached a satisfying conclusion, the voting time will begin. If the majority votes for the murderer (a.k.a. the "Blackened".) only the Blackened will be punished. However, if the majority votes for the wrong person, everyone besides the Blackened will be punished, and the Blackened will get to leave the school.
  6. Monokuma is allowed to add to the rules after asking me about it.~
--Any breaking of school rules will result in punishment (execution)--
  1. 1 character is allowed, however 2 is recommended, in case your character dies, you can still play as the other one!
  2. Your characters can't murder each other!
  3. You MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST have another player's permission to murder their character (Through a PM). Also, keep in mind that if your character murders, they probably won't survive through the class trial.
  4. Details of the murder need to be pm'd to Monokuma, who may pm me for help, only if the murder can be solved is it acceptable! When the students arrive at the body, Monokuma will describe the scene before the students.
  5. Only one Ultimate Lucky Student!
  6. Be super descriptive, but that doesn't mean you need to post a lot.
  7. Last but not least, please do not be a canon character or related to a canon character.
  8. I may be Monokuma, if there are enough people who have created students and have decided not to become Monokuma. If you do wish to become Monokuma, please do give me a reason why you should in the description of your character.
    I know this is getting long, but there's one more part to this.
    This is a debate of sorts on who is the murderer. Everyone is allowed to speak, one at a time, with one exception, listed later. You can ask anyone a question, including Monokuma. Here's where it gets fun. If you find a contradiction in someone's statement, you are allowed to immediately shout "NO THAT'S WRONG!" (Or some other variant) and point out the contradiction. You are allowed to talk about certain clues before you discuss the murderer. It is up to you to find the murderer.
    Good news! The rules are done! But there's a long introduction now! Oh no!

Taking place in...

Hope's Peak Academy our primary setting

You are now in the hallways of Hope's Peak.

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Hope's Peak Academy

Hope's Peak Academy by ~_Illuminate_~

You are now in the hallways of Hope's Peak.

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Hope's Peak Academy

Hope's Peak Academy by ~_Illuminate_~

You are now in the hallways of Hope's Peak.

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