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a character in “Direlocks Magic Boarding School.”, as played by Fiery-Temper

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Full Name: Christina Lacie Brookes
Nickname (If any): Chris
Age: 14-15, Third Year.
Magic (Eg: Witch/Wizard, Werewolf, Elemental, Power to Heal.): Healer
Appearance and Picture: Image Image Chris has long blonde, curly hair, but she straightens it almost every morning. Her natural hair colour is brown. She has light blue eyes. She is 5'6 and is an average build.
Face Claim: Avril Lavinge


Personality: She is chirpy around her friends and quiet and serious around strangers. She is calm in serious situations. She is constantly worried for her brother Mikael, who does not attend the school. She hates vampires.
Fears: Losing her brother, blood.
Likes: Happy People, her friends
Dislikes: Vampires
Hobbies: Swimming, Dancing, Running


She carries a picture of Mikael with her everywhere.


She grew up in East Croydon, London with her mother Teresa and brother Mikael. Before she was born, her father turned her brother into a werewolf, and left. Her mother was not magic, she worked as a nurse, and found it difficult to look after the healer and werewolf. The summer before Mikael was supposed to start Direlocks, he was attacked by a vampire, and five years later, he is still in the hospital. Her mother is constantly stressed.

So begins...

Chris Brookes's Story

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Chris Brookes

Chris shuffled through the crowds, trying not to be noticed. She noticed a girl wit blonde hair getting upfrom the floor, and recognised her from Spanish class. She walked over to her. "Hi, I'm Chris, do you take Spanish? I think I saw you earlier," she gave a small smile and blushed. She wasn't very good around strangers.
Adrina Hargrove

Adrina looked around, checking to see if any of the teachers were watching. She quickly walked through the crowds, and reached the back door, the one that led to the boarding school rooms. She gave a quick glance around and headed out the doors.

As soon as she was out of sight, she slipped a bottle of alcohol out of her bag. Of course, the cameras could see her, but it would be too late to tell her to stop by then. She took a swig from the bottle and continued on her way to her room. She was not in the mood for school. Then again, she never was.

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Chris Brookes

Chris smiled back at Aqua. "I think we have to find ten female and ten male nouns and put them into sentences," she replied with a slight shrug. "Nothing too hard." The bell rang, and Chris gave a small jump in surprise. "Well, I'd better head to class. I've got healing." She gave a slight shudder at this; It was kind of strange, seeing as her power was a healer, and her mothers occupation was a nurse, but she was terrified of blood. "See you 'round," she muttered, with a slight wave of her hand. She headed off to class, walking through the wide corridors and around the other bustling students, all eager not to be late. She arried at the door and entered; there was only two other students in the room, and the teacher had yet to arrive. She sat herself down beside a short girl with purple hair.

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Adrina Hargrove

Adrina took a seat in on of the many table that surrounded the garden. The teacher pursed her lips. "You're late," she remarked, her mouth set in a thin line. Adrina nodded, and the teacher walked forward, with a small pink note in her hand. "Detention," she said, handing Adrina the detention slip. Adrina rolled her eyes and slipped the notice into her bag.

"Now, to the lesson," the teacher rubbed her hands together, then turned around to where a large cardboard box was sitting. "Squigglenoffs," she said, opening the box and taking out a purple plant that seemed to be almost in the shape of a blow-dryer. It had two slits where the fan of the blow dryer would be, and they almost looked like eyes. The slits opened, and the class gasped at the pink beady eyes that stared back at them.
"But- What's there magical quality?" a tall boy with a stocky build said, raising his hand as he did so. The teacher chuckled slightly.
"Watch and learn, children," she said, and as she did, a small circle opened a few centimetres under the eyes, and a song in a foreign language poured out of it's lips.
"It can sing? That's it?" Adrina turned around to see someone she recognised as being called Trench. The teacher raised one eyebrow.

"Isn't that enough?" she asked, with a slight laugh. "But no, that's not all. They can predict the future of whoever is holding it, unfortunately, however, no-one knows the language of the Squigglenoffs, and so the future is impossible to predict -- of course, the exception being prophecies, and psychics, like Adrina over here," the teacher gestured to Adrina, and she slumped down in her seat as the class looked over at her. "Daniel, be a dear and hand a Squigglenoff to the class, will you?
Christina Brookes

Chris looked down at the mangled toad. I'm only in third year, she thought. How the hell am I suposed to heal this thing? It's practically dead! She gave a small sigh, and placed her hands on the toads body, wincing slightly. "Ugh," she muttered. She closed her eyes and thought aout the toads body being put back into place. There was a slight tingle in her hands, and she opened her eyes. She cursed under her breath. All she had done was make it worse. "Did I hear foul language?" the teacher said. "No, sir," Chris said with a small sigh.