Dead or Alive, What Does it Matter

Dead or Alive, What Does it Matter

Well its pretty obvious, but this lil thing is about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Dead AND alive.

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I don't know what the storyline will be. Fuck, its a roleplay, it goes where it wants. So I'll use this space to describe the universe.

So the zombie Apocalypse started five months ago. There are a few military bases holding up here and there across the country. Oh, this in in america, by the way. You can join wherever you want, as long as you have interaction with another character.

The zombies are simple. and nearly-human in abilities. They can almost run. But thats about it. They can do whatever thier bodies are capable of, and only that. no climbing up ladders or anything too complicated. If there's much thinking at all, they can't do it. They're more durable than humans(as they have no pain complex), but they can be killed any way that a human can, save for drowning. They wander off when disinterested, but will be attracted to large groups of other zombies. They have slightly impaired hearing and sight. The older a zombie is, the worse its sight gets. But they stillboften seem to have a sense of where humans are. Their sole purpose is to eat. They prefer human meat, but if another animal wanders too close when hungry, they won't hesitate to eat it.

Gangs have formed over time. Territories are often marked with painted symbols or certain arrangements of body parts. Some are extremely disturbing. There are a few small towns scattered about that have become trading towns. But there's a high price to pay, simply to enter the towns. Its hard to come by a group of travelers that don't have at least one extremely cruel member. Groups of vagabonds are hard to join and even harder to fight. Its an extremely tough world. There are a few cities that were wiped out(bombed) by the government for sanitation purposes in the beginning. Some groups of people live in the underground of these cities and work as moving trading systems. Most cities are plainly vancant. The zombie population is dependant on the previous human population and the amount of travelers that have been through the area.

Its a fungal infection. You turn from a bite(but not scratch), contaminated food, breathing in spores, or a zombies/infected-persons bodily fluids coming in contact with your own. Death does not mean zombification. However, if the body comes in contact with a form of infection within an hour of death, it will become a scouce of spore output. From a bite, one will turn in about two days or less. From eating contaminated food, about six days. From spores, about three or four days. From bodily fluids of some other sort, about two or three days. There are some cases of immunity. However, these are extremely rare. And even with this immunity, it only pushes back the amount of time to turn. There are cases with a week of immunity, there are cases with a month of immunity. However, most immune persons do not die because of the infection reaching their blood, but rather of suffocation from the fungus growing in the lungs.

That'll do, pig!
I think that's about it. Ask if there's any questions. Thanks for joining me! Hope this goes well...

Toggle Rules

alright. these will be quick.

1:respect everyone-who they are, the choices they make-don't be a dick. okay?
2: this may be an apocalypse role-play, but no ridiculous shit. no rocket-launchers or bazookas or whateverthefuck you do so desire. be at least a bit reasonable. cmon.
3: don't act/say/do/be racist. or sexist. or homophobic or transphobic or anything along those lines or i beat your sorry ass.
4: do not act as someone elses character unless explicitly given permission to do so. not even a single word. it could be completely out of character for them, so just be very catious.
5: indicate if youre talking out of character. please. dont go confusing people.

that should be it. run along, little pip-squeaks-do your damage.

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You know the backstory is important, but the origin of the infection is not. Not many zombie films explain the origins, just the background of the world such as time and events.

Re: Dead or Alive, What Does it Matter

So usually when someone puts up a story, it's a backstory on how the world came to be and such. I mean it seems a bit interesting, but without a backstory on how the whole thing started (whether it was scientists playing god, or a new fungus found somewhere exotic), and information of that sort, it tends to send away the interested roleplayers. My recommendation (with 20 years of rolepaly experience, and who knows how many years on this since) that you add a backstory to draw the roleplayers in.

Dead or Alive, What Does it Matter

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