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This is a list of locations that can be found in Descendant Academy.

Descendant Tower

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Now I have powers that melt people! I'm a nurse! Not some freak that melts people's faces off!"[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] Petra took a step hand, holding her hands up to calm him down. She hadn't quite expected to meet borderline-hysterical fresh mutants - nor did she quite appreciate the usage of the word "freak" - but everyone had their coping mechanisms. Ross gave her a sideways look, and she nodded, allowing him to step in. Ross was always better with people. [b:25yipmo9][color=#ff8d34:25yipmo9]"If he wasn’t ok, I doubt they would have kept him alive for the ride."[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] It might not have been the most appropriate thing to say about someone who had evidently just survived Hydra, but Petra wasn't going to be picky about it. To Harley she said, [b:25yipmo9][color=#b22222:25yipmo9]"I understand. Take a moment to breathe. You're safe here."[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] She paused for a moment, letting the brunet collect himself. Maybe they weren't as safe as she hoped, but at least for the time being the newcomers would need medical attention and a place to stay. [b:25yipmo9][color=#b22222:25yipmo9]"If you go indoors someone will show you to the infirmary. Let's not stand out here for too long."[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] The air was cold, and though they were warm with adrenaline shock could set in any time, and the worst place to be when that happened was outdoors. Trusting that the other students would help out, she pointed Harley and Anastasia, who had not yet spoken, towards the front doors. Riley, on his part, was already ushering Frankie towards the infirmary. The pain in her eyes was clear to him, and he didn't probe further, instead being as comforting a presence as he could. [b:25yipmo9][color=#7a378b:25yipmo9]"Could someone help us, please?"[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] he called as he pushed open the doors of the infirmary. It looked mostly tidy again, the nurses no doubt having changed the sheets once some of their previous occupants had left, and one nurse now came up on Frankie's other side, directing them towards an empty bed. Riley dropped into a chair by Frankie's side, his eyes fixed on her like he was worried she would disappear again if he looked away. For once he couldn't find anything to say, taking in her messy hair and torn dress quietly. Voices rose and fell around Wynne while the students reunited, and still she was acutely aware of the small space that had been established around her, the invisible barrier that no one would cross because she was still a stranger. Watching Riley put his arms around Frankie, Wynne felt abjectly lonely. She could not remember the last time she had held someone close like that - not even her parents. But there was one person she knew, and he had already gone outside. So she followed, stepping tentatively out into the night air. It took her a moment to realise that someone was seated on the ground beside the vehicle, and she made her way over - only to realise, too late, that it was Ross and not Tobias, who had slipped past her on his way back inside without either of them realising it. [b:25yipmo9][color=#6e6e6e:25yipmo9]"Hello,"[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] she said awkwardly, looking down at Ross on the ground. [b:25yipmo9][color=#6e6e6e:25yipmo9]"Sorry, I was looking for Tobias. I'll leave you to... whatever it is you're doing."[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] Instead of going back inside, with its bright lights and its overwhelming sense of solitude, Wynne shuffled off to the side of the driveway, the gravel introducing some dust to the material of her room slippers. She did not seem to notice, looking away into the distance as activity swirled behind her. Jensen did not seem to notice the pair of fuzzy slippers that had walked past her. Wren had left her kneeling on the gravel, and only now did she raise her head to gape at the space where Wren had been standing right before she'd gone indoors. What the [i:25yipmo9]fuck[/i:25yipmo9] was her problem? Aware that she probably looked stupid, Jensen got up quickly, brushing gravel off her knees. She'd go yell at Wren later. Maybe. At least when Wren wasn't being such a pissbaby. Jensen couldn't help herself, though - she turned and punched the vehicle, hard, leaving a sizeable dent in its side. Still on a high, she placed both hands firmly around a panel on the back of the truck and ripped it off, tossing it down the length of the driveway. She would have continued taking out her anger on the truck, but something else caught her eye when she turned back to it. Something was curled in a back corner of what looked like a cargo box, something that looked very much like a human body. Jensen paused, leaning closer to look. Yeah, that was definitely a person, judging by the slight rising and falling movement that indicated breathing. A [i:25yipmo9]stowaway[/i:25yipmo9]. Her hand shot out, grabbing the body's shoulder, and she dragged them out from their hiding place. [b:25yipmo9][color=#2b4f81:25yipmo9]"Over here!"[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] she called at the same time, letting the person fall to the ground. Jensen's shout caught Petra's attention, and the redhead moved towards the two of them, looking down at the person on the ground. [b:25yipmo9][color=#2b4f81:25yipmo9]"Found him in the back of the truck,"[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9] Jensen continued, wiping her wet hand on her pajama pants. She hoped maybe he had just been caught in the rain or something similar, although of course the water on his skin could have been anything. He didn't look armed to Petra, who circled him warily. He wasn't even wearing a shirt. [b:25yipmo9][color=#b22222:25yipmo9]"We'll need to get him inside, Hydra or not."[/color:25yipmo9][/b:25yipmo9][/font:25yipmo9][/justify:25yipmo9]