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Rose Weasley

"Don't act like you know me. You don't know me at all."

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a character in “Deathly Hallows”, as played by Autumn_Sunrise



"Family doesn’t end in blood."

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Rose Maria Weasely

|| Rosie ||

Sixteen Years

Sixth Year





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A Barn Owl name Nightengale
A Snowshoe cat mix named Calypso

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Rose puts on an act most of the time, she acts like nothing bothers her, like she is the strongest person in the world, nothing could damage her. This makes her seem rather hard, stubborn, and independent determine to take on every challenge by herself. It takes a lot to gain Rose's trust, and even then you may not see the true her for a very long time.

Truly, she is one of the kindest people you could meet, no matter what you do to her, if she cared about you once she will always care about you, it is hard to make yourself an enemy to Rose, she is brave, but at the same time very afraid of the world around her, of getting hurt, or having any of her siblings or family members getting hurt, this is why she created her act, her hard impenetrable shell, and the only time she is really fully herself is when in the presence of anyone in her family, or anyone who she is close to and loves.

Her determination to protect her loved ones can often make Rose reckless, causing her to make irrational decisions when in dangerous situations where her family or someone she cares for is involved, she would readily sacrifice her life for them, without thinking twice.

Deep down, Rose is in quite a lot of pain, she has had people come and go in her life as if she didn't mean anything to them at all, losing person after person has taken a toll on her, it makes her anxious about who likes her or if they are lying to her, and even when someone truly does like her she doesn't understand why. Rose may put on a brave face, but she is rather damaged, something few know, if anyone knows. Her anxiety is usually off the charts, as she has dedicated her life to helping others around her, even if it means overlooking her own heart, it has caused most of her problems in her life.


Storms Summer
Stars Sunsets
Family Animals
Children Potions
Defense Against the Dark Arts Tea
Cuddling Hugs
Music Piano
Violin Hogwarts
Reading Writing

The Cold Dancing
Transfiguration Slytherin
Being Alone Dancing
Studying Alleys


They had never planned to have a child, at least not as soon as when Rose came along. Ron didn't exactly trust the world as safe for a baby, and Hermione had thrown herself into the Ministry of Magic. Neither of the War heroes were quite ready to get up and place the past behind them. But, as they quickly learned many years before, the world doesn't exactly care about your plans.
Rose, was born in the middle of the night during a storm.

Even as a young child Rose seemed to understand that her parents were in need of deep healing. To her Mother Rose had given her mind, she idolized Hermione and though she was just as clever, she still worked as hard as she could, even though she despised studying, she wanted to make her Mother proud, show her she could be just like her. To her Father, Rose gave her heart, the first time she slipped her little hand into his bigger one, she never expected anything from him but loved him with all she had. Ron always encouraged her to take time for herself, but giving so much of herself to those around her never made for a constant sense of self in Rose.
Rose's family was always the center of her existence, and they always came first.

Rose learned to read her Mother's body language the same way she had learned the piano, and developed a way of waking up when she heard her Father get up for his third cup of coffee so that she could help with the twins in the morning and do chores around the house. Rose made a point to dedicate her life to others around her and never thought twice about the way she was letting her own heart to be overlooked.

Her anxiety has always off the charts, but its a long shot if she would ever let anyone close enough to see that. Rose made herself out to be the perfect daughter, sister, student, friend, the popular girl that nothing could shake, but there has always been something daunting about being perfect, and she worked at it to long that she doesn't have a grasp on what would happen if she ever let it fall. She's the pretty girl, the clever girl, the stubborn but nice girl that nothing could ever damage, she lives in constant fear of letting that slip away.

Since her first year at Hogwarts, it has been no big secret that she is an overachiever. Top of almost each other her classes keeping her promise to her Mother that she would be just as clever as she was, she is terrified of falling down. Rose tutors younger students when she can, she takes them in and pushes them to be everything they can, and if you could ever say she had a downfall, it would be that she cares to deeply for everything.
Still, she can't give up her spirit. From keeping up with her Mother's work in the ministry, to making sure her siblings are well taken care of and feel loved and wanted, to making those who feel out of place know someone wants them there and cares. Always dedicating herself to those around her, Rose has never taken anytime for herself, never properly looked after herself or her heart, she helps other, but who is there watching when her smile fades?


So begins...

Rose Weasley's Story

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R O S E ➳ W E A S L E Y

The day had been filled with excitement. Rose had been bubbling with anticipation as her and her siblings began their annual migration from her suburban home, to the magical school of Hogwarts. It was a rather long care ride to the station, but it always was, like usual Rose ran onto the platform first, followed by Jessa, and then was joined by Hugo and their parents. Rose said goodbye to her parents, exchanged a promise that she would look after her younger siblings (Especially Jessa), and write often, before she boarded the train that would carry her towards her friends, magic, and her second home.

Rose's bag was heavy, packed with snacks her parents had insisted she take with her, and a few books, well, more than a few, to read along the way. A lot had happened over the summer break, and rose was now eager to trade holiday gossip face to face with her friends. Letters, sent regularly to her closest friends, could unfortunately only do so much. Rose was also at the same time, not so eager to see a few certain people, Rose liked every for the most part, but there were some people that just got on her nerves, like a certain Malfoy boy.

After entering the large castle Rose had always considered her second home, she bounced into the Great Hall, with a horde of other returning students, she skimmed the room looking for familiar faces, though the only ones she could see were that of her three cousins, and Mara Longbottom, who Rose liked to consider one of her closer friends. Standing on her tiptoes to get a better view, Rose managed to spot a few other familiar faces such as Alexander Remus, Emalee Lovegood, and of course Scorpius Malfoy, though seeing him simply made her frown.

Rose shook her head slightly as students started to take their seats at their houses respective table, she made her way to where the many Gryffindor were now sitting chatting about the events from over the summer. She took her seat beside Mara, and across from Albus, James, and Lily, she didn't know why she always sat by them, her cousins always seemed to want to cause trouble.

There however, was still a wall of black robes which were the first years waiting to be sorted, all of the returning students had taken their seats, Rose was now paying Equal attention to the food in front of her and the nervous first years that were slowly being sorted and making their way to their tables.

Once they were all sorted and the black wall had disappeared, a hush fell over the hall. Headmaster Sommers stood at the podium a warm smile across his face as he addressed the students. "To our newest arrivals, I would like to personally welcome you to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry, and to our returning students, I wish you a warm welcome back." His voice carried across the hall with little effort, while his eyes danced from face to. "I can see that many of you are already eyeing the food, and I will not be the reason to Prolong your wait." A cheer filled the room which made Rose giggle, if there was one thing all the students could always agree on, it was food. The Headmaster waited patiently for the noise to die down before continuing. "However, I would first like to remind all students, that the Forbidden forest is strictly off limits unless accompanied by a teacher or member of the staff. Professor Hughe has in formed me that a Unicorn that has taken residence near the grounds has delivered a pair of foals, anyone who happens to come across the family is asked to please, be respectful and give them space." Sommers paused for a moment letting the messages sink in. "You may now begin."

The announcement caused another loud cheer, one that faded as everyone began digging into the food.

"I'm surprised you haven't cleared the table yet Albus." Rose looked at her cousin with a bright smile and raised eyebrows, it seemed everyone was rather hungry. "How were your holidays?" Rose asked basically everyone around her, unable to wait until after dinner, she leaned in slightly and added with a clear excitement. "I learned some new tricks for Quidditch, over summer. We are going to wipe the floor with the other teams this year." Though Rose didn't usually speak in such a matter, one thing she was, was competitive, especially when it came to Quidditch.


#2015-11-28 01:01:53, as written by iCat

King's Cross was as loud as ever. Albus was part the age of waiting for his parents, and instead, he ploughed through the crowd, constantly searching for his friends as he did so. Some over-eager first years had come in their uniforms, and were getting strange looks from the Muggles around the station. Albus rolled his eyes and headed straight for the platform. He was planning on going straight through the barrier, but the calls of his mother caused him to stop. "Al, I told you to wait for your sister!"

"Mom, James doesn't have to!"
"Yes, well, that's James, darling. Now, all together..."

They passed through the barrier, and Albus was gone again, heading straight for his usual compartment on the train. It was only once he was sure that he'd secured their compartment that he went back to his parents to say goodbye. There was the usual lecture, telling him to look out for his siblings, not to get into too much trouble (which Albus always thought was rich- Uncle Ron had told them the stories of what they'd all gotten up to when they were in school) and to write home plenty.

Once the whistle blew for the train, Albus climbed back on and headed straight for the compartment. He and his friends were instantly engaged in conversation, catching up on what they'd all done.

By the time they'd reached the school, Albus's stomach was growling with hunger. He stared intently at the Sorting, attempting to speed it up through sheer willpower alone. However, it didn't work. It took as long as ever, and Albus only grew hungrier. He knew it was due to his growth spurts, but it didn't change the fact that he was almost constantly hungry. He had to resist the temptation to groan as the Headmaster started to speak- but, thankfully, he kept it brief, and the food appeared in front of them.

He laughed a little at Rose's comment. "The food's only just appeared, Rose, give me time!" He replied as he piled his plate high. "Well, you know how my summer was, we saw each other like every other day," he joked. He leaned in as she made the comment about Quidditch. "Aw yeah. Slytherin's going down for sure this year."


#2015-11-29 05:19:26, as written by Tink87

Alexander stared at the platform for a long moment. Good ol' Platform 9 3/4, here I come once again, he thought to himself before plunging into the column that led to the familiar station at which the Hogwarts Express was. The train was already there, and the entire platform was bustling noisily with all of the students. The first years were loud as ever, excited for their first trip on the Express. Alexander made his way to the train, dragging his belongings behind him, Creature perched on his shoulder.

"Good boy, Creature," he said, scratching him gently under the chin. The cat purred loudly at Alexander's sign of affection and nudged his ear in return. Alexander couldn't help but smile slightly as he continued on, trying to get to an empty compartment as quickly as possible. The trip on the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts was probably his least favourite part of attending the school, as it was crowded and cramped and noisy beyond all reason. When he finally found an empty compartment, he tossed his bags onto the shelf above the seat, and Creature hopped down from his shoulder onto the cushion of the bench. Alexander sighed as he sat down next to his beloved Familiar. "Just one more year, Creature," he said as he watched the scruffy-looking cat curl up beside him.
As Alexander walked through the familiar halls of the castle, Creature trotting along beside his heel, he noticed quite a few first years running to the Great Hall. He meandered his way there, taking his seat at the Slytherin table once he did arrive. Scorpius was already there, and in all honesty, Alexander wasn't the fondest of him. They were sort of friends; however, Alexander saw them more as acquaintances than anything else really. As he looked around at all of the people entering, he noticed Rose Weasley's head poke out of the crowd, and he knew she was on her tiptoes attempting to find people.

She had a habit of doing that, at least on the first day of school that is. He couldn't help but slightly snicker at her little quirk. It was funny, mostly because she did it every year and hasn't changed since the first time he saw her walk into the Great Hall. He admired her in a way.

Once everyone had seated themselves and the first years had been sorted into the houses, Headmaster Sommers gave a short speech as always before letting everyone dig in. Alexander was always fascinated by the way that Hogwarts did their meals in the Great Hall. It truly was magical, but part of him was always slightly concerned that he was just swallowing magical substance that only made him feel full. Nonetheless, the ate his fill.


Scorpius Malfoy


"Scorpius, I want you to be careful this year."

The youngest Malfoy almost laughed. Ever since he realized that being in Slytherin was dangerous, he had always been careful. With enemies on all sides, from his own house to the other three, it would have been hard not to.

"Something is coming, son, and I want you to be ready. There is a room on the seventh floor. Ask the house elves."

Ask the house elves? Interesting. Useful creatures. Most of them annoying and insane if treated poorly. Malfoy house elves were cultured and well-mannered. His father was quite intelligent for treating them better.

"I will be careful, Father. Goodbye, Father."

Scorpius turned on his heel and walked to the door of his father's study. "Scorpius, dark days are coming. I need you to be safe. Now, go. Say goodbye to your mother."

"Yes, Father. Goodbye, Father."

And with that, Scorpius left his father's study and walked the halls of Malfoy Manor. He gazed across the walls, admiring the paintings, and the portraits. Above a mantel piece was a portrait of Abraxas Malfoy, Scorpius' great-grandfather. He nodded, and the painting nodded back.

When his back was to the painting, Scorpius frowned. The Malfoy name used to be noble and respected, even though through the years they practiced dark magic. But due to his father's and grandfather's choices over the return of Tom Riddle, the Malfoy name was blackened with distrust and hate. Abraxas and he had talks about the reasons and the "what ifs." Political talk, and interesting history.

Sooner, rather than later, Scorpius had made his way to the sitting room, where his mother was reading the Daily Prophet. "Good morning Scorpius," she said as he made his presence known with a knock.

"Good morning Mother. I will be leaving for Hogwarts soon," Scorpius stated with a pleasant tone in his voice.

Astoria smiled at him, "Well, have fun at school. Learn lots."

He smiled back, "Of course Mother. Goodbye, Mother."

She waved him off and went back to reading the Prophet. Scorpius nodded to himself and left the sitting room. "Tink!" he said, summoning his personal house elf.

The elf appeared in silence, bowing, "Yes, Young Master Malfoy?"

"Could you take me to the platform?"

"Of course, Young Master." The elf took a hold of Scorpius' arm and they disappeared.


Scorpius did not think about the train ride to Hogwarts. Of course, sitting by yourself is always a sobering experience. Scorpius also did not see the point of thinking about the train ride, when it was like every other train ride he had: alone.

Scorpius walked through the doors to the Great Hall, looking towards the back to see if there were any new professors. There were none, so he raised his head in acknowledgement to the Headmaster, who gave a cheery wave back. He kept walking and took a seat at the Slytherin table, waiting for returning students and the first years. He noticed Rose Weasley look at him with a barely noticeable frown on her face. He shook his head, not able to think why she would have a frown.

Then Alexander Remus came by, sitting down at the table. Scorpius moved to the seat in front of Alexander. While they were not friends (you cannot have friends in Slytherin), they were, at least, on good terms. "Good evening, Alexander. I hoper your summer was pleasant?" Scorpius' voice was smooth and articulate, showing the significance of his upbringing. Before Alexander could reply, the first years started to get sorted. Then, there was the Headmasters speech. Scorpius might take a gander over to the Unicorn.

When the food appeared, Scorpius noticed that Alexander was eying it. "You are in your seventh year, Alexander," Scorpius began, not at all condescending, "and yet you still have that look on your face. Do not worry, house elves make the food."

Then Scorpius began eating, quite enjoying the food.




Mara had made a very detailed checklist for herself before making sure she had everything she needed for her final year at Hogwarts as a student. She huffed to herself while removing a few curled and blonde strands of hair from her face. She grabbed her things and walked down the stairs and eyed her mother and father, as they were proud of their baby girl. Mara rolled her eyes at them as she reached the last step. "Please do not cry and give me the same speech as the first six years." She practically demanded of them both as they looked at each other then back at Mara. "Just make sure you stay out of trouble, sweetheart." Her father, Neville said while hugging her close to him. "Yeah and no more witty arguments with the professors." Her mother, Hannah said with a wink then a hug.

"Okay, okay. Can we leave now? I do not want to be late." She asked as they escorted her to the car and made sure her luggage was well secured before proceeding on to the train station, known as King's Cross. She immediately jumped out of the vehicle, basically before it even stopped and grabbed her things while rushing towards Platform 9 3/4. Her parents rushed after her and caught up with her before she went through the wall. "Honey, honey. Do we not get a kiss goodbye or anything?" Neville asked as he looked at Hannah, who shrugged her shoulders, too, and really didn't care on that matter. Again, Mara sighed and rolled her eyes, hugging her father and mother goodbye and kissing her father on the cheek before disappearing before their eyes on the other side of the wall.

Her eyes widened as she stood beside the train once again. She was completely memorized by the sight even though she has seen it multiple times before. Mara boarded the train and took an empty compartment then placed her luggage above her head before taking a seat. She hummed to herself while waiting for the train to take off. A knock came over her compartment door and it startled her a bit as it was her good friend, Sierra. They exchanged hello's and talked about what they did over the break but Sierra had to leave to go to her compartment as the train was beginning to leave.

The scenery towards Hogwarts was beautiful, in her own opinion. She stared out the window and just watched while grasping everything. She jumped slightly when another knock came over her compartment door and it was the lady with the goodies. "No, thanks." Mara waved her on her way as she went back to staring outside, seeing the castle in the distance as she stood and immediately placed on her robes while shrieking in excitement.

As the train stopped and everyone basically pushed themselves through, she did the same and barely made it. She walked through the halls of the castle and can really tell that nothing had be changed though an unfamiliar aura loomed over the castle or maybe it was just her. She placed her luggage down in the Gryfinndor's Common Room for the girls then made her way over towards The Great Hall, where she sat down at the table, waving at her fellow Gryfinndor wizards.

"How...?" Before she could ask anyone how their summer was, a hush came over the hall as the Headmaster spoke the welcoming then encouraged them to eat food. The noise of many chatterboxes rose over the hall again and Mara fixed herself a small portion on the plate before her. She eyed Rose, who spoke towards Albus as she giggled at her comment then listened to his. "I am excited for Team Gryfinndor this year. I made a cute little cheerleader outfit over the summer. I hope it comes in handy so you guys better give it your best this year." She slightly scowled towards the Quidditch members at the table as if she was their coach or something then smiled afterwards.

"So, besides Albus, how was everyone else's summer?" She took a bite from her food then eyed everyone to see who was going to be the first one to respond to her question.


#2015-11-30 18:15:21, as written by Tink87

"You are in your seventh year, Alexander, and yet you still have that look on your face. Do not worry, House Elves make the food," Scorpius said before he began eating. "Yes, Scorpius. I'm well aware. It's just... It just feels like I can taste the magic on it or something. I'm not sure what it is," Alexander responded. Scorpius was an interesting character to say the least. Alexander saw what was on the outside, a seemingly friendly boy with no malicious intentions; however, Alexander remembered when Scorpius first came to Hogwarts, how arrogant and rash he acted. That's when he got hexed by a group of older Gryffindors. Alexander was coming around the corner when it happened, but he didn't do anything to stop them. It was too late at that point. Since then, Scorpius is much quieter and gives off a friendly attitude towards people. Deep down, Alexander knows that he's putting on a façade of some sort. No one goes from arrogant punk to sweet and friendly just from getting hexed and hurt.

After the meal, Alexander meandered his way out of the Great Hall, passing by Rose Weasley as he left. He stared at her as he walked by, smirking as he did so. As he looked away, he noticed the first years rushing to the common rooms. Better avoid going there for a bit, he thought to himself. Instead, he decided to take a stroll to the Greenhouses to check on the plants they had growing there. Alexander loved Herbology, so he went to the Greenhouses frequently when he had the time. Normally, Alexander went here alone, but for some reason, he felt like he was being followed.

When he got to the houses, Professor Plantain was tending to the plants. "Hello, Professor,"
Alexander said as he skimmed over a few of the plants with his fingertips. "Anything special this year? he asked, curious as to what they'd be learning this year.

"Not this year, Mr. Remus," he responded, not looking up and continuing to tend to the plants. Alexander continued to walk around the greenhouse, observing all of the different plants. This was his last year at Hogwarts, and he was going to miss it.