Deadly Playground - Take over or go down

Deadly Playground - Take over or go down


This is not your usual after apocalypse world. This is a world full of children that are lost and scared. Full of dangerous places, and more things that want to kill you then actually help you. Do what you can to survive, to become superior, or go down.

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i will be honest. it is loosely based on an old tv series i watched, although there won't be any of the characters, names or even the same cause for the virus


In the year 2015 everyone would have thought a third World War would start with Atom bombs,or shutting countries off from any import and export. But in the end it came to an arms race in biological warfare and due to some plot one of the most fatal ones was suddenly out again before a real cure had been found. With the few attempts that where there people were able to prolong their lives, but in the end just prolonged their suffering.



Two years ago a worldwide virus caused by humanity itself slowly killed every human over the age of 25, and after two years of fleeing and trying to find a cure all adults seem to be gone, leaving the kids to roam free.

Those children are not real children anymore though, the starting joy that some felt quickly died as they saw how hard surviving is in a world with nobody to take care of them.
Now everything is about surviving , the big cities are death zones, the wars there are more then horrible, and there are still bodies lying around, there were just too many.

Enter Bardon, a city just like any other, full of shops, apartment buildings and old family homes. Different groups of children are trying to settle here while fighting for the best places and resources. Now you are a part of this chaos, trying to take over, or go down.


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Any major plot changes, like character death, pregnancies, leaving gangs or places, will have to be discussed in the ooc section, I don't want any chaos in the roleplay.

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Character Portrait: Annette Harru


Character Portrait: Annette Harru
Annette Harru

"Whats happening to this world???"


Character Portrait: Annette Harru
Annette Harru

"Whats happening to this world???"

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Character Portrait: Annette Harru
Annette Harru

"Whats happening to this world???"

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Deadly Playground - Take over or go down

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