EarthJayzee Churchill

"The tall are proud, but the small are the ones that actually fight back. . ."

a character in “Death Calling”, as played by ஜ ∂єα∂вℓσσ∂ ஜ

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Jayzee Churchill
Back Tattoo

Theme Song: Warriors - Ronan Hardiman

Gender: Female
Nickname(s): J or Monkey
Date of Birth: June 8th
Age: 18
Nationality: Swedish/American
Choice: She's a bit of a rebel and secretly tries to help people and also is planning to fight back.

Appearance: She always wears a lot of leather bands around her wrists and ankles (she feels naked without them) and her hair is always down. She has several scars on her knees and legs from falling because of trapeze practice but other than those, she has no scars nor does she have a birth mark. Her skin is white as snow and smooth as silk and she has her sword tattoo all along her back, and she has a belly button piercing. She's short, but very slim and has a beautiful silhouette, almost like a cat.

Preferred Clothing: Her light green coat over a buttoned shirt (only the three middle buttons showing her belly button piercing) and her black tube top, with either baggy jeans hanging low or jean shorts with a heavy studded belt.

Height: 5'2" (yes she's short)
Weight: 50lbs.
Hair Color: Light blond
Eye Color: Bright green

Personality: She's got attitude and a whole lot of nerve, when she is given a goal she'll fight to accomplish it and she doesn't care how many scars and bruises she'll get because to her it's the merit of the fight. She's very kind and attentive and always thinks of others before herself which sometimes isn't very good for her but it makes her feel better about herself. Jayzee is a very talented girl who always works hard and tries her best, when people say it's impossible she does everything to prove to them that it can become possible. Unlike a lot of teens her age she likes doing it the old fashion way (who knows what that means. . .) She doesn't care what others think about her because she is proud of herself and it's more than enough for her.
-Proving her point
-Listening to music

-Doing nothing
-People that give up
-Being tired

-Art of the Sword

Atychiphobia- Fear of failure.
Brontophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning.


Personal History: Jayzee had always dreamed of being in the circus when she was a kid and when she told her dad he told her to fight for it, to always fight for what she thought was right. So she did, she would practice everyday and one day she went to an audition when she was 8 and got into a circus group. Her dad told her to travel with them and to keep in touch with him and her mom, it was the best time of her life being with her chosen family. She learned so much and she had so much fun, she would climb all the time so they nicknamed her Monkey, she loved everyone in the group and she would say everything to her parents.
One day she came back to her home town but her mom was crying and the house was so dark, her dad had been Called, he was taking part in the Arena because he had refused to kill Jayzee. When the show was on, Jayzee watched as her father fought every night just like he had told her when she was little. She put in as much money as she could to send him supplies, but then one day he was killed in his sleep. Jayzee had yelled at the TV screen the whole time until she had no voice. Her circus group had heard about the whole thing, they had seen it too and they swore to help her with her revenge because they too had lost someone dear to them.
Jayzee continues to travel with her group and sends letters to her mother whenever she can informing her of their progress on their plan. Jayzee intends to get her revenge no matter what and just like her father told her she was going to fight for what she believed was right.

Other: She had a boyfriend in the group, he was a clown but they separated when he went to his home town and left the group.

Sample Post:
Jayzee sat on the trapeze swing while everyone else was sleeping, it was dark and cold but she was warm in her polystyrene blanket at the top of the circus dome. She always loved being in high places and it gave her time to think, plus tomorrow she was going to have a big show and would try out a new flip so her stomach was knotting a little. She held a picture of her dad in her hands, he was smiling with her mother in his broad arms developed after working so much on construction sites, her mother was as beautiful as ever, the typical Swedish beauty with blond hair and blue eyes. Jayzee always felt closer to them when she looked at the picture and was up high.
"I love you guys," Jayzee kissed the picture then put it away, "well, time for me to get some sleep."
She jumped down with flips and turns and a perfect landing with her feet glued together on the think sand that had just been raked clean but was now decorated with her foot prints.

So begins...

Jayzee Churchill's Story

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Jayzee Churchill

Jayzee was sitting at the top of the trapeze with a huge cookie in her mouth and like everyone else she was dreading the day of the Callings. It was coming soon and even though the circus had no actual working phones, a messenger would still come and give a letter. There was no escaping it and even if you weren't taken in the mission you were still forced into watching the game on TV because they would interrupt every show and every radio to make the whole game world widely public.
"Monkey! Get down from there! It's time to practice!" called on of the performers, her partner actually.
"Yeah yeah! I'm comin'!" she climbed down the main pole of the large tent and went to join her buddy.
"You're not the only one thinking about it," said her buddy, "we're all thinking."

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Character Portrait: Jayzee Churchill
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Jayzee Chruchill

The only thing that Jayzee thought was better than the abolishing of the Calls was training. It was the one time int he day when everyone was together and could be laughing and practicing under the large tent of the circus. The clowns were practicing the exaggerated mimes, the janglers were warming up and Jayzee was working with the acrobats on the swings. This year she was doing a show with her partner and it was going to be played in a more comic way than the one they did last year which was a sad love story. This time it was just two idiots playing around with a swing.
"Careful Monkey! You're not tightening your body!" warned the director of the circus, a great guy, really, and a very loving man who was always being cautious.

Around noon, when practice was over and it was time for the small animal show practice to take place all, clowns, acrobats and performers had to leave the inside of the tent so that the animals could go in. The good thing about this circus was that there were no lions or elephants or anything like that. There were a few dogs and cats, two horses, four monkeys and a lot of birds, and we took care of all of them with love. Jayzee actually named one of the monkeys and is the one in charge of caring for him, Juju.
"Have you seen Juju doing his show?" Jayzee's partner, Keith, asked.
"Of course I have, but he shouldn't always rely on me always being there," Jayzee said, and she was right even though she loved like monkey like her son and was dying to go watch him practice.

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Character Portrait: Jayzee Churchill
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(Radio, TV, Cellphones, projectors . . . Everyone is watching somehow)
Hello hello! You all know what day it is . . . The calls, sometime today calls will be given and the games will start so be prepared for you lucky ones who will be able to play in these wonderful games!
End of the announcement

Jayzee Churchill

Every word spoken from that announcement made every bone in her body shiver. Just the voice from those stuck up rich folk hidden behind veils of so called justice, it just drove her crazy thinking about it. They called these games and found them entertaining, but ever person living in the world with no sort of protection feared this very day and feared picking up their phones or crossing someone on the street.
Jayzee hated this moment because it was when everyone in the circus gathered together in one of the trailers and they all waited to see if any would get a call. It was a moment where no one spoke and no one moved, all they did was smoke or stare or just close their eyes and pray for the best to come.