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This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a small quiet sigh, but with a bang and crash.
The first fleets arrived on earth by accident, a millennia ago, assimilating into society in order to best determine whether or not the planet's resources could be allocated to help their species. At first, they fell in love with the simple minded humans who knew nothing of the advanced technology or cures for simple illnesses. They were not to interfere, simply to observe, but the longer they observed, the less they loved. Their attitudes came close to hatred and soon, they determined that the humans were no longer a sentient species but beings set out to destroy both themselves and their planet.

Their mission was clear; erase humanity.

Begin anew.



The stars shone so brightly, they twinkled the same way they had her entire life. It was her fifth birthday when she asked her parents to have a camp out in the yard with her friends. Her parents were happy to oblige and so that night, they had set up a tent, they dug a hole for a fire and roasted hot dogs and smores. They told stories around the camp fire, spinning tails of lizard men and creatures that lurked in the woods just beyond the fence. The children went to sleep contentedly in their sleeping bags, unaware of what lay just beyond those wooden posts. It was around midnight when the creaking began, the stalks torn up, one by one, creatures snaking through the long grass, their humanoid forms shiny and far too beautiful to ever truly be human. They plucked the children from their beds, silencing their screams, sending them into a deep sleep.

Alerted by their screams, the parents ran out, only to find the campsite trampled, ransacked, the children gone. For years they searched, prayed, hoped, but alas, they had never returned.



How did the children disappear? There was evidence of what appeared to be a large meat eating creature, but their bodies were never found. Not a speck of clothing nor a piece of hair was ever recovered from the scene of the incident. The pieces didn't add up, but with no trails to go on, the police declared them dead and closed the case. This was especially strange when ten years later, there was evidence that they had been spotted in various places across the world. Emissaries, their time had come at last to awaken and begin the end.

One by one, the children received their message and pulled through in their final task, the world spiraling into chaos as fleets from the sky began to attack. Even with the might of the entire Earth's military, they were no match for the technology the extra terrestrials brought with them. One by one, the nations collapsed, chaos ensuing as radioactive detonators began to mutate the survivors. The aliens began to colonize the planet, rounding up what little humans remained to use them as slaves in order to rehabilitate the remaining land.


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, one path leading to freedom, the other to an eternity of slavery. Humans had grown used to the cacophonous self reliance of internet orders and disassociation in their day to day lives. Humans are not used to work, they are not used to getting their hands dirty or laying in a dirt field to dig for whatever scraps of food might remain. They grew content and lazy, they allowed machines to work for them, they thought too much of celebrities and little of the earth that was wasting away at their own behest. It had led to their downfall, the terrain now becoming dangerous to traverse. In order to thrive, they will need to adapt, to learn to survive like their ancestors before them and rely on themselves in a place where every creature is out to get them.
Only the strong will survive.



Name || Age || Role || Mutation (if any) || Ability || Face Claim || Played by:

Jack Allister || 23 || Human || No Mutations || Bullet Proof Skin || Rider Achilles || Played by: NPC

Pariya || 15 || Human || Scars, sticky hair || Pain Absence || Sato Matzusaka || Played by: SpiderNinja

Kiyoko || 15 || The Damned || Ears and tail || Astral Projection || Atalanta || Played by: The_Queen

Stella || 19 || Human || Heterochromic || Seer || Yoruka Kirihime || Played by: NPC

Oni || 20 || Human || Horns, eyes, and claws || Anti matter sphere || Oodanna || Played by: NPC

Adrianna Euclese Freya The Third || 655 || Alien Queen || None || Earth Sense|| Titania || Played by: NPC

Eleven || 300 || Alien Princess || None || Vector Manipulation || 002 || Played by: The Queen

Thirteen || 322 || Alien Prince || None || Empath || Yuu Mizuno || Played by: NPC

Varsu|| 17 || Human || Glowing Eyes || Mind Enter || Princess Renner || Played by: NPC

Romo || 15 || Human || None || Animal Bond || King || Played by: NPC

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❝As we continue walking forward what have we left behind?❞

ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#FF0CCE ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #1ECCC6

|| Ai no Scenario || Honeyworks ||

Hidden in a forest of fog, a sleepy nearly magically sealed town awaited them. "Welcome to Paradise." The gatekeepers told them as they were invited in. "You fought hard to make it this far, didn't you?"

This city was created, a sanctuary made for them by humans who stole alien technology, to create a place that was impossible to find unless you were welcomed in. Maybe one day the aliens could break through and find them but it would take many, many years until that would become a reality. As some of the rare few outsiders to survive the journey to Paradise, they were given a few houses as options but in the end decided to all live together. Of course it would be hard - Paradise wasn't exactly paradise. It was safety, but every household still needed to work and contribute to help keep it safe and running and strong. The Mayor, while nice, wasn't going to let anyone get in her way, the mayor's job was to do whatever it took to keep Paradise safe and secret at all costs.

Time went on, of course. It took some time but eventually people began adjusting. Romo took to working the fields with Veronica, both of them more than happy to be farmers. Varsu was trying to think to the future of the settlement, and decided to try to bring people together in order to create an educational program so that the next generation of children would be able to carry on the duties and jobs of those who came before them. Pariya focused on her poetry, wanting to help give people a distraction from the pain and sorrow of every day. Eventually Pariya was so good at her poetry that she was able to turn it into a performance art, doing spontaneous poetry battles against others. Another word for it could be called a rap battle. Clearly a career full of competition and drama for poor Pariya.

"I hope my dream will come true." Pariya now had medicine for her seizures and they could be minimized as long as she kept on them. She was waiting with Kiyo now for Varsu to come home from another curriculum planning meeting. Of course courses would be different - rather than math or literature classes would be more practical, like farming or medicine or even military strategy. "Do you remember? My dream is to make a poem from your art?" It had been a whole year since they had arrived in Paradise and Pariya still could hardly remember if Kiki had gone back to art or not - she'd been so wrapped up in her own life and all the changes going on that it was hard to pay attention. "I'll be happy to be inspired by your drawings!"

She went quiet, thinking. "It's becoming obvious now. Even though she's so changed..." A truth she had painfully been forced to accept last year was that her dear sister, Remi, had died. But despite that, Varsu had a lot of the same markings her sister once did. The same scar on her finger from catching a sharp rock being thrown at Xeni, a faint discoloring on her left elbow, it was too coincidental. "I think Varsu is Remi." Of course Kiki was the only one Pariya could discuss this with. Varsu had given up on finding her old self, she didn't want to try to unearth the memories.

She was happy with who she was now.

But that meant Pariya couldn't force her to remember, either. It wasn't fair - Remi had always looked after her, and now that she was happy doing her own thing, Pariya would be the one to look after her now. "I'll choose to believe it's her." That was the best she would get, wasn't it? "...And are you ever going to answer Jake's confession?" It had been a week since Jake gave her the ring, in the middle of their Anniversary of Paradise arrival. "He won't wait forever, y'know."

The world was very cruel.

But Pariya believed she found some beauty in it too.


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❝I am a hell in high heels. ❞

ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#577A3A ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #BCED91

|| Here|| Junna ||

Paradise was exactly what she had always wanted, a stable home. Kyo closed her eyes and breathed in deep, it felt like a dream, to arrive on a farmland where they would be safe at last. She and Jake had been roomed together, all men and women of age paired up to encourage things, although it was never forced. "It's so strange, to be at peace." Jake of course, was given guard duty and Kyo, considered incapacitated because of her arm, wasn't allowed to do much. She tried to contribute as best as she could, but spent most of her time attempting to rehabilitate her arm. There were plenty of tears until finally, she could grasp a pencil without it falling. Then, she could write her name in chicken scratch. Slowly, day by day, her arm and its function improved. She celebrated every step and almost six months later, Kyo completed her first drawing.

They were all hard at work to become part of the community, despite her reclusive tendencies, the other women invited Kyo to do things with them. She looked around for Pariya and Varsu, like she always did, but it seemed that everyone was busy with their own lives. That was alright, it was good that they forge bonds in their new community. While the other ladies birthed babies and did laundry, Kyo would sit in the fields and draw. No one bothered her much, some thought her to be unstable because of her time spent as Thirteen's pet and others avoided her completely. Children loved Kyo though, they would pet her ears and tug on her tail, wanting her to play with them.

One night, while eating dinner with everyone, Jake had gotten down on one knee and pulled out a ring he had forged himself. Kyo blushed something mighty and told him she had to think about it. After all, living together was one thing, stolen kisses and holding hands, but Kyo was barely eighteen! Still, she had taken the ring. Even now, she wore it on a chain around her neck, the sensation bothersome on her fingers. Could she really accept this? Could she be Jake's wife? They had both lost so much, Jake his fiance, Kyo her family. Today, Kyo stood in Pariya's kitchen, Romo and Veronica off doing their tasks. She stared at the ring, a pencil and paper waiting on the dining room table. "I'm sure your dreams will all come true," Kyo's smile was gentle. The flowers outside the house were as tall as the windowsill and their colors were mottled beautifully. Kyo sat down and began to draw, knowing it was the only thing she could do to clear her head.

She looked up when Pariya asked her the question, if she believed that Remi and Varsu were one in the same. "It could be," Kyo whispered. "I think it would be best to leave that question unanswered though." Yes, for all intents and purposes, Remi was dead. "Here," Kyo pushed the piece of paper in Pariya's direction. "Art, for your poems." A picture, a simple one, of all of them, smiling.

At Pariya's prodding, Kyo looked down at the ring. "I think I finally know the answer. I'm sorry Pariya, I have to go." Kyo opened the door and ran outside, the grass cold underneath her bare feet. Kyo headed for the fence, tears springing to her eyes. "Jake!" She called upon seeing the outline of his muscular form. "Kyo! Kyo? What's wrong?" The green haired girl slowed to a stop, nearly crashing into him. She breathed hard, Jake rubbing her back until she could stand up once more.

"I've made my decision." She clutched the ring in one hand, so tightly a mark would be left on her palm. "I will marry you."

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