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"I'm the kind of girl who can recite every disney film word for word and still do all the different voices."

a character in “Dead Dolls”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Eliza Driftwood
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single



Eliza is not overly tall, standing at 5' 3" and weighing a healthy 103 lbs. She has long dark brown hair going down to the bottom of shoulders, often brushed loose and naturally curly, she doesn't have a particular style for it. Her skin is quite pale and her eyes are a deep hazel colour. Her dress sense is quite simple, often wearing black skinny-jeans, long-sleeved black blouses and black trainers. Eliza doesn't like wearing make-up, mostly because she has never needed to with spending most of her time with her sick little brother but her face is naturally pretty so she doesn't really need it. When she does, the most she wears is plain lip-gloss and thin black eye-liner.


Eliza is quite a complex girl. When she is with her brother, she is bright, bubbly, entertaining, fun and funny. However when she is with anyone else she can appear very withdrawn and cold, it is very hard for her to be sociable because of her jealously of other people. She longs secretly for a normal life, to have friends and maybe even a boyfriend (or girlfriend, she doesn't care which, she just wants a relationship so badly). The one thing she dreams of most is for someone to say they like her for who she is and want to be with her. She has a habit of running through stories, songs or films she has memorized out loud, as a way of practising for her brother, which other people find extremely strange and weird. She has another habit of always imagining the worst possible situations, often making her break down emotionally at the time but it often helps because nothing is ever as bad as she imagines it. That is why she will often do things by herself instead of letting other people help her. Because of her pessimism and jealousy of others (as well as a tiny resentment of her brother for stealing her own childhood), she struggles to gain peoples trust and give it in return, making it very difficult for her to work with other people. However, when her brother is at risk or if she knows she needs to be with him, she can forget all of this and be the greatest friend ever. Added to her natural gift for humour and entertainment, those are the only real strengths she has. She is a talented performer, best with comedy and childrens stuff, and spends most of her time reading stories, learning songs and memorising films so that she can perform them to her brother. She is willing to perform to others if they really want her to, but very few people do as they think it's lame to be a children's performer.

Likes (Will add more later):
Singing (Mostly humourous songs)
Entertaining Jake
Telling Stories

Dislikes (Will add more later):
People who have a normal life (Making her quite unsociable)
Herself (At times)



Eliza's parents died in a car crash just after her brother Jake was born, she was five years old at the time but even then she developed a protective attachment to her little brother and became very close and loving towards him. They lived with their Aunt Rose and Uncle Jacob and for a long time they were just a normal happy family. However, when he was about three Jake showed signs of a serious illness, meaning he had to be sent to hospital immediately. Eliza was horrified at the news and spent as much time as she possibly could at the hospital with her brother. Because tv gave him migranes and even small books were too much effort to concentrate on, Eliza was the only one who could keep Jake happy and occupied. She told him stories, sang funny songs, even quoted kids movies word for word with all the right voices. She was a born childrens entertainer and could always make Jake laugh. However, because of spending so much time with him and because her only real talent seemed to be making people laugh, she struggled to get on with people her own age. It was especially difficult when guys started to ask her out because she always spent her free time at the hospital, so eventually Eliza became a social outcast in her school. It was at this time a deeply rooted resentment of her little brother appeared and a jealously of other people. But she couldn't keep up the resentment, she loves her brother too much. Unfortunately the doctors have been unable to find a cure for him so all she can do is continue to keep him entertained and happy until she has to let him go, which according to the doctors is less than a year.

So begins...

Eliza Driftwood's Story