World BetaCloud of Darkness

A being of darkness who wants to return the world to nothingness

a character in “Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story”, as played by JewelGlutton

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires



Race: Dark Deity

Class: Bane of Life

Nicknames: CoD, The Dark Cloud

Age: Ageless

Height: 5'6

weight: 100 lbs


Cruel and belittling towards others, the Cloud of Darkness has no care for human life, though is fascinated by living things' attempt to live in spite of knowing they would eventually die. Also thinks the Manikins are an abomnination for they upset the balance.


Weapon: Particle beams and Tentacles

Ex Mode Flood of Darkness: she gains the ability to attack with particles beams in rapid succesion, losing the cool down time between attacks.

Ex Burst Ultra Particle Beam: Charges a massive beam of energy and unleashes it upon her foe that strikes multiple times.

Alternate Costumes



Uses Xande as a pawn to cause imbalance in the world hoping the imbalance will throw the world into chaos and discord eventually sending it back to the void.

So begins...

Cloud of Darkness's Story