Darkness Within Chapter 1

Darkness Within Chapter 1


Jazmine O'Conner has a dark past. Now a loner, often mistaken as a rogue, she keeps herself distant from other people, and they're content to leave her alone. That all changes, though, when she meets her mate, the arrogant son of an Alpha...

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Jazmine O'Conner has a dark past. Now a loner, often mistaken as a rogue, she keeps herself distant from other people, and they're content to leave her alone. That all changes, though, when she meets her mate, the arrogant son of an Alpha. She wants nothing to do with him, but no matter what she does, he won't leave her alone. She hates his attitude, hates how he acts like he owns her, and hates how she sometimes enjoys it. But what she hates most about him, is that whenever he's around, the darkness grows stronger...


Excerpt from Darkness Within, Ch.1:

Green and brown mixed with shadows blur at the edges of my vision. The air hitting me is cold, but I don't feel it. The forest air is intoxicating with its scents, all mixed together while at the same time all distinctly different. My wolf wants out, to fully enjoy it, but I can't shift. Not now.

I’ve been running in my human form for a little more than an hour now and I still haven’t encountered any wolves. I shake my head with a sigh at the thought. I’d waited at the border for almost an entire day without seeing any patrols. What is wrong with this pack? Are they that confident? Really? If this is how they operate then they could be under attack without even realizing it before it's too late.

Though I haven't seen them, I know there are wolves here, and that I'm not part of their pack. That in itself makes it dangerous, and that's why I can't shift. Finding a wolf trespassing in human form is much less threatening and offensive. Besides, I have to cut through here if I want to get to the next town. I cut through territories all the time. I'm a loner. It's what loner's do. We go from place to place as our wolf guides us. Now, don't get me wrong; I'm no rogue. Rogues are killers and thieves who have lost all senses of humanity, or almost all, to their wolves. A loner's wolf guides them, and we also have a higher sense of danger and such, so when I'm actually noticed, I sense them coming before I smell them. I know they've caught my scent and are trailing me, and I can tell that they're coming up fast.

I shrug, not caring as the world blurs by me. I have a mind to ignore them and keep running. After all, they were stupid for leaving their borders open. I can easily avoid them. Speed is my strongest point after all, but something makes me stop. That something is my wolf. Like I said, we loners don’t lose ourselves to our wolves like the rogues do, but our wolves guide us, and right now my wolf was growling at me to wait. Not only that, but she’s… I don’t know how to put it… strange, I guess? I try to ignore her but she growls louder in my head. Knowing she won't shut up, I sit down cross legged and adjust my satchel.

What’s your problem? I'm curious, and actually a bit annoyed.

She doesn’t respond, so I cross my arms and close my eyes. After a moment of silence, I sigh.

Fine. I’ll wait for the stupid wolves... Happy now?


Oh. I roll my eyes. So now yo-

Our little talk ends abruptly as I hear my pursuers stop a few yards behind me. They were closer than I'd thought. I stay still as they spread out to surround me, their growling threats and the beating of paws the only sounds. There are only three of them, and none has a powerful enough aura to be an Alpha or Beta. I inhale slowly. Three males, and one’s scent is… different, though I can’t put my finger on it. Exhaling, I open my eyes to see a large black wolf (Alpha's son) standing in front of me. I look over my left shoulder to see a brown wolf (Beta's Son), and over my right to see a blond wolf (Trainer's Son). All of them seem fit, and they're all glaring at me.

(read the story here, http://www.wattpad.com/story/2516847-darkness-within)


Characters (Male Wolf #1 is a must. The others can be improvised if no one takes them):

Jazmine (Taken by Anzura)

Male Wolf #1: Alpha's Son and Jazmine's Mate
Male Wolf #2: Beta's Son and best friend to Alpha's
Male Wolf #3: Son of Pack Trainer and close friend to Alpha's/Beta's son

Female Wolf #1: Alpha's Daughter who ends up befriending Jazmine - doesn't like her brother
Female Wolf #2: Jealous she-wolf who wants the Alpha's son for herself - doesn't like Jaz

Other Wolves:


Skellies: (i like simple, so follow the skelly to a T without any extra glam or whatever. sorry, but i honestly don't care how amazingly awesome you can make your character sheets look. simple=easier for me to read)


Nickname (if any):



Appearance: (Pix Preferred, and, though I do love anime, no anime pix)

Wolf Color: (no white wolves, and Jaz is the only red wolf)

History: (give me at least a paragraph, and, remember, you grew up in the Blood Moon pack)



1. respect other roleplayers
2. don't kill off someone's character without permission
3. no godmodding (you are not invincible and you don't know everything)
4. cursing is okay, but not too much, guys
5. i know it's a werewolf story, but lets not get too graphic with things
6. no one-liners, please
7. the GM (Anzura) has the right to kill you off if you break the rules
8. have fun and be creative :)

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Jaz rubbed the front of her forehead before sighing and then giving a small smile, "Fine. Just let me change and we can go." She jestured to her singed clothes before standing up to go towards her room. Then she froze, face going red in embarrassment. The room she was using was just burned. She bet any clothing she owned was burned to a crisp as well. She stood there awkwardly for a moment, not quite sure what to do next.

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"Let me guess you just relized your cloths are most likely gone" Arron said chuckling on the inside "well we could go shopping and get you some?" Stands grabing the keys once the house was cleared for entry them puts my hand out for you to take "I'll pay for your stuff so let's gouts time you see the town" Arron said and walked to the jag opening the door for her

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Character Portrait: Jazmine O'Conner
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Character Portrait: Jazmine O'Conner
Jazmine O'Conner

Seriously? Don't mess with me, pup.


Character Portrait: Jazmine O'Conner
Jazmine O'Conner

Seriously? Don't mess with me, pup.

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Character Portrait: Jazmine O'Conner
Jazmine O'Conner

Seriously? Don't mess with me, pup.

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