Mairead Torrence

"Lets just hope that things get better"

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a character in “Dark”, as played by RinlovesSesshoumaru


Role: Citizen 1
Gender: female
Age: 22
Face Claim: Mila Kunis
Eye Color: One brown, One green
Hair Color: Brown
Build: Slim, Athletic
Written Description: Mairead is not a tall woman only a little over 5'3, she like many is quite fit and thin. This is due to the life style that everyone has to live in. She wears what cover's her body and protects her from the elements, things like make up, perfume are a luxury and almost nonexistent. Her eye's are Heterochromia this happened when she was younger and splashed in the eyes with something corrosive, it left her almost blind in one eye, but it also changed the color of her eye from brown to a greenish color.

Likes: A good meal, quiet time by herself, A beautiful day, reading
Dislikes: Contention, fighting, Sweating
Mairead is easy going, pretty laid back she does her best to be nice to everyone. Even though they live in a world where so many have died she tries to have a positive outlook on life. She is the only person left in her family and she misses them terribly her mother and father were some of the first to go. Her younger brother Hamish, held on for several months but passed away as well. Mairead was left alone and sometimes that loneliness shows especially when she see's some of the couples that have started families of their own. She fears bringing a child into this world, so she often avoids relationships and men in general. She wants to be positive but she's afraid that something like the plague will come up again and wipe what is left of the human race out.

For the most part Mairead grew up in a normal home, with a good loving family, nothing bad ever really happened to them that is until the plague.Her parents Sean and Evie were some of the first to contract it, Mairead was little over 18, and her brother Hamish was around 8 years old. She remembers being put under quarantine with many other children and teens her age, she saw many come in then it would be found they were sick and they would be removed. Mairead and Hamish would huddle together sometimes, and talk of better times then Hamish got sick. It always hurt her to the core that he was snatched away from her, she was always asking doctors and nurses about her brother. She would get a vague report and she would be sent on her way, for several months it went on like this. Till one day one of the nurses came to her in the middle of the night and told her Hamish had passed. She knew that there was no magic cure for and that her brother was disposed of in the same manner as the other that had contracted the disease, but that didn't make her feel any less alone. Mairead was devastated so many people had lost their families just as she did, finally after the infected were dispatched and it was determined that she had not contracted the disease they sent her on her way. Mairead trekked with a caravan of people to The Old York Colony and she has been living there ever since.
Sean Torrence(Father deceased)
Evie Torrence(Mother deceased)
Hamish Torrence(Younger brother deceased)
Relationship Status: Single

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