Reno (FF7)

A member of the Turks, and employee of Shinra. He usually hangs out with Rude.

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(Originally found on Photobucket, uploaded by "star-ness". Artist: Unknown.)

Name: Reno

Race: Human.
Class: Explosive Electro.
Age: 25.
Hair Color: Red. (Unnaturally natural hair color.)
Eye Color: Mako Green.
Height: 5' 7". (Guessing.)
Weight: 165 lbs. (Guessing.)
Build: Sorta lanky, yet athletic.

Reno's default outfit is based on his appearance in Advent Children, and he wears a black suit with a white dress shirt and black pants, along with dress shoes, and a pair of goggles around his forehead that push up his hair a bit.Reference.


Reno is cocky, a bit cynical, and also somewhat lazy. Though, for the most part he's a rather friendly guy. Despite his laid back, carefree nature he is actually quite good at his job and is currently second-in-command of the Turks.

Likes: His job, vacation time every once in a while, and women.
Dislikes: Professor Hojo, Sephiroth, and thinking of his mistakes in the past.
Hobbies: Drinking occasionally, flirting, and piloting helicopters.
Relationship Status: Single.

Crystal: Zirconiade Materia Shard.

Manikin: Imaginary Agent.

Victory Pose: Tosses his weapon and catches it, then taps it on his shoulder a few times.


Weapon: Electro Mag-Rod.

Alternate Outfits:


"Turks Blue": Reno's first alternate outfit is based on his original FF7 artwork and sprite appearance. In this outfit his suit jacket and dress pants are blue rather than their default black.


"Reno's Crisis Order": Reno's second alternate outfit is based on his Before Crisis and Last Order appearance, giving him a somewhat shorter haircut and losing the ponytail.


"Rod (Male)": Reno's third alternate outfit is based on the playable rod-wielding Turk from FF7 Before Crisis. He gets a different hairdo, with his hair being shorter, and a lighter shade of red. In this alt, his eyes also become blue. Portrait.

Bravery Attacks:

Shinra Grenade{Ground}: Chucks a grenade at the enemy, it explodes on impact.

Molotov Cocktail{Ground}: Throws a Molotov at the enemy, causing a fiery explosion. "Look at the fireworks."

S-Mine{Aerial}: Chucks an S-Mine at the opponent, causing a moderate amount of damage.

T/S Bomb{Aerial}: Throws a time-space bomb at the opponent, it bursts into a Demi spell that forces the opponent to the ground. "Flashy...just how I like it."

Short Staff{Ground/Aerial}: A combo attack consisting of two roundhouse kicks, and a strike from his weapon. Aerial version is just a one-hit attack with his weapon.

Pyramid{Ground}: Summons a transparent pyramid that traps the opponent inside of it and then shatters dealing bravery damage. "Stay right where you are."

Electro Mag-Rod{Ground/Aerial}: Tasers the enemy with his weapon by charging it with electricity unleashing blue sparks of lightning. "This might shock you."

Turk Light{Ground/Aerial}: Launches a small fireball straight at the opponent.

[size=150]HP Attacks:

Pierce Rod{Ground/Aerial}: Lunges at the opponent with his weapon, dealing three hits of brave damage before dealing HP damage with the final hit.

Electropod{Ground/Aerial}: Tasers the enemy with his weapon by charging it with electricity, unleashing green sparks. "Shocking, isn't it?"

Neo Turk Light{Ground/Aerial}: Launches a medium fireball at the opponent. Slight homing.

Electroprod{Ground/Aerial}: Tasers the enemy with his weapon by charging it with electricity, unleashing yellow sparks.

EX Mode{Improved Electro Mag-Rod}: His weapon becomes surrounded by electricity, and gets a boost to attack power. He also gains the ability "Shocker" increasing his chance of dealing a critical hit. "Shinra technology at it's finest!"

EX Burst{Turk Light Extreme}: Reno charges up his weapon, and then launches multiple fireballs at the opponent. He finishes the combo by using Electroprod 2, causing a big blast of lightning. "Limit Break! Turk Light Extreme!"


Go play Final Fantasy 7, and watch Advent Children. Though, I'm pretty sure you guys should know who he is if you're in a Final Fantasy RP like this one. He joins the Warriors of Cosmos in the fight against Chaos, the God of Discord and his chosen warriors.

World: Gaia.
Hometown: Midgar.
Parents: Unknown.
Alliance: Warriors of Cosmos.

Character Theme: "Turk's Theme". (Final Fantasy VII OST.)

Battle Theme: "Survive". (Before Crisis: FFVII OST.)

Battle Vs. Fuhito: "Desperate Crisis". {Before Crisis: FFVII OST.}

[center]Battle Vs. Kadaj: "The Chase of Highway". {FFVII: Advent Children.}

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