PendragonNathaniel Grant

Nunnally's personal Knight and former fiance, he now is driven to find her murderer... and rip them limb from limb! Rawr!

a character in “Dark Empire - A Code Geass RP”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Name: Nathaniel Grant


Rank (if applicable): Baron



Name: Lancelot Conquista

[b]Model Number: Z-01/D

1. 2 x VERAS (He uses the slightly smaller version used by Lancelot Albion)
2. 1 x Stark Hadron Blaster (Activated by VERAS, it ids packed into a slightly smaller system)
3. 2 x Maser Vibration Swords
4. 6 x Slash Harkens (An extra two are mounted next to the cockpit like on a typical Frame)

1. Harken Booster (On the arm and leg mounted units, the chest mounted are standard)
2. Blaze Luminous
3. 2 x Factspheres
4. Cockpit Ejection Seat
5. Integrated Float System
6. Landspinner Propulsion System

His unit doesn’t have the massive blue Hadron container, instead of being so long and skinny it is wider but shorter. He also has a cape attached to his unit with Nunnally’s crest on it.

[b[Built By:

Lloyd Asplund and Cécile Croomy
Other: It has no extra energy fillers on the unit, but the hadron blaster uses its own cell. This greatly increases its firing capacity. The two chest mounted Slash Harkens are stand alone and can be ejected as they are retrofitted to the Frame and not built in.


Weapons When On Foot:
1. A hand forged combat knife that Nunnally gave him as a gift upon his knighting. It is extremely strong and has been seen breaking through a military issued knife.
2. A Pistol that he keeps in a holster on the small of his back with the chamber down for quick drawing, he is an expert marksmen and this pistol is his personal favourite. He does put a suppressor on it at times.

He wears a typical Knights uniform but has Nunnally’s crest glinting on his chest. That is technically illegal but the last general who tried to remove it in inspection lost his hand in the process.

A Tall and determines man he has a kind face but cold eyes ever since Nunnally’s death

Will be developed in game

He is an expert at hand to hand, better than any knight of the round for a simple reason. He has to be. He was an actual Champion of a royal, to that end he had to be able to fight hand to hand better than he could pilot. He is an expert in the use of firearms and has been known to tell the Knights of the Round to step out of their cockpits if they want to fight him at his best. His skills with a knife are written in the Knight’s Manuel of Combat as “A text book example of form, function, and lethality…”

He is a man who believes in his eyes far to much. His weakness is that he is gullible in a way. He honestly believes that Schniezel had nothing to do with Nunnally’s death… or at least, he wants to believe that. He is a great pilot, but not as good as the Knights of the Round.


He was a lesser noble’s son and attended the Knight Academy immediately following the death of Lelouch. It was there that he met Nunnally, when she visited the Academy. He spotted a crazed noble beginning to draw a gun in the crowd during her speech and sprung to the rescue, and got shot in the process. This earned him an audience with her, and their connection was immediate.

He graduated a few weeks later ,and Nunnally chose him as her personal Knight, much to the dismay of the nobles who said that she was replacing the Knights of the Round. They demanded a duel decide if he could be made her champion. The opponent was the Knight of One, Mikhael “Ghost” Thermidor. In the ensuing battle Nathaniel was completely outmatched.

He piloted a Lancelot, without any special equipment save for his use of a spear along with the MVS’s. He was against the legendary Pilot and a 9th Generation Frame and was also secretly only given a 3/4th full filler. That is why it was an amazing shock when he emerged victorious. He won because of a suicide, all or nothing, charge in which he speared the opponent’s main camera (the requirement to win the duel) and took the blade of Mikhael to the abdomen of his unit. This detonated the Lancelot’s power plant, and put Nathaniel in the Hospital.

Nunnally refused to leave his side throughout his treatment, and one her 16th birthday, October 25, he came back to conscious after 3 weeks of being near comatose. Nunnally was asleep next to him, and a strange woman with flowing green hair stood behind her. She looked at the sleeping girl with a smile, but Nathaniel made to attack her in defence of Nunnally.

He fell back to the bed in agony, and the woman leaned in, placing her hand on his head. “You love her don’t you?” she asked, to which Nathaniel had to answer yes as he had come to realize it when he had awoken to her sleeping gently with her head resting next to his. “But you are too weak to protect her.” She said next, making him hurt in more ways than he thought he could, “Do you want power? If so then I offer you a contract… I will grant you the power to protect her if you will fulfil my one wish…”

For the first time Nathaniel spoke, “Yes.” He didn’t care about her wish, he wanted the power to protect her.

The woman smiled, “Then I’ll grant you this power, in exchange for your vow that you’ll protect this girl with your life, unto your dying breath, like another I once knew…”

Thus, Nathaniel Grant gained the power of the king, the power of geass…

Motivations/Goals: To Find Nunnally’s murderer and kill them… no matter who it is…

He is referred to as “the Duke” by nobles who dislike what he was. This is in reference to his being a Duke when he was engaged to Nunnally. Dukes are just below royals, and are those who are married to them but are not given a position in the court. He was never married and thus never made a real duke, but calling him one is insulting to Nunnally’s memory.

So begins...

Nathaniel Grant's Story