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Swamp Planet is a part of Danganronpa: Moonbeam Twilight Dance.

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Isaac di Acroina [70] Ultimate Historian
Ashkon Sens [58] Dis boi did not know what he was getting himself into. Now he's dead.
Meira Lux [57] Bitch queen also dragon
Ruby Hockenjos [55] Ruby is what Ruby is and it's terrible
Hidayatullah al-Hemyari [50] Ultimate Cultist
Evlokathane [30] Ultimate Public Speaker
Orion Divi [10]
Merimore Long [10] Slimy boy! (i'll actually draw him later but for now you get rinmaru avatar)
Berit Hexum [10] Her body may be strong but her hatred for other human beings is stronger.
Johanna Braun [9] She carves because she cares.

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Character Portrait: Hidayatullah al-Hemyari Character Portrait: Saleh Shoei

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#, as written by K44

“Yes, we are going to the gym.”

“But only the colonists are allowed to use the gym—”

“The rules changed. We’re allowed to use the gym now.”

“Oh,” Saleh replied. He moved quickly, trying to keep up with the pace Hidayat dragged him at. “But why would we need a gym? The war is over, right?”

“Yeah. It’s over. But we’re using the gym anyway.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Hidayat sighed and shifted his gaze back to the crowd. The annoying uptight was rattling on about something. He didn’t care, but then something about the handbooks was mentioned. Right, the handbooks. . . those weird things.

“Saleh,” Hidayat began. “May I have your handbook?”

“. . . What is a handbook?”

““. . . Do you have any strange rectangles on your person?”

“Ah!” he reached in his pocket and pulled out his handbook. Then, he dropped it. “Oh. It fell.” When he reached for it, he added, “Why did it drop on a gym floor? I do not remember being in a gym.”

Hidayat sighed. “I do not have the patience for this,” he muttered.

He looked away, glanced at the furtiveness of the crowd, and laughed. “Kill? You lot? Easy fucking task. I’ve done it about six times.”

He looked up.

“Everyone here pales in comparison to what I’ve done. Do you even know what a trigger is?” He laughed. “I guess I’m going home first.”


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Character Portrait: Ruby Hockenjos

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#, as written by PiLaura

"I do know what a trigger is, the question is, have you ever pointed one at yourself, Hidayat?" Ruby wondered idly. She picked up the tablet from where she'd shoved it to the floor and examined it. Not a scratch. Fuck. She'd have to find another way to piss them off.

"I'm sorry, that was terribly inappropriate of me. Inconsiderate of potential triggers for others. I do tend to shoot straight to the heart of these issues, often with fatal accuracy. Consider it a flaw of mine." Ruby sighed and shoved the tablet into her backpack. Feigning her personality was so aggravating. Being poetic was aggravating. But the longer she faked it, the longer she had to retaliate against them.

And the longer she had to retaliate... She smirked.