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An elite academy for the proteges of the universe's most powerful heroes... And villains. PM if interested - Always open to adding awesome characters :D

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Character Portrait: Khyree Bishop-Smith "Never asked for none of this..."
Character Portrait: Harley Williams "I'm the 'Got Ions?' guy you've been hearing so much about."
Character Portrait: Anastasia Petrovna "Every human being is a puzzle of need. You must become the missing piece, and they will tell you anything."
Character Portrait: Gwen Queen-Lance "You heard mum's Canary Call, wanna hear my Siren Scream?"
Character Portrait: Ulrich Zod "Kneel...I'm kidding."
Character Portrait: Riley Barton "I might be less capable than everyone else here, but I can smile better than most of them. Can some of these guys even smile?"
Character Portrait: Petra Maximoff "One look, and I can tell you of at least three mistakes you're making."
Character Portrait: Thaleia Castle "The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal."
Character Portrait: Andrew Mulligan "One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood."
Character Portrait: Caitria Allen you cannot limit speed.
Character Portrait: Ross McCulloch "I bet yeh will ner touch meh."
Character Portrait: Frankie Parker "Have no fear... Franken-Spider is here!"
Character Portrait: Tobias Lehnsherr "Du siehst den Wald vor lauter Baumen nicht."
Character Portrait: Wren Wilson "I wouldn't say I'm really a super hero... more like a super dick."