Maria (FF2)

She is Leon's biological sister, and Firion's foster sister. She is a skilled archer, and as such wields a bow.

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Name: Maria

Race: Hume.
Class: Bow Specialist.
Age: 17.
Hair Color: Purple. (Red in her second alternate outfit.)
Eye Color: Hazel. (Blue in her first alternate outfit. Maroon in her second.)
Height: 5 ' 4". (Guessing.)
Weight: 126 lbs. (Guessing.)
Build: Slender, and agile.

Possible Assists: Firion, and other Warriors of Cosmos.


Leon's biological sister, Maria is a strong young woman who carries on her fight against the empire even as she searches for her lost brother. She accompanies Firion, Squall, and Laguna throughout the story of Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story. Like Firion, she too wishes to see a land free of war and tyranny. She seems to be afraid of the thought of having to fight her brother.

Laterality: Right-handed.
Likes: Firion and Leon, flowers, and freedom.
Dislikes: The thought of having to fight her brother, losing friends or allies, and Emperor Mateus.
Hobbies: Archery, swimming, and studying Black Magic.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship Status: She's with Firion.


Crystal: Amethyst Shard. (Nearly identical to Firion's crystal, except for color.)

Manikin: Imitation Bow-maiden.

Victory Pose: Puts away her bow and arrows, and then crosses her legs a bit and stands with one hand on her hips. Similar to her Amano artwork.


Weapon: Wild Rose Bow.

Bravery Attacks:

Magic Arts: Flame{Ground}: Similar to Firion's fire spell, except with increased range and power.

Magic Arts: Frost{Ground / Aerial}: Shoots an icicle at the opponent, like Firion's blizzard spell.

Magic Arts: Bolt{Aerial}: Conjures several lightning bolts over the opponent's head to knock them down, much like Firion's.

Magic Arts: Scourge{Ground}: Summons a cloud of poison smoke that slowly approaches the enemy.

Magic Arts: Paralyze{Aerial}: Similar to Shantotto's stun spell.

Magic Arts: Teleport{Ground / Aerial}: Short-range, moves the opponent to a different part of the area.

HP Attacks:

Straight Arrow{Ground / Aerial}: Similar to Firion's, except with slight homing abilities.

Fire Arrow{Ground / Aerial}: Shoots an arrow imbued with Fire magic.

Blizzard Arrow{Ground / Aerial}: Shoots an arrow imbued with Ice magic.

Thunder Arrow{Ground / Aerial}: Shoots an arrow imbued with Thunder magic.

Shield Bash{Ground / Aerial}: Create a barrier of energy to block attacks. Then either shoot an arrow at the opponent, or cast Fire, Ice and Thunder magic at them, depending on the opponent's distance from Maria.

Feint Counter {Ground / Aerial}: On successful dodge, circles opponent and back-attacks. Vulnerable while circling.

EX Mode{Artemis Bow Equipped}: Equips her ultimate weapon, the Artemis Bow. (I can't seem to find a picture of it's FF2 incarnation.)

EX Burst{Elemental Arrow}: Launches a barrage of magic-imbued arrows, then ends with Ultima Arrow.

Alternate Outfits

Her default outfit is based on her Amano artwork, and PSP sprites. She wears a toga-like purple shirt with a gold plate covering one breast, the plate is held in place by a cloth strap that wraps around her neck and also connects to the shirt, and a leather strap making the metal plate resemble a bikini.

"Innocent Origins": Maria's first alternate outfit is based on her appearance in FF2's opening cinematic in both the Final Fantasy Origins and PSP remakes. In this outfit she has shorter hair, and wears a red and white shirt, a black and red skirt, blue leggings of different lengths, and brown/black leather boots. She also has a shorter haircut, a pouch strapped to her left leg, and wears a leather glove on her left hand and a bangle on her right.


"Classic Leotard": Based on her sprite appearance in the original NES version of FF2. Her outfit keeps most of the Amano design, but takes on the colors of her NES sprite. In this outfit her hair changes colors too. (It's the red outfit in her description pic, right next to her default outfit.)


Maria was the first obviously female character in the Final Fantasy series, as the characters in FF1 were just generic character types that you named yourself. She is Leon's biological sister and Firion's foster sister. She escaped along with Firion, Leon, and Guy when the Palamecian Empire destroyed their hometown of Fynn. Along with Firion and Guy she later joined the Wild Rose Rebellion to fight against the empire. She has now been summoned as a Warrior of Cosmos. Though, much like in FF2 she hopes to find her brother and bring him over to Cosmos' side.

World: Palakia.
Hometown: Fynn.
Place of Residence: Altair.
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.
Blood Type: B.
Parents: Unknown. (Deceased.)
Siblings: Leon{Biological}, and Firion{Adopted}.
Alliance: Warriors of Cosmos.

Character Theme: "Town Theme". (Final Fantasy II OST.)

Battle Theme: "FFII Battle Scene 1~Arranged". (Dissidia Final Fantasy.)

Battle Vs. Leon: "Battle Scene A". (Final Fantasy II OST.)

So begins...

Maria (FF2)'s Story


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Maria (FF2) jumped out of a portal, and landed near Firion and Squall. "We should be careful here. If this is in enemy territory, then we'll need to keep our guard up." she said, readying her bow in case any Manikins or Warriors of Chaos showed up.


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Maria (FF2) looked up, with a similar reaction. "Brother! Why must we fight?" she said, aiming her bow at Leon.


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Character Portrait: Maria (FF2)

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Maria (FF2) kept her bow aimed at her brother, but then saw the horde of Manikins that Emperor Mateus summoned as he left. "What are those things?! Firion, be careful!"


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Character Portrait: Maria (FF2)

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Maria (FF2) began firing arrows as well. "But, how do we escape? They have us surrounded." she said.