Max Relander

"Ughhh... this thing again?"

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a character in “Digimon: The Second Dimension”, as played by Cheeseymonkey


For a Human Character
Name: Maximilien Relander... though people mostly call him Max.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Digimon Partner: Zento is his Digimon partner.

Appearance: Max is quite tall and stands at 5'11", if not 6'. He has orange-ish hair that people think dyed, but truly are natural. His eyes are a shade of deep blue. He is usually seen outdoors with a coat or jacket on which has a t-shirt inside. He is naturally tanned and is quite the looker to ladies. He does seem frail though making his way through life with street smarts and not brawn strength. He is usually the go to guy at his college.

Personality: Max is a shy person at heart. He will always stay away from people and usually keeps quiet to himself. He usually has a smile on his face though seeing as how he always looks on the positive side. He has little friends and cares alot about people he doesn't really know. He will always put people over his well being. He is deathly afraind of spiders or anything with 8 legs and resembles a spider. He always has his head in his books or on his laptop reading books or programming. He is in pretty deep trouble for somehow tapping into the UAU's database thinking that it was just another site to hack. He thinks highly of his digimon though seems to be lost on why she is so cold to him. So, he just rolls along with it, hoping a mutual bond can form later.

-Very knowledgable
-Kind and caring.
-Puts people over himself.
-Quick to work with a computer.
-Deathly afraid of spiders.
-Caring to a fault.
Occupation: Hacker, College student.
Quick Bio: Max was raised in a middle class family in America. He had troubles with his grades and his brother. His older brother, in fact. The man was a natural at everything it seemed. He was great at sports, a vertigo in music, a heart breaker and a nerd all at once. He couldn't be more than perfect. With this, Max felt anguish as his parents soon realized he was nothing like his brother. Max developped an identity online instead, where he was free of family demands.
He finished high school top of his class, and went on with college. He was studying to become a video game producer. At one point, on a Thursday, he got online and started hacking stuff. He found codes to a place called the UAU website. He smiled at the challenge for once. Within a couple of hours, he had managed of infiltrating the UAU's website. He checked out the files and found the code name: "Digital World". That had peaked his interest. He quickly started analyzing the files and editing a few things out, some codes that weren't supposed to be there. With that, a portal opened and, through it, fell into what he was tampering with a second ago. There he found a strange looking dinosaur. Her name, was Zento.


So begins...

Max Relander's Story

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His fingers moved rapidly as he saw every inch of documentation. Max was up all night, as he tapped the keys of his keyboard. The smile on his face wide as he knew that he was almost about to crack into the system. "You, are a pain in the ass!" He says in his dorm at 4 in the morning. He had been up all night fighting against the firewall of a website known as UAU. The hacking community all tried and failed at seeing what was on the other side of the wall, and most people made stories about how it was just another trolling arrangement or had unlimited bank account passwords. Max didn't care, as long as he found a way inside.

Another 30 minutes passed as his fingers typed, the codes being just a blur and his eyes reading over everything the wall throwed at him. With a sigh of great relief, he entered the last code and entered the digital archive of UAU. He started scanning through everything, seeing all the files available until he ended up on a peculiar one named 'Experiment D'. He opened it up and saw another folder inside. It being lonely, with the name of 'DigitalWorld'. With a couple of clicks, he blacked out.

What seemed like an eternity later, he found himself surrounded by vegetation. "Where in the world am I?" He asked, looking around standing up. He sighed, "This is one weird ass dream." He said, moving off. He came upon a small, purple dragon looking thing. He went down and petted it. "Hey little buddy... what's your name?" He asked, not knowing what this purple Draakmon would do.

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#, as written by Polka
Zento had been casually minding her own business when she felt a warm hand pat her head. Whatever it was it did not smell like anything she had ever smelt before. Before she turned to see whatever it was touching her without permission it spoke. In a voice that could only mean one thing.

The small purple baby stepped back before showing her teeth to this .... human.
' How in earth did you get here?' she chirped with a high pitch growl.
She didn't really think he was going to bring her any harm, but in this form she couldn't really protect herself if he did yet something was forcing her to stay.

She was now presented with an inner struggle, she could either take a chunk from this boys hand or submit to him. She waited on his next move before deciding the next move.