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Dippity Doo Da--with a side of SPRINKLES!!

Dippity Doo Da--with a side of SPRINKLES!!

It's back. And this time, it's with sprinkles. (Private roleplay with Griese Lightning, feel free to read along)

663 readers have visited this universe since OstrichBurgers created it.
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Character Portrait: Yua Ikeda "We're gonna be okay. I know we are."
Character Portrait: Tsubasa Susugihara "The power of flight was humanity's greatest invention."
Character Portrait: Katsuro Kisaragi "I wonder if my daddy could buy this resort for me...who am I kidding, of course he can!"
Character Portrait: Sachiko Hayashi "You look better with a smile."
Character Portrait: Aimi Wakabayashi "An entire resort without a single Kurosawa movie. Blasphemous."
Character Portrait: Chou Futami "No track, eh? No problem! I'll run this whole compound instead, who wants to tag along?!"
Character Portrait: Hideyoshi Kagakagari "It's cramped in here...let's go somewhere outside."
Character Portrait: Nagisa Himura "Wow, look at all the pretty clouds! We sure are lucky to be in such a great place."
Character Portrait: Tomomi Tanaka "What would you like to do first?
Character Portrait: Takuya Saito "Eh, maybe later."
Character Portrait: Ryota Nakano "Did I hurt your feelings? How severely?"
Character Portrait: Kokoro Mizushima "Cupcakes. I want to bake cupcakes."
Character Portrait: Minato Yamada "Everyone, calm down. Let's think about this..."
Character Portrait: Hekima Shimizu "Hmm."
Character Portrait: Ichiro Fukui "I-isn't the sky so pretty?"

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Tsubasa smiled at Yua, grateful to see she was doing alright. He glanced at her arm, wanting to be sure she was still safe after being attacked the day before--it didn't seem to be bleeding, so Tsubasa assumed it had been treated adequately. Bringing it up now would probably only freak everyone out--it could be ignored for now.

"I just realized I never answered when you asked how we slept," Tsubasa said suddenly. "Sorry, still a bit distracted. I slept fine."

It wasn't a lie--he had slept through the night, at least--but he had also been up for hours late into morning trying to come up with the most simplistic design possible to transfer everyone safely off the island. The more basic the design, the more likely it was they would find the materials needed to actually build a plane. Granted it also meant less room for passengers, but that was one of the issues he had been working to fix.

Wakabayashi nodded, dipping her finger in the pool curiously. "Did anyone already eat? I suppose I should have thought to get something. Maybe I'll go get some food from the main resort if everyone takes too long."

"I got breakfast pretty early," Tsubasa replied.

Futami looked like she would speak up--but then she trailed off, squeaked, and went bright red, immediately looking to the opposite of the pool from the gate. Curious, Tsubasa glanced at the gate...and shrieked.

"Kagakagari! Why are you naked?!"

Kagakagari yawned. "I told you you can call me Yoshi," he said casually. "Just got back from grabbing breakfast. I should probably shower, but that means going inside again..."

"Answer my question, d*mmit!"

Kagakagari shrugged, wandering to one of the lounge chairs as far from everyone else as possible. He crawled onto it, closing his eyes. "Eh, I spent the night outside and I didn't feel like going back into the dorms to grab clothes."

"What kind of person sleeps naked outside?!"

"Aren'tcha at least a bit embarrassed?" Futami muttered, staring intently at the pool. "I-I mean, because there're girls here and all..."

"Is 'shame' a foreign concept to you?" Wakabayashi asked.

Tsubasa pointed at them. "What they said! You've got to put pants on, dude!"

Kagakagari huffed, sat up, and wandered towards a desk near the opposite end of the pool. He crouched near it, muttering to himself, then stood, now carting a towel. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he returned to his lounge chair.


"Better than nothing," Tsubasa sighed. "Seriously, man, you've gotta stop doing that."

"Eh, you guys are just prudes. In the early stages of humanity there were no clothes. It was just man and nature."

"You know clothes are considered an advancement in humanity, right...?"

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