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《 I TAKE MY COFFEE BLACK 》realistic, friendship and/or romance, college students, coffee shop, barista, night shift, my first choice is muse b
Muse A is a bright-eyed college student who works the night shift at their mom's coffee shop. They love art almost as much as their parents, but studies in some mundane ordinary field because going to art school has always been a bit too idealistic. They know how to deal with customers and enjoys their part-time job, but there's nothing about their work that stands out and captivates them; there is nothing that truly captures their interest.

And then there's Muse B: blunt, rude, and absolutely brilliant. They become a regular about a half a semester into the school year, always coming in every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday at half past eleven, always sitting in the very back on a black-and-red beanbag, and always taking out a notebook chock full of mathematical equations. Their true passion is writing - they're good at it too. However, they've always been a mathematical genius growing up, and they chose to follow society's wishes.

Every time Muse A has a shift, Muse B comes in at exactly half past eleven, so much that Muse A prepares a set of recommendations in attempt to show Muse B a world outside of black coffee. Muse A is one of the few who isn't immediately turned off by Muse B's abrasive and...unpleasant demeanor. They become coffee shop friends of sorts - when Muse A learns of Muse B's extreme aptitude in the mathematical field, they cheer their friend on with high hopes for their future.

However, when Muse A finds out about their friend's passion about writing, they urge Muse B to follow what their heart desires and drop mathematics for literature. In turn, Muse B practically forces Muse A to pursue their art career instead of the major they have grudgingly chose. These two develop their friendship over their passions - a friendship that has blossomed from a cup of black coffee.

《 SIGN IN 》realistic, friendship and/or romance, college students, gaming, sao-based, my first choice is muse b
Muse A is a busy student, but they spend half their time on online games. Sure, they get decent grades, but they're definitely not as hardcore as an Ivy League student. Muse A is naturally intelligent - academics have always come easily for them, but although they wants a good career, they lack the work ethic to get into one of the top ten universities in the nation. So they settle for the top hundred, which is still pretty decent.

Muse B, on the other hand, worked their way up to MIT. They have natural skill with technology, but they aren't as inclined in other subjects, and had to go under an incredibly strict regime to get into their dream school. They're collected, yet surly, and leaves everybody they meet with their jaw dropped - usually in awe of their audacity. Muse B has developed extremely efficient work habits over the years, and strives to make room for their gaming, which they've grown extremely proficient in due to their aptitude for technology and computers.

When Muse A and Muse B, two of the highest-ranking gamers in the world, bump into each other in a new game by a popular company, it's safe to say that they didn't exactly hit it off. Their dispositions, entirely different, clashed, and despite their initial respect for each other's rankings, they hoped to never bump into each other again. However, a drastic situation in the game cause them to team up, allowing them to form a strange bond in the process.

《 REASONS FOR FREEDOM 》present-day, friendship and/or romance, slow-burn, supernatural (not the show), prisoners, my first choice is muse b
Muse A was born a werewolf of a prestigious clan. They're the epitome of an alpha - dominant and loyal, with a tall and strong stature fit for protecting their pack. They are the child of a high-ranking werewolf, and was on the road to stardom. Except, one day, Muse A made a drastic mistake that led them to be caught by the humans for experimentation.

When Muse A wakes up, they realizes that the creature in the cell next to them is Muse B, a young, bitten vampire who has already built up quite a reputation. They have only been a vampire for a year, but Muse B demonstrates extraordinary control; however, that does not take away from their indifference to killing.

To put it simply, Muse B killed a few close to Muse A's pack without a second glance, and in turn, Muse A and their entire pack hates the vampire's guts.

The two had a bitter dislike for each other, although it was mainly one-sided. Muse A was angry at Muse B for the latter's crimes, but Muse B truly had nothing against the werewolf and paid them no heed. However, when Muse A realizes the danger of the prison they're in, they attempt to team up with Muse B in order to break out of the prison.

It is a difficult task, though. While Muse B may be ideal for breaking out of the prison, Muse A, to their dismay, discovers that Muse B has no true reason to escape. They are already dead, and although they aren't the best in combat, Muse B displays incredible control and resistance of all sorts; the humans have nothing to get out of them, and Muse B has nothing to gain out of escaping.

Can Muse A eventually convince Muse B that there is something out there for them? Will Muse B finally choose to help Muse A escape?

《 TITLE UNCONFIRMED 》present-day, humans with superpowers, not supernatural beings, open for discussion
Humans with powers are supposed to be retrieved by one of the fourteen institutions across the world for people like them by the time they turn eighteen, as their powers will be revealed before then if they have them.

Their powers came late. They're in college already. Will the institutions be able to access them now that they are adults? (this is a very general idea and can be talked out a lot more)

《 ILLUSION 》present-day, south korea, chaebol, either romance or friendship, no character preference
Competition in South Korea is fierce. Muse A, the heir to a successful chaebol, isn't handed everything on a silver platter like everybody thinks. Their parents will offer them the best education money can buy - everything else, Muse A must work for and earn. To the public, they are cold - detached. Arrogant in a silent, brooding way.

Muse B is from a relatively poor family. They have received basic public school education, but doesn't go to university. Instead, they're hunting around for basic jobs they can keep their family alive with. Somehow, they end up working for Muse A's family (up for discussion).

《 ROUGH WAVES 》fantasy, other world, romance/friendship, muse b preference
Muse A lives in a world divided into two. There are those who do their business in the sea, where competition is the most cutthroat it can be. That life is consumed with killing to get to the top, along with other actions most consider crimes. To survive, having a power is basically required. If you aren't some of the best, then you're dead. This life is cold and lonely; if you aren't dead, you're unhappy, killing others to get what? Status and infamy? To an outsider, this life would be a life they'd try to escape no matter what, but to these sea-dwellers, there is no escape.

Luckily for them, Muse A isn't doomed to live the life of one of these sea-dwellers they call Raue Wellen. If you aren't a Raue Welle, then you belong to the other 95% of the population - we call them the Gewöhnliche. Muse A is one of the Gewöhnliche - they belongs to the 23% of the Gewöhnliche who have powers. They can manipulate the water - a rare trait for someone who isn't a Raue Welle. Of course, Muse A isn't massively powerful with their ability (at least, not enough to demolish the Raue Wellen with a snap of his fingers), but they do try to use it on a regular basis to help others. Muse A lives in a small village, approximately seventy miles away from a relatively small metropolis and less than two miles from the ocean. They have no intention of getting into the business of the Raue Wellen, and are perfectly content with their village life.

Muse B, on the other hand, is one of the most notorious Raue Wellen out there. Born with the help of magic, Muse B doesn't know who their parents are, or if they even have parents. Despite being young, their childhood is a blurred mess of faded memories; they can remember a small collection of things, the strongest of them being their memory of working as a slave on a ship called the Monstr to a relatively powerful Raue Welle, before escaping in the massive breakout of about 46 staff members and slaves. Muse B always focused on self-preservation, going to the greatest lengths to survive and eventually build a legacy for themselves. Unknown to the world, despite being one of the most powerful Raue Wellen, Muse B is perhaps the only Raue Wellen in a century to get so far without the aid of a power.

One day, Muse B, while fighting another Raue Welle, gets Muse A's village in the middle of their battle. Catching sight of Muse A's powers, Muse B rushes to capture them before their opponent did. Muse B knows the power of a water manipulator in the vast ocean, and refuses to let someone else use them against them.

Muse A is angry and distraught. One of Muse B's most trusted supporters keeps them alive. Muse A's wish of never getting involved with the Raue Wellen was apparently too good to be true. (where you want to go with this rp is up for discussion).

《 LIKE & SUBSCRIBE 》present-day, youtube/social media au, playing multiple characters [a+d/b+c], friendship/possible romance, slight muse b preference
Muse A is the Youtube star. They have an impressive count of subscribers, and is down-to-earth in comparison to the other ultra-popular Youtube stars these days. Their channel surrounds around [thing here], but they make an effort to make videos dedicated to the fans, like Q&As, etc. Their younger sibling [adopted or biological] is Muse B, a rising amateur rapper with enough skills to go professional.

Muse C has been a fan of Muse A since the beginning. They have a relatively popular instagram account, but not popular enough for Muse A to have definitely come across them. They are currently in college, studying dance. And they may have the teeniest crush on Muse A. Of course, this crush has always been as obvious as the sun in the sky, especially to their best friend, Muse D. Muse D has been by Muse C's side since childhood days, and proudly supports their best friend in whatever they want to pursue. Muse D is an aspiring singer who has recently been scouted by a relatively small company.

One day, Muse C catches Muse A's attention by a - slight - embarrassing action. They start chatting, developing a friendship along the way. Of course, Muse B and Muse D had to crash the party and join in on the fun. (more characters can be added - flexible plot, can be small group)
U N D E V E L O P E D . S T O R Y L I N E S . B A S E D . O N . S O N G SImage
ONLY FOOLS FALL FOR YOU - an ambiguous romance plot based on Fools by Troye Sivan. XXX SONG - desc. XXX

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