Discovery at the Rendezvous

Discovery at the Rendezvous


In New York city, it's easy to get caught up in all the excitement. Like the teens from rich school SpringWaters. But, after a midnight party, a group of unlikely teenagers will discover something that changes their lives forever. -Accepting-

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In big city New york, it's easy to get caught up in all the excitement, but every once and a while some may discover things in this beautiful city that could just as easily change their lives forever. Whether it be love, adventure, or family, anything could happen in a city as big as this.

What about teens from rich school Springwaters? When a group of wealthy teenagers are enjoying a late night party, some of the adolescents stray away from the affair and to a large abandoned hotel. Nobody knows why they did it. Were they drunk? Looking for a new place to party? Or trying to find out if the rumor about the building being haunted is true?

But what they find next is nothing they had ever expected. What they discover is none other than a large group of poverty stricken kids, living in secret from the outside world.

These kids have developed an age based society where the oldest(16-17) rule first, making decisions in keeping the younger safe from harm and making sure they are fed. Though, these kids are mislead and have resorted in nothing but stealing to get the food they need. Even the younger have been used to steal away food and clothing and the oldest ration.

The teens that night either ignore that they have found those kids or help their counterparts. But they have little time left to stop their wronging. For in a good six months, the government will have the building torn down for recreational use and the kids refuse to leave.

In those six months the teens have to band together despite their differences and bring these kids out of their darkness before it is too late. In other words, they must show these kids that the world isn't such a cruel place as they once believed it is, but will the oldest teens from the poverty band listen...Or will their minds set on the world of abuse and hunger...

For now, let's start with the night of the party...

Character sheets:



Description: (Include a pic. Anime is preffered.)
Family: (Mom, dad...Tell me if they had a divorce or not and how they became wealthy. Siblings included. Also your history with that family will be needed.)


Name: (You do not have to have a full name if you are poor or you can. You may have forgotten it when you were little and you don't know what your last name is. You can even have just a nickname for your character.)
Place: (Your place in the society. The oldest help the younger. The oldest will be 16-17.
Here is where the age group stands:
16-17: Take care of the younger by making the decisions and help keeping the kids fed and clothed by rationing out the food amongst them. They are also responsible for teaching them almost like the parents of the family and are very sacrificial.
13-15: They usually help gather the food and clothing by stealing.
9-12: They fit in with the 13-14 group almost except most are the distraction.
5-8: Don't really do much unless the kids are desperate and need more food which is usually all the time. Then they will most likely become the distraction.
1-4: Don't do anything really but are highly protected by all the kids.)

Description: (Anime pic preferred.)
History: (What happened to them when they were little. Were they abandoned, abused, or just given away. BTW, the society is formed when a group of kids who are abandoned and have no parents band together and 'adopt' other parentless kids.)

If you are poor NO PARENTS ALLOWED!!!! Sorry but this is a roleplay that revolves around kids.
No marysues, godmodding, or stalling.
If you are going to be out them please PM me. If you don't post within a weeks time then I will PM you. I will then wait for a response in a weeks period.
Any questions, please ask.
Yeah I know. It says teen, wealthy, party, DRUNK! Yes I want you to have fun but please take it serious as well. Follow the plot line as much as you can and hey, I don't mind if you create another just please make it relate to the subject in some way. Don't write random nonsense and all.
Keep it at least PG-13, no R.
If you join you will most likely get accepted quickly and easily. I'm online almost all the time.

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Kezzy heard Sunny and woke up looking to Kyle and started shaking him "Kyle wake ups! its mornin time! de suns eyes are openeds" she said and started jumping on the bed before climbing down off the bed and ran to the door. She opened it and ran down the hall to Sunny and Jynx's room and knocked on the door "Sunny its me Kezzy! Can I come ins?! I heards yews awakes!" she smiled and knocked on the door again.


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Luca panted as he removed the last protruding nail from its crevice. "Well, my work here is done." He says as he stuffs the old nail in his pocket and making his way upstairs only to abruptly stop as he hears a faint, yet audible, voice coming from the hallway. "Ah, It seems the little ones are awake..." He pauses a moment. "Or...Some of them at least." He finishes before continueing upstairs.

"Hmm, yes...What a fun day this will be indeed..." Unlike most kids who damper on the extremity of things, Luca tries to make the best of things. This isn't just because he's insane, it's mostly got to do with the seclusion of him and others. No one to actually discuss any of the dire topics to him.

As he walks down the hall, he sees Kezzy already awake knocking on what looked like Sunny and that girl Jinx's door. "Good morning Miss." he says kindly in a somewhat British accent as he passes the small girl.

Echo and Riley

Riley was the first to wake up and dash out of bed as he hears the others waking up. As he passes out through the door he makes sure to grab his 'lucky' hat from a hook to the right of the door.

He bolts out through the door sliding as he turns to the hallway. Riley was more of a morning person than any one else, of course, all little kids were. Riley stops as he sees Kezzy and he guesses...Luca. "Hi Kezzy!" He says happily with a wave before turning to the door. "Hey Sunny! Hurry! We might miss the morning prayer at breakfast!" He says as he too starts knocking at the door.


Echo groans as Riley bolts out of bed and to the hallway. It takes her a few minutes to get up and make her way through the door and down the hallway. This was her morning ritual.

Wake up.
Head to the storage room and start rationing the right amount for everyone.
Pass the food around at the big food court.
Say morning prayer. Head back to her and Riley's room to finish their meal.

It was practically law around here to eat in everyone's room in fear of stealing. The food courts indeed was a huge place and for the longest of times they used that to eat in until they found out some of the kids were stealing other kids food right under their noses.

Echo sighed as she heard the echoing of the kids and the murmurs coming from all the other rooms. Just another day.


As the sun shone through the window, the ray of light stopped over Nila's eyes. The teen groans as she grabs her pillow and pulls it over her head. The small chirp of birds coming from the window calmed her as she tried to fall back asleep only to tense up at the sound of small kids playing downstairs. Nila sat upright. The sound was coming closer. "Oh Lord." She breathes out before jumping out of bed, wrapping her hand around the pristine door knob and closing the door just in time for the little kids to stop. Sarika had forgotten that her little cousins, Lila, Knight, Sean, and Cody were staying here for the entire week.

"We know your awake Nila!" The kids shouted from behind the door as they tried in their best efforts to open the door. Nila tried her very best to keep the door closed but it slowly started to crack open and just when she was about to lose the battle, her moms voice could be heard from downstairs quickly followed by little kid groans and whines before it went completely silent.

Nila kept the door closed for a moment or two before a small little knocking could be heard. "Nila? It alright. It me Cody." Cody. The only one of her cousins she actually loves with all of her soul. Unlike all the rest of them, Cody was almost like Nila in a way. He had the same black hair, blue eyes, and almost pale looking skin. The only differences is gender, the way he dresses, and a little bit of personality. Cody was shy and unsocial most of the times yet he still loved to go outside to places like Walmart or just a simple Cafe.

Nila opens the door slowly and smiles at her little cousin. "Hey Cody." She says softly. "What's mom cooking for dinner hmm?" She asks the small kid. He rubs his eyes and yawns. "Uh, she cookin...oatmeal I think." he says. Nila just thinks for a moment. Mom's oatmeal was...alright. Good enough to distract the kids while her and Cody go somewhere else to eat. "Alright then. Let me get dressed and we'll go somewhere else." She says as she invites the kid in and heads for her walk in closet.

After a few minutes of putting on clothes, brushing and ironing her hair, and putting on a small amount of make up, she heads out of the closet and sticks a note on her door saying her and Cody went to get something to eat. She grabs her keys and walks out of the door quickly followed by Cody. As Nila approached her car, a thought appeared in mind. It was about Joseph and the place he was talking about.

Have lunch there eh...? She thinks with a smile. Hmm let us see who gets to the hotel first this morning. Like her, Cody wasn't afraide of just about anything. Taking him to the hotel might be a little risky but she knew he would enjoy it.


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#, as written by Ang-cat
"Morning, Kezzy. Morning Riley." Jynx said, with a lazy grin as her sister opened the door. She peaked out the door frame and saw Luca. "Morning, Luca!" she called, louder, with a yawn.

The 3 kids darted to the food court, a giant expanse of a room, and Jynx followed them, running behind. After Echo said morning prayers, Jynx and Sunny lingered for a while. Jynx and Sunny both did not mind sharing their food, and violence rarely occurred within the family, but when it did, it was in the food court. Jynx tried not to stay there long, though both girls enjoyed the time being around people.

"Perhaps we should go into town later today?" Jynx asked her little sister, speculating out loud, as she broke a piece of bread in half and gave one half to her sister.

"C'Riley and Kezzy come?" Sunny prodded her sister.

"Kezzy's too young." Jynx smiled down at Kezzy and ruffled her hair lightly. Riley wasn't around, but he was never fond of thievery anyway.


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Kezzy waved to Luca "Hai Luca!" she then smiled to see Riley come over "Hai Riley!" she smiled brightly then saw Sunny open the door and smiled to Jynx "mornins Jynxys" she gigglles and runs after Sunny to the food court and waited for her food, though she wasn't one that ate that much and only had a little bit but it was enough for her. When she heard Jynx say about going into town but saying she was too young she frowned "I wanna go tho, I dun't wanna stay in here all the time" she pouted her lips and looked up to Jynx when she ruffled her hair. "Benny wants to go too, can I please go..pleaase" she begged a little with her puppy dog eyes.


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#, as written by Fencer
Once again morning arrived and the building came alive again, Basilisk could hear movement from the food court, despite spending all night watching he thought that it would appropriate go there even if he doesn't have the intention of eating this day.
Despite that the overall performance from the last night was good for him personally it was a failure, not only the eldest learned that were intruders but even the little ones, he had been very slow on this occasion, the fact that the intruders were teenagers, very different from addicts or vagrants, make him doubt and that doubt made the whole building to find out. Even Luca, Basilisk hear his maniacal laughter when the intruders were leaving and the sound of his hammer indicated him that he wasn't the only one to spend the night awake.
When he get to the food court he heard that they were talking about going to the town, "I'll go..." said from the door, thinking that at least he could ensure that nothing will happen to people who leave the building, "Good morning" he said after look at his family, family that he was going to protect without a shred of mercy the next time.


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#, as written by Ang-cat
"I wanna go tho, I dun't wanna stay in here all the time. Benny wants to go too, can I please go..pleaase"

"I'll go... Good morning."

"Morning, Basilisk!"

It wasn't in Jynx's nature to say no, especially when Kezzy made that face. Jynx would admit, Kezzy was Grade A when it came to getting what she wanted- and she could relate to how boring it could get, staying in the building and not seeing the city for days or weeks at a time. Home was always bustling with kids, but it was nothing compared to the city, and it could get hard being couped up in there all the time.

Jynx's only real concern was safety. So when Basilisk offered his help, Jynx felt immediate relief. Although slightly younger, he was much better at protecting, and knew he would keep an eye on the kids.

Smiling, Jynx looked to Basilisk and then back down at Kezzy, "Alright, but no running off and make sure Kyle knows you're with us today, 'kay?"

Jynx was grinning, but it was Sunny who was beaming with happiness, "Yay! Kezzy and Basilisk are coming! Now Riley!" the little girl exclaimed.

Sunny raced off, but Jynx knew it would be wise if Riley didn't go. Besides, he was attached to Echo, and both she and Kyle stayed home often, to oversee the younger kids. Jynx continued to Kezzy and Basilisk, "Perhaps later today we'll go." First, Jynx had reading lessons to teach.


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Luca watched everyone gather their food before returning to their rooms. To Luca this was a pitiful sight, but like always he played it off as to not scare the younger. He grabbed a plate of his own and marched off passing Jinx, Basilisk, and Sunny. As he did though, he heard something that peaked his interest. He turns around with a smirk on his face. "Town you say!?" Normally it wasnt like Luca to talk to people who were sane or voices due to his inanity but this was an exception. "Well it just so happens that Ill be go latest experiment." ing to town this evening to try out my latest experiment!" He says proudly. After he says this he begins to laugh meniacley, getting strange glancesfrom some of the older and younger kids. Most didnt even know who the heck he was so it was understable if they did stare. After about two minutes of laughing insanely, the boy suddely stops and growls under his breath "Sut up." Before his demeanor becomes tranquill. " going to my room..." he states blankly almosr scared even. For some of the kids had started pointing and whispering. Luca took this as a hint for him to leave.

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Hola, guys!
I know Jynx and Sunny were supposed to go into town with the others and everything but on Friday, I'm going on vacation for 10 days! You guys have the right to control both of them, please and ty c:

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Sorry again! I've been to a lot of friend's house lately and I recently came home a few minutes ago. I'll try my best to post, though. I promise!

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made another character to make things a bit more interesting. He isn't going to be the most major role in the story but he is apart of it. This character will also make things a little less serious and more...comedic.

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I also edited my post so it would make sense to things.

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EDIT: Done!

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Hm...but I posted that way before he ever showed the pic. I'm not sure if he read the previous posts or not. He came in on his bike, so he couldn't show it in the car. That would have been more convenient though.

Maybe showing pics when we got back to the party? Arent your cars there? And it would make more sense to talk in from of the party house an not in front of the creepy hotel we wanted to get away from.

Re: Discovery at the Rendezvous.

To tell the truth I'm not sure. You seem to be driving away while Joseph is showing the pic. Maybe you could post that you had looked at the pic then drove away or you could edit your previous post so that you stayed for a bit longer before driving away.

EDIT: Also, for those who have poor characters may now post whenever. Yeah, I just didn't want the RP to get ahead of itself but now that the party is over, the stealing, meetings, fights, anything really, may start. As the story progresses a bit further, I will tell you all either through my posting or OOC about what is going to happen next to par with the story line. So, I'll tell you all what the date is if you all are confused and I'll tell when the society or teenagers(Depends on how the story is going) Finds out that the government is going to tear down the building. But that is a LOOONG ways ahead so don't worry now.

I may also add some plot twists or a smaller plot in the much bigger plot. So many plots haha. I do this since it is going to be a long ways ahead since I know that a day in the role play is almost a week in reality haha.

Re: Discovery at the Rendezvous.

Wait so we are still at the house or driving away? Because Joseph showed you the pic from his bike.

Re: Discovery at the Rendezvous.

It was just a thought. Not sure if anyone in this group would be up for it, but just wanted to make sure. Would make things interesting.

Just wondering. Don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable.

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Hmm, well like I said to keep it as a PG-13 level. Same sex romance....if you want to go there then I'm not holding you back. So, I will allow it.

Re: Discovery at the Rendezvous.

What kinds did you have in mind?

Re: Discovery at the Rendezvous.

I have a question. What kind of romance is allowed?

Re: Discovery at the Rendezvous.

Oh wow. I wake up to see I missed so much. O_O

Re: Discovery at the Rendezvous.

I posted with my character and doesn't seem to notice the 'outsiders' inside.

Re: Discovery at the Rendezvous.

Aha - merci! c:
I'll give it a couple more posts (unless someone else with a poor character wants to post now, of course).