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Fairytales aren’t real. Wishes don’t come true. Forever doesn’t exist. And I wasn’t meant for you. (Needs another guy!!!! teehee X3)

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---This group should be quite easy enough to picture for they are just as the ‘humans’ are today. This race lives on the land they call Avari. The materias despise the nastaran race and goes to great measures to keep them/remove them off their land as free creatures, but the rulers do own some as slaves. They are known for their high education and are rumored to kidnap other creatures for experimentations.
---This race is similar to the materia, but do carry some noticeable qualities that are different. First off, they are quite taller than the materias are and their strength exceeds ones immensely. Also they have canine teeth and claws, and a thin, bright red ring that wraps around their pupil. The land of Daray is where the nastaran species call home. They are rumored to be cannibalistic towards the materia and are known for their fighting/murderous ways.
---These creatures are materia, but with a special ability. If they concentrate and picture what they want to happen, it will happen. They are able to move items, make themselves along with others invisible, make objects explode/break down all with their brain waves, but also with a high price. They cannot use their abilities for a long period of time or they will die. The longer they use it, or the more they try to use it for, the harder it is on them and the more damage they take. The majority of this species live on the land Ananya, but some do walk among the materia. The other creatures are afraid of their abilities so when they do come in contact with the materia, the halyn must keep quiet. Rumored to brainwash those who come in contact with them, the halyn are known for their manipulative manner.

---This is the land of the materia. Nicknamed ‘heaven,’ this land is, in short, perfect. The skies are blue, the grass is green, and the air is fresh and clean. Nothing is out of order. Crime is nonexistent in Avari and life is simple. At least, that is what the Kyna of this land makes everyone believe.
---Nicknamed ‘hell,’ this is home to the nastaran race. The sun never shines through the dark clouds that hang over the crime filled streets. Life in Daray is next to impossible without living by the ‘their death is my survival’ motto that the society has formed.
---The Halyn are the occupants of Ananya, or, as it is nicknamed, ‘imaginary.’ The walls that surround this land are tainted with a ‘force field’ per-say, that keeps unwanted visitors at bay. The Kyna of Ananya rule over the howells in a very dictator way.
---This is were all the criminals, no matter the race, are sent. ‘End’ is what most refer to it as. Despite the dim lights and the filthy living habitat, life for those on Mardea is actually not as horrid as one would think. They have their system and their groups that everyone knows and follows. They stay out of each others way, for the most part, and they live day by day.
---This is the ‘unknown’ land. No one lives here, as far as everyone knows. No one dares to go near Sebbie for the strange, toxic fog that surround this foreign land.

--The Kynas
---These are the royals, or rulers. Each land has their own set of Kyna, and each Kyna have their own set of rules and ways that they rule. The only lands that do not have a Kyna is Mardea and of course Sebbie.
--The Ugras
---The assassins. The Ugra work for the Kyna. There are hundreds of Ugra groups that have gone through horrid training and those that survived were set. Once one is a Ugra, they cannot change. They are a Ugra for life. As far as everyone knows, only males have survived the training and have become true Ugras.
--The Howells
---These are the commoners of the lands. Pretty self explanatory.

--A young ugra is forced an assignment to watch over the eldest, ill-mannered, rebel son of the Kyna of Daray. He is quite older than her, but acts much younger. Despite everything, the ugra begins to fall for him, and fall hard. She must keep her feelings hidden, until he finds out who she really is. They fall for each other too late, though. After the assignment, the father decides she is useless now and has a plot to capture, torcher, and kill her.
What happens next is up to you. (*NOTE* You can put any twist on the plot that you would like as the rp progresses! I love new ideas and seeing where people can take things!)

-Main Characters
--Ugra assigned
---Taken (Sauda)
--Son of the Kyna of Daray
--The Kyna of Daray

-Other Characters:
--Friend of Ugra assigned
---Taken (Amano)
--Friend(s) of the son of the Kyna of Daray

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“Yes, Sir, I understand.” Sauda said in a deep voice to the man on the other end of the phone. The call ended and she went to get ready. She didn’t like the sound of the mission, but how could she refuse? With what he was offering? No way could she decline. ‘I didn’t even know that the Kyna of Daray had a son… And if he doesn’t even know where he is, how does he expect me to find him?’ She sighed to herself and flipped on the television for some background noise as she tried to track the rebel son down on the computer.

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#, as written by lumikb
Amano was in the same room with Sauda when she got the phone call.He wouldn't ask her about her business if she didn't tell him herlself.He couldn't hear what she mumbling to herself after she hanged up , curiosity was a pain.He went closer to her , touching her shoulder with his arms :
"So what was that all about?You seem a little angry..." he tried to figure out what she was thinking , but Sauda only growled at him and continued searching for whatever she needed.

"Well ok if you have to be like that." He went back to the couch and continued working on his new summoning spell, who could understand women and their mood swings.
He slowly got the remote control from her table and changed the tv on some music channel he would listen to when he was frustrated or bored.Amano told Sauda everything, even the little embarrassing details of his life yet she always kept something for herself.That was a pain for him , she was like a sister to him , the only person that he trusted completely.

Then he got an idea, Sauda had a glass with water right next to the screen.He ran to the kitchen and turned on the faucet, touching the liquid with his hand , he closed his eyes and recited something in a weird language.He could now see what was on the screen , it seems she was searching for the son of the Kyna of Daray. While he was trying to make sense of what was written on the screen , the image went black.
"She must have drank all the water...But how could she not tell me about it ! That is one very serious mission , i mean half of Daray wants her head on a golden plate." he clenched his fists and stormed into the room where Sauda was doing her thing.

"Sister , i demand an explanation now! You aren't serious on accepting this mission? You know very well that it's too dangerous, at least you should take me with you..." He looked at her puzzled by the way she was glaring back at him.
"Well say something...?" now he was getting angry , she is a very nice person but a real pain when she doesn't want to communicate with anyone.
He sighed and sit down on the couch awaiting an answer from Sauda , who looked like she really didn't care,

"Ok , look i can find this guy , no matter where he is with a wind tracking spell." it seemed he got her attention , her eyes were glowing with a strange energy.
"Still upset? I mean sorry for reading your stuff but you should really trust me more."
He was still sitting down , it was too silent in the room even with the TV on , he needed to hear her voice .Anything would be better than this and anyway it wasn't the first time he would meddle in her affairs.It was his duty as a friend.

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Sauda just kept staring at him for a while longer. She knew the mission was dangerous, and next to impossible without getting in the middle of the lions pit, but she had to take it.

She looked around at her poor excuse for a house. The one room, larger-than-a-box-smaller-than-a-master-bedroom house. The walls were crumbling and the ceiling was beginning to bow. The kitchen had a sink, a mini-fridge on the one counter, and a microwave. The living room had small TV that got about five channels, a couch that was thrown out and she just draped an old sheet over it, and the oldest computer of the century sitting on the floor. The ‘bedroom’ was just a curtain hung across the far end of the living room. Inside the curtain was an old, torn mattress on the floor with a beaten quilt to cover. The little amount of clothes that she did own was in a pile in the corner of the ‘bedroom.’ And the bathroom? Well that was easy. An outhouse.

But in all honesty, she didn’t mind living in it. It was a home and it was a roof over her head. That was more than what she could say for the greater portion of her life. She was thinking more of Amano. He was always staying there because he had no one else to go to and she wanted to give him a better place. With the amount that the Kyna was offering, she could buy him the mansion on the top of the hill, and even furnish it, if he wanted it.

Even though Amano had offered hundreds of times to help her get a better place, she declined. If she didn’t earn it herself, she didn’t deserve to take it. It was as simple as that. She would always tell him to take it, but he would be stubborn and refuse, saying that if she didn’t go, then neither would he.

Sauda grabbed her empty glass and went to the sink. Starring out the cracked window for a moment, she then looked back at Amano who was watching her every move as if to try to understand her. She sighed on the inside. Not even her best friend could she let in. Why was she like this? They have been together for years and have been through hell and back again multiple times. But, still, she felt that hiding was the right answer.

She shook her head and rubbed her forehead, “You know-” She said in a deep voice. She was so used to hiding her feminism that it felt almost normal for her to speak with a masculine tone. Clearing her throat she said again in her natural, soft voice, “You know, there is that new woman that moved in just down the street. Why aren’t you over there bugging her instead of snooping around here?”

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#, as written by lumikb
"Well ..." he gave her a grin , he had white shiny teeth with big canines "after her husband tried to shoot me with some crazy looking laser weapon , i told myself it's safer to spend some time indoors for a while" he stood up and went beside her at the window.
She looked like she wanted to say something , he made a sign with his finger and pressed a button on the computer.A piece a paper got out of the small dusty slot underneath the screen.He grabbed it , looking over it and reading it all with interest.

Sauda didn't have much information on this guy either , this was just basic stuff like the year he was born , sign ; it didn't even had a picture with this prince guy.She was glaring at him , he tried not to let her notice that he was as puzzled by this guy like she was.He was a little too enigmatic for a Kyna , i guess rich people can afford being eccentric.
"I can't help ," he didn't take his eyes of the sheet of paper , Amano felt ashamed , if he would have studied more this wouldn't have been a problem" but you could tell your employers to send you an object that belonged to the prince.My guess is , they have no idea where this guy is either so it shouldn't be a problem."

Raising his arm in the air , the paper started floating above his hand , soon it was on fire and turned into ash.Sauda was looking outside again , she was a little dissapointed too.Amano pated her on the back , trying to encourage her since it was already pretty clear she wasn't going to drop the mission.Sauda was such a sweet girl and incredibly stubborn , it's good to have a plan in life and some sort of honor , sometimes she was just overdoing it.

"I'm going to go out , ask around some places and see if I can find anything of use."He grabbed his book , now it was tied back on his belt with the golden chain.He put his black velvet cloack on before stepping outside , too many angry husbands on his trail so he had to stay low for a while.The sun was shining brightly , he had on a pair of round sun glasses that gave him a mysterious feeling , Amano looked charming with his dark black hair hanging on his shoulders , creating a perfect frame for his face.


The entrance to the "Dirty Bat" bar was made out of some shiny metallic material , they slide open as soon as you want to step inside. Here all the scum of the city gathered , pirates , thieves , you name it.The tables were made from the same stuff as the door , everybody looked like they just broke out of Mardea , all covered in scars and tatoos.He made his way silently toward the keeper of this place , his name was Butch .

You wouldn't really expect a kind looking grandpa tipe , wearing a bright colored sweater and brown pants , to have this kind of establishment.Cause that is how Butch looked like , he was absolutely bald with no facial hair whatsoever , you will always find him in the back of the bar cleaning glasses and singing this annoying tune .Amano took a sit in front of him making a sign for a drink , the usual some rum.

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