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In the small Kingdom of Thalon, you will find your destiny.

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It is 1506, a time of global growth. The Tudor dynasty is still strong in England, and word of famous artist's like DaVinci, famous songwriters and poets, is spreading far and wide. Ships embark on amazing expeditions every day, off of ports of many countries. Although there are obvious superpowers, some small kingdoms and cities still remain, clinging to the edges of Mainland Europe. Some are even situated on small islands. Most of these small kingdoms and cities are giant crossroads. One of these strange cities is the city of Thalon, located on the northern side of what we know today as Portugal.


No longer accepting characters.

This is a different kind of roleplay. Depending on the character you choose to be, depends on what knowledge of this town / world you get. For example, a pirate won't know too much about town politics, and a Blacksmith most certainly knows about it.

In another sense, the plot to this role-play is not yet revealed. This adventure of epic proportions is designed for 3-5 heroes. You will start in the town. Why you are there, well, you tell me!

From there on, your characters will (potentially) meet, and from there on be presented with many... opportunities. You know the adventurer in you can't resist this!

Even if your character separates from the others, THE PLOT MUST GO ON!

Houses and Stuff

Please when you submit your character sheet, include what style of house you wish to have, if you are living in a house located in one of the Northern or Southern villages.


Please keep in mind that if you are a pirate, you will be on a ship. If you are a lord or lady, you will be in a larger house. If you are a blacksmith or tailor, you are a craftsman. If you are a stablehand, you might actually sleep there, in the stables.

I'll send a floor plan to those that request it of their residences, those residing in the castle will receive one automatically.


No Godmodding

Have fun

Please , 18+ / mature

Read the whoooooleee intro. Literate!

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Character Portrait: Miriel Bookman
0 sightings Miriel Bookman played by Akantha
"Just your extraordinaire tailor. What's your request?"

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Setting: Earth2011-07-29 00:20:38, as written by Hinasil
Boiko The Fortuneteller had just finished his meeting with Princess Amasantia, which was full of surprises even to him. They weren't real surprises for he had foreseen the events taking place already; however, it was always a wonder to have them actually happen though. Now that he had the information formally given to him he had to prepare for the party. First he would need a new outfit that wouldn't show offense to such high standard royalty. Exiting his caravan he caught a glimpse of Tobias showing off, Can't he learn new tricks. I've seen him do this already.

Making his way into town he headed over to the tailor, a place he had not been to since the previous caretaker died. Boiko had been off on a journey back to Egypt for family business when he died. Boiko liked that man, he and his family knew what they were doing. His only hope now was that they were still doing as good as before. There was little doubt, the whole family seemed competent. First he would have to make one stop which was more important than a new outfit.

At the same rate as he headed towards the tailor's shop he went over to the docks where a ship had just finished docking. An old friend whom he had briefly met before had just arrived, so he would have to stop him from doing anything unnecessary although he could not foretell what exactly he would do. This man was a big enough mystery even the future is unsure of him. Boiko saw another man waiting at his acquaintance's ship, exactly as he had seen it. It seemed that his timing was a bit off, Boiko had planned he'd meet his friend exactly as he got off his ship. Yet even more proof the future cannot tell what this man would do.

When he was within ear reach he yelled out, "Hello old friend, it's me Boiko! Don't tell me you don't remember the man who saved your life!"

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Setting: Earth2011-08-02 18:09:28, as written by lostamongtrees
"My name is Tobias Chernekov, It's a pleasure to meet you milady,"

Princess Ama blushed, but didn't falter. She was used to being complimented, yes, but never by a- a what? No sooner had the thought crossed Princess Amasantia's mind, when she felt sudden tinge of annoyance at her automatic bias. Blushing, she curtsied again lightly in response to the Gypsy's deep bow, as he pulled up from his gesture.

Kragum pushed through to the front of the crowd, gaping at the two. The small crowd of gypsies had grown silent, and all watched with heavy anticipation.
Don' fuck 'er up, Don' fuck 'er up, Kragum thought to himself, fiddling with his bandanna with crossed fingers. The Princess, however, paid the crowd no heed, and continued to concentrate all of her attention on the Gypsy before her. He seemed to have noticed that all the attention was on them.

"If it would please milady to share a drink with me in my tent? get away from these crowds?"

The Gypsy said in a loud whisper. Princess Ama blinked , was he serious? Kragum winced at the Princess's reaction, for he was watching them both intently, hanging on their every exchange. He really hoped that Tobias didn't blow it for the Gypsies. This was, after all, the very first time The Princess was seen on this side of town. Normally the Nobility and Royalty of Thalon stuck to the Town Square, or the Town Centre. Never, ever, in all of Kragum's years camping in Thalon, had anyone of higher status stepped toe in the Gypsy Campgrounds. At least, not that Kragum knew of.

"I would love to," The Princess replied, projecting her voice again so all could hear. She, Princess Amasantia, was going to drink with a Gypsy. Her heart fluttered with excitement.

Kragum's heart was fluttering too, but for a different reason. He was nearly floored at her response, she was actually going to go with him? With a scratch at his head, he shot Tobias a curious look. What could the guy be up to, this time?


Gus flicked his eyes from the female behind the large, weathered man, and then back to the man himself. They were intimidating, and it made Gus Yelper nervous. Why, he had no idea, but there was something about these two that unsettled him. Especially the dude, what with his ... bigness.

"I'm Jack,"
the guy said, without taking Gus's extended hand for a shake. Gus felt his face redden a bit as he dropped his arm to his side.
Gus Yelper was not used to being denied a handshake.
He swept his gaze over to the female, who was apparently the helmsman and apparently named Swift. With a small grunt, Gus waggled his fingers in her direction, still attempting to maintain a "welcoming" smile.

"Are you the dock master here in Thalon?"
Gus froze for a moment, was he the dock master here in Thalon? He flitted his gaze back to Swift, who had her hand situated on her pistol. A bead of sweat formed on Gus's brow, as he opened and closed his mouth for a moment, much like a fish. No, he was not the dock master, but he might as well be! In truth, the real Dock Master was usually never to be found. Not because he didn't do his job, but because it was in his firm belief that he could do his job better free of a public persona.
Most of the time, the dock master stayed hidden until a problem arose.

"Well..." Gus Hesitated. He scrambled to find the right words to explain his job and place here in Thalon.

"Hello old friend,"
a voice rang out over the docks. Gus scowled. He had just formulated exactly what he was going to say to Jake to convince the man that he, Gus Yelper, was a very important guy, and then this interruption. Who the hell was that?

"I'm in charge of many things, here in Thalon," Gus began with a rush, trying to capture the two in conversation.


A third guard rushed around the streets of Thalon, looking high and low for Princess Ama. She was not on any of the main streets, so perhaps in some shops? He darted through Thalon, wondering where she could have gone, and cursing The Queen for sending him on a wild goose chase. Everyone knew how headstrong Princess Amasantia was, and it was foolish of The Queen to ever even try to suppress the child.

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Setting: Earth2011-08-05 19:06:37, as written by reap
Rachel was just as unwilling to shake the man's hand as Reap, in fact her gun actually came an inch out of her belt when he pointed his grubby fingers at her. Then someone called out across the way, Rachel looked towards the noise but it was cutoff by Gus again. "I'm in charge of many things, here in Thalon, Rachel could not stop herself this time. "Then go about your business and learn to avoid things that could end badly for you!" She said with udder distain before shoving past Guss. "I'm gonna hit the tavern Boss." She called out, Reap only nodded. He was gazing at the new arrival. "One can never forget someone who saves his neck from an axe." Reap gave one, threatening glance towards Guss and walked past him as well, clearly seeing Boiko more important. He walked up too Boiko and offered out his hand. "How have you been freind? Last time I saw you, you told of a future i did not believe. I'm all ears this time around." Meanwhile Jimmy had been watching the display, whistling Oogie his monkey jumped up on his shoulder and Jimmy walked down from the ship to Guss. "You will have to excuse them they don't have good manners. I am Rich, tell me what may we do for you on this fine day?"

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Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

Are you guys still interested in the RP? If not please let me know so i can logically factor around your character's sudden absence. If you aren't, perfectly understandable and feel free to drop out of the rp.

I haven't posted yet because I was waiting for another response.

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

XD I enjoy it all too! Sorry i've been so slow on the replies, life has been a whirlwind as of late, and i don't like skimping you guys with the big posts XD

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It's kinda fun moving my pirates around like chess pieces mwhahahahaha....sorry...xD

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XD That's wonderful! The IC isn't all too much to catch up on, and if you want to post before i post again go ahead.

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

Guys great news, I was only gone for a day which shows you how much I actually knew about this trip

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

I just LOVE playing characters that have no connection or feeling of fealty to the royals or officials that govern their current dwelling, so much fun :D

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

It's ok!

I can tell you all this about plot progression so far:
I don't know how you guys are feeling about it and i would love some feedback, but oh shits getting good. It may seem dry and dull what with the QUEEN, but trust me.
Ohoho trust me. Shit's going to get real.

I know a couple of you already have your storyline in progress, and how do you like it so far? I crave feedback! FEED ME THREADMOAR!

For those of you that are like "wtf am i doing this is not interesting at all, i'm not even getting good gossip" DON'T YOU WORRY.

We can probably get to *tonight* for some people, depending on your storyline. May i suggest dragging an NPC off to a private corner?

Reap: Don't worry, pleeeennnttyyy of action awaits.

I'll post here again when the IC thread is going to halt until the others return, notifying everyone. Of course, if you are PM RPing, the PM will (duh) still continue on!

Thadine: I know right now your stuff is all in PM, your character is one that got lucky and doesn't have to be in the IC thread too much.... yet muahahahhahahahahahaha

I hope this made sense! So, until then, shall we rp?! XD

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon guys are going to hate me.
I'm head off to Idaho for a whole week, no internet, no electronics. So don't go too far without me, please? xD
Sorry. But it's warm there, it's cold here, so we choose this as our chance to get some nice weather.

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

Guys just as a notice I will be gone from now til Thursday and sorry I don't have time to post, cya then.

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon


Before i make another epic post, i just want to make sure that everyone had a chance to post if they so desired.

EDIT: I posted. Screw the places thing. Post wherever XD

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

-i lied- Got sucked away from cpu to do a whole bunch of nonsense last night. BUT have most of the post written so it'll be posted soon!

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

-will be posting a big DM post within the 7 hours-

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

Thanks for the chance to join, however given how much has already been posted, I think I'll pass. It looks like a great role play though.

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

dzines: we have a blacksmiths son already XD

All the character spots are full, this is a very in depth rp that has full character integration, and adding another character at this point might be difficult / detrimental to the plot.

However, if you read over the IC thread (bolded posts for plot), and think you can find somewhere to fit in, then have at!!!

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

Hey if it's not to late to join, may I join as a young boy? I was thinking probably 8 or 9, the blacksmith's son.

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon

I can tell, so i have not much to do, i suppose waiting until night would take a while xD
So imma probably have Tobias awaken soon. And go traipsing into a pub. :D

Re: [OOC] Destinies United in Thalon


Not too much has happened, as you can probably see XD