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Basic Information


Rein (Rain) Felicity Williams
Birth Date:
July 9, 1985


Eye Color:
A stunning color of hazel
Hair Color:
Red (She dyed it this color, she naturally has dark brown hair)
Hair Style:
Straight with swooped side bangs
Other Features:
Rein looks really young for her age and is often mistaken for a teenager. She wears glasses so that she can see when reading books up close.

Other Information

Social Standing: Middle Class
Occupation: She works at a art gallery but is also going to school to major in photography.
Taking pictures, reading, writing, going out, having fun. For some reason she love to watch people paint and play piano.
Watching people paint
Listening to piano
Rainy days
Smell after rain
Being mistaken for a teen
Treated differently because of how young she looks
Being judge because of how she acts
People that are rude for no reason
People who aren't themselves
Rein is great listener and she observes many things. She notices things that other people might not notice, thanks to her always observing for her surroundings looking for great pictures.
She is deathly afraid of spiders. She runs away quickly at the sight of them. She has allergies to shellfish and blueberries. Though Rein is very observant and a great listener, she has a short attention span. She can stay focused for some time but her thoughts usually travel away from her.


Rein is a quiet girl that keeps to herself if she doesn't really know you. Once you get to know her though you find out she's kinda loud and outspoken. She is fun to be around. She can usually be found sitting somewhere reading a book or snapping a few pictures with her camera. Rein is the type of person that you would have to actually sit down and talk to, because once she breaks out of her shy shell she is actually a great friend. She usually keeps her feelings and thoughts to herself, but she is also very blunt. Her personality traits clash. Shes quiet but loud, she keeps to her thoughts self but will tell you the truth in a minute, shes shy but will speak her mind. Rein is very iffy about love because of a past experience that left her in the hospital having a child (Devon). Her parents didn't want anyone to know about there daughter getting knocked up so they claimed him as there own. Not even the little boy knows.


Rein grew up as your average girl. She has two loving parents, annoying siblings, and even a household pet. She lives in a nice 4 bedroom house with her mom, dad, and three yonger siblings. She your average girl. She had good grades in high school, setting a good example for younger siblings. She is the forth of seven children, with three older siblings and three younger ones. Her parents were against what she wants to do with her life because they want her to be lawyers like them. Rein get on great with her parents even though they do not agree with what she apires to be. She want to become a photograper that gets hired for wedding and other special events, while they want her to follow in the footstep of them and two of her older siblings in becoming lawyers. Rein, not wanting this life, majors in photography anyway. Her parents begin to grow onto her skill and slowly are beginning to accept thier daughters dreams.


Karen (Kare-Bear)- 34- Lawyer
Jacob (Jake or Junior)- 31- Divorce Lawyer
Jessica (Jessi)-29- Model
Rein-26- Student in college (Art Gallery)
Richard (Richie)- 18- Student in High School (Pizza Shop)
Kayla (Kay) - 8- Elementary School
Devon (Munchkin) -4- Pre-k

These are her siblings, there jobs, what they look like, age, and what she calls them. Just so no one gets lost while reading my post if i mention these names.

Mom - Marie Evans-Williams-Lawyer
Dad - Jacob Williams- Lawyer

The older siblings call them by first name so i wanted you guys to know there names to.

So begins...

Rein Felicity Williams's Story