DBZ: Son Goten Vs The Dragon Balls

DBZ: Son Goten Vs The Dragon Balls


Goten is a Slacker, Warrior, Musician, and Lover. But his whole world changes when he falls for Bra Briefs: And has to conquer the Seven Deadly Black Dragon Balls...

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Son Goten

A Warrior

A Slacker

A Musician

And Most of all,

A Lover.


Goten has been having totally rough. His dad ditched him to go explore the world with Shenron, and his Mom Chi Chi is a mad, raving bitch again, strict about Goten who ought to be working on his future. He attends high school, and may be on the verge of failing a class or two. He's apart of the new, illustrious Z-Fighters' team, as well as the similarly named 'Z-Warriors' rock band, playing drums, sometimes with his bare fists, or even his fingers!…until it breaks, and his friend/band manager/bass player Trunks gets pissed (He wants to make it big, after his mom advised him to seek more 'normal' interests for a 'teen,' in addition to martial arts). Goten has also been well in the dating department, currently with a hyper saiyan girl who obsesses over him, and happens to be slightly younger and in a lower grade.

He's also been training mostly with Yamcha, who passed on a few traits here and there down, the fact that Goten was a teen with raging hormones along with a lack of enemies to fight, leaving him to train, play video games, watch TV, etc. Life seems…'adequate' as Goten would put it.

Things seemed to be bleak, Goten beginning to realize just how wrong his life was.

Until he saw her.


And Since then, only one image has formed in Goten's head: TO MAKE HER HIS~!!


Granted, he has to try and get rid of that saiyan chick, and charm Bra. But that's the least of his problems, when a new enemy appears, and uses the dragon balls to create seven killer warriors to guard the dragon balls for his own wishes, and no one else's. His warriors?: Seven DRAGON MEN!

(Yes, One of them IS the Dragonborn.)


And of course…that villain himself!


And oh no! it looks like one of his wishes isn't getting granted: The lovely young lady, Miss Bra Briefs, whom this villainous bastard wants as his queen in this new earth he's proposed, just won't come to him instantly, so it looks like he's gonna have to send in some goons to kick ass, and take names. Luckily, he happened to resurrect most of the villains from Other World, and prepared to screw everyone over.

…Well, at least until they realize Goten has the balls to fight them, now that he has the POWER OF LOVE~!!…Yeah, no. He needs help. And MOAR training…

But, he'll do it all for Bra! :D



Characters (I won't list everyone at once, but I'll start with the main characters)

1) Goten (JayZeroSnake)

Protector of the Universe to be, Professional slacker. Taught in the ways of the Yamcha, by Yamcha.

2) Bra

The Heroine. She's so cool~

3) The Villain

The asshole who made the Dragon men, and wants Bra, as well as the world.

4) The Crazy Saiyan Girl Obsessed with Goten

A girl who follows old Saiyan traditions, even wearing the armor! Completely OC. -Features fourth wall breaking and bonus ninja powers.-


Character Sheet Requirements:




Move List


Fun Facts
Theme Song

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding

2. Try to post 200 words. Feel free to do more if you wish.

3. Post the name of your favorite DB technique at the bottom of your character sheet, Just under history, to show you read the rules.

Tis all for now.

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