Apocalyptic Tokyo, JapanRin The One Taloned Vulture

"You think I chose this? No, I'm here to earn my freedom like everyone else and Nobody will get in my way."

a character in “Deadman Wonderland”, as played by JimmyTheRat

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First Name: Rin

Last Name: Harrison

Your Deadman name: The One Taloned Vulture

Age: 20

Gender: Male

What doesn't the picture show?: Rin has a bandage on his right hand. He got it from one of the fights. He wears a plain black t-shirt that went under his black suit and black dress pants. On his feet are his dress shoes.


Personality: Before he was sent to Wonderland, he was a fun loving, easy going guy who wanted to make his father proud. Now after 3 months of being in this hell hole; Rin has now grown cold, pessimistic, and hardened. He has become disconnected from the other inmates and just wants to be left alone.

Likes: Winning arguments with logic, Lying his ass off, and lifting weights.

Dislikes: Not being taken seriously because he lost his hand, being called a liar, and becoming angry.

Fears and Phobias: He's afraid of disappointing his father in the ring. He knows his father watches his fights. He's also deathly afraid of losing his other hand. Because that would suck.

Goals: Rin wants to find a girl in America and settle down.


Branches sin Ability: he uses his blood to swipe at the other combatant at long range or short range.
Special attacks:
He can use this 'Talon' to grab parts of other peoples bodies
He can also surround his hand with the 'Talon' and use it that way.
Down side:
Due to his stature he only holds about the about the regular amount of blood that a human usually holds which is about 10 pints or 5.2 liters, and his ability uses about 3 pints per 5 minutes he uses it. He can make the talon sharper but it takes more blood to do so.
Skills: Rin is the master of persuasion, he could talk eskimos in to buying ice. Rin is on the muscular side due to him working out at his local gym every day before he got arrested.


Lost any limbs yet?: He's lost his left hand to that cursed wheel. He misses it sorely.

How long have you been here?: Rin has been here for around 3 months

Crime?: Rin killed his best friend by accident. They got him with murder. The entire thing was a screw up. His friend happen to show up at the wrong time wrong place type of deal. Rin had figured out how to control his Branch and his friend had gotten in the way and it killed him.

History: Rin's father John had moved to Japan on the fact that he was being promoted and the position was in Tokyo. There John had met his mother and they soon fell in love and got married. Rins' has 1 older sister and 2 younger brothers. His sister had moved out of the country and was living on her own when the earthquake hit. Rin was soon the family crown jewel. He had gotten top marks and was on his way to follow in his father footsteps of being a Lawyer. He was supposed to continue his education in America at the same school his father had gone to when he was arrested. Rin remembers the last thing he said to his little brothers when he was arrested at his house, "My life is over, but yours had just begun." He had quoted a famous singer over in America.

Other: Due to his upbringing he can fluently speak both English and Japanese.

So begins...

Rin The One Taloned Vulture's Story