A Nobody formerly known as Princess Rayne, the youngest daughter of the King of Darkadia.

a character in “Dead To The World”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Spider/Princess Rayne
Age: 16
Race: Nobody (Used to be human)
Description: Image
Spider is not overly tall, about 5"2, and she has a very slender physique, her body is very flexible and strong, making it easy for her to climb and hang from almost any kind of surface, just like a spider. She often wears simple, loose dresses and plain boots, the only thing she carries is her dagger. Her hair is a dark brown which goes all the way down her shoulders and it is very wild and tangled. She has pale skin, with several cuts and bruises over her body, and dark brown eyes.
Occupation: Assassin, spy, bounty hunter.


Personality: Spider is a very complex individual. Like other Nobodies, she is very cold and emotionless, thinking only about getting work and not about anything else. But she has never completely adapted to her new life, having trouble forgetting her old identity. Because of this identity crisis, she often refers to herself in the third person. She doesn't lose her temper but she can get very annoyed with people and sometimes attack them if they go too far. Spider can also be very insecure, not allowing anybody to get too close to her and sometimes crying for no apparent reason.


Weapon: Her favourite weapon is a double pronged dagger, the spider fanged dagger as she calls it, but she can adapt to almost any weapon.


History: Spider was originally the Princess Rayne, living happily with her father and her two brothers whom she loved dearly. Even when her father died, she was still happy living with her brothers. The Princess did not care about ruling the Kingdom, only about helping the people and her brothers as much as she could. But during a raid on the castle she was kidnapped by a group of bandits and, after three nights of being held hostage, murdered by their captain.
But her life did not end there.
Barely an hour after being left for dead, she returned to life, realising she was now a Nobody. At first the information scared her and she tried to get back to her home but then she saw how people reacted to her, how they treated her now she was a Nobody... there was no way she could go back to her brothers like this. So she began wandering around until she met other Nobodies, people like her. Joining their group, she slowly forgot about her old life and focused on improving her skills, taking the name 'Spider' because of her fighting style and unatural agility at climbing.
For a while things settled into some sort of normality, until they got the requests from both princes to assassinate the other. Still having shards of doubt and difficulty adapting, Spider chose not to join the other Nobodies, deciding to find work elsewhere instead of having to face her brothers.
Then the demons got her.

So begins...

Spider's Story