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"Now faithful audience! Choose a story to play before your very eyes!"

a character in “Di Morte il Secondo”, as played by Baby

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Ultear Ingrid




Years at Di Morte

Her gift is illusion. Her illusions include sound, animations, smell and realistic texture for 5 seconds of contact until it fades or disappears. Her illusions can be 50x50 ft large each and 5 at a time at the maximum height. If the dimensions are smaller she can do more.

Ultear absolutely loves telling stories. She is also a fantastic liar/actor that can almost never be caught, sometimes even by her circus family that knows her ability. Ultear is also mischievous, known for pranks whenever she is in the mood or decides to 'practice' her gift. Though she seems to be a fun character, on the inside she can be obsessive, known to be fixated with a multitude of things that have captured her interest. Her obsessive nature can turn her into something like a villain, doing things out of line to get what she desires, but never murder or serious injury. Ultear couldn't bring herself to do such a thing. Could she?

Brief Description
5'4, Her body is well pronounced. Deep voice yet still feminine. 150lbs. (Curves gotta come with weight.).

Sour and salty foods
All cats
Listening to stories
Watching movies/plays
Reading books
Telling stories
Creating illusions

Boring stories
Extreme temperatures
Extremely sweet foods
People who touch her illusions

Her illusions vary and are so realistic that she could create a world for someone for a few hours.

Depending on the number and size of illusions, Ultear may need semi or absolute concentration. Her concentration can be broken if someone pushes her or anything that has an equal or greater force of a push, pour water on her, or if she is extremely hungry or tired.

Also, while doing five 50x50ft illusions for the show, she slips into a coma like state.


The mask represents theatre, most notably, comedies and tragedies. Ultear loves stories, thus she loves the theatre. Her masks are one of her most treasured possessions.

Ultear was collected by the ringmaster when she was 13 in the orphanage showing her friend what a tiger looks like. When she was taken in, she was made a performer after three years of mastering her talent. When one of the people from the audience hit her with a ball on the way out, she fell down and scraped her knee. The former ringmaster tended to her knee and that was when Ultear truly loved the ringmaster, since no one seemed to really care for her, just her illusions. She became much more energetic and talkative, telling stories with the circus family with her illusions, developing into an amazing story teller and making some friends on the way.

When the new ringmaster came, Ultear did not care as much. She could still be surrounded by the things she loved most, a stage for her illusions, friends, animals, and circus food. One day she burned herself with a fresh funnel cake and the new Ringmaster just so happened to look by. He gave her some ice for her tongue and for the second time in her life, someone helped her. Ultear soon developed a crush with the Ringmaster and started to become slightly obsessed...

The Ringmaster.

With the Ringmaster

Very flirty and may induce herself into an illusion periodically.

So begins...

Ultear Ingrid's Story