Digimon Salvation

Digimon Salvation

{Open roles!} ''The digital world is in danger once again, but new hero's are chosen to save it this time.''

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ImageWelcome Digi-Destined, we are in dire need of your help the Digital world is in ruins because of a new threat Alphamon! Once a noble royal knight, now a fallen angel seeking to take over the Digital and perhaps the real world! Once, a land full of free digimon but something went wrong with Alphamon and now he extracts his revenge upon all, plus the royal knights are nowhere to be seen with this new evil and no one to stop it is this world doomed? Ofcourse not, long ago there were kids from another realm who had saved this world once, but it's all belived to have been a myth and they've stopped trying to reach the other realmed warriors but now the call is upon you! Realm warriors you are the only ones capable of saving this forsaken land and freeing it from the evil grips of Alphamon!

You are just at home when all of a sudden you get a text message from a person called DESTINY If you had tryed to delete it it would be useless then all of a sudden a egg appears and cracks in your phone, a strange creature pops out and says ''Hello, im your new digimon, AKA your new companion!''A powerful beam then blasts out of your phone blinding you for abit and then you wake up in the digital world. You'd meet all your companions there and from there on you'll be a DIGI DESTINED!










Hello and welcome to my Rp! This rp will take place much later then the current Series, so about 100 years later the current digidestined have been forgotten and it's been a myth, digimon have been forgotten and people have forgot they even existed.
Evolving will have to be approved by yours truly, especially if you're planning to go higher then a mega. But i'll let evolving to champion go without permission since it's such a small leap.
Character sheet should include the following:
Appearance(Paragraph form)
Personalty(Paragraph form)
History(Paragraph form)
Weaknesses(4 atleast)
Strengths(Atleast 4)
Fears(Atleast 3)
Digimons name/appearance/Personallity
(If you have trouble making it, i'll send you a character sheet you'll just need to fill in the gaps)

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Re: Digimon Salvation{Open roles!}

Cmon guys! Get your characters in! D:

Re: Digimon Salvation{Open roles!}

That's totally fine welcome to my rp, hope you have a great time!

Re: Digimon Salvation{Open roles!}

I saw digimon and that was literally enough to draw me in. Hi~

Re: Digimon Salvation{Open roles!}

Not at all. You can be that age if you wish.

Re: Digimon Salvation{Open roles!}

Errr, do we have to use those age limits, because I think it would be a bit more plausible for the FC I want to use if I say he is 10 or 11. Plus, everyone knows too many people make teenagers.

Digimon Salvation{Open roles!}

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