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Divinity Unbound

Divinity Unbound

The Dragon Goddess slumbers as the reanimated corpse of Her son, Maglissos, is rejuvenated by forbidden magics which siphon the life energy of the Dragon Race. Can our heroes save the Dragons and wake the Goddess before it's too late?

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“The Gods are not born. They simply Awaken…”

- Anonymous

During time immemorial, before the universe or even the concept of time existed… Two Gods Awoke to the vast emptiness of the Void.

They were the All Father and the All Mother. The King and Queen, as well as Father and Mother of the Gods. They knew this, as did all who came after. Realizing that they didn’t have the power to accomplish the tasks which existed in their minds, they set about Awakening their Children to assist them in their labor.

Their first child was the embodiment of beauty and power, and Awoke to the Void in a form entirely different to Her parents. With a serpentine body, massive wings which generated a hurricane with each flap, and a ferocious roar which made even the infinite Void tremble in fear, the Dragon Goddess, Sil’Eph Niir, was born.

Eons passed and the emptiness of the Void was given form by the All Father and life by the All Mother. They, alongside their Children, then ascended to the Higher Plane, a separate realm from that of the Mortal universe. However, what they did not anticipate or realize at the time was that alongside the birth of this new universe was another realm born with it. A realm every bit its equal and opposite. The Nether Realm. And within this Nether Realm was the embodiment of all negative forces: The King of the Nether Realm (also known more simply as the Evil King).

This Evil King began infecting the Universe with His negative energy which paved the way for all that is known as “evil” to exist in the world. Greed. Corruption. Cruelty. And more.

Following the creation of the Mortal Realm, Sil’Eph Niir gave birth to Her first Child, Maglissos, a Black Dragon God. Drained of power by her labor, Sil’Eph Niir took to rest as Her Son continued to grow and flourish alongside her and the rest of the Gods in the Higher Plane.

However, the Evil King launched an attack on the Higher Plane. Despite her condition Sil’Eph Niir, as the eldest and most powerful Child of the All Mother and All Father, took it upon Herself to do battle with the Evil King. The rest of the Gods fought against his forces, and the battle took a turn for the worse when Sil’Eph Niir was defeated. The King of Evil advanced against the All Mother and All Father, but Maglissos, still an infant, stood strong against the Evil King and delivered a powerful blow before being dealt a mortal wound by his Blade of Darkness.

Out of rage and emotion at the death of Her Son, Sil’Eph Niir took to Her Dragon form to do battle with the Evil King once again. However, due to Her injuries, this battle saw Her fare no better than their first. In the end the All Mother and All Father sacrificed what remained of their life energy to Sil’Eph Niir thus giving Her the strength to overcome this almighty foe. Driven back by the power of the Dragon Goddess, the Evil King retreated to the Nether Realm. But not before His forces retrieved the corpse of Maglissos delivering it to His hand as He entered the portal to His realm of darkness.

Following the loss of Her Son, and the sacrifice of the All Mother and All Father, Sil’Eph Niir sensed a new calling within the core of her being and Descended to the Mortal Realm to create and give birth to the first Children of Earth: The Dragon Race.

As the first creatures ever to set foot on the planet and call it "home," they know instinctively they are the product of Sil’Eph Niir’s labor and love. Exhausted and drained of her power, Sil’Eph Niir took to hibernation in Dragon’s Cove at the center of the world. Her Children gathered around Her body and, to this day, stand watch over Her waiting for the day She awakens. All who venture into the waters of Dragon’s Cove are viciously attacked or turned away by Her sea-going Children.

And so we find ourselves in the present day as mortals on Earth.

A cult of eclectic humanoids worshiping the forces of Darkness have stolen ancient and forbidden magics which have since been activated and now siphon the life energy from the Dragon Race to fuel the rebirth of the now reanimated body of Maglissos within the Nether Realm. Having been reanimated and endowed with the power of the Evil King, his body has grown to maturity. As He gathers the energy of the Dragon Race, He awaits the moment His strength reaches its absolute peak that He may Ascend to the Mortal Realm to destroy His Mother once and for all in accordance with the will of the Evil King.

And thus we find our heroes being sucked into this war between Gods and men.

Will you survive?

Will you help protect Sil’Eph Niir and Her Children from evil?

Or will your story be one of many which perish in the flames of an ancient and unforgiving feud among Gods?



If I do not receive an introduction from you about your desire to join, you will not be allowed to join. Communication is a basic courtesy, and if you can't share that courtesy with me then I don't want you here.

Thank you.

2) No God-Modding, Metagaming, or Power Playing.

God-Modding - Making your character unkillable and constantly dodging any and all incoming attacks which could cause your character harm for the sake of them being invincible.

Metagaming - Writing knowledge and experience which your characters does not or should not possess. If your character is a thief, they're not a field medic or surgeon. If your character is written to have experience with knives and bows, that's all they get. If they pick up a sword, axe, spear, or anything else, they don't know how to use it.

Power Playing - Writing actions for other player-controlled characters to give your own an advantageous or superior position, and doing so without the consent of the player who owns said character.

The use of any of these will earn you a one-way trip out of the RP!!

3) Ask Questions.

This RP has much about it that differs from other fantasy lore you're familiar with. You may not, under any circumstances, presume you know something works and start writing for things or creating lore to suit your character or your own agenda. If you can't make a character who fits with the world and lore I've created, kindly leave.

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Character Portrait: Sil'Eph Niir "My Children are dying... Please... Save them."
Character Portrait: Neden Wrel "I heard the call, and I will answer it...Maybe they know of who my mother was, and who I really am..."
Character Portrait: Dreux Andica "I know that there is much more to life than just this, right..?"
Character Portrait: Elena
Elena played by KumoriRyuu
"I pray there is a purpose for me in this world."
Character Portrait: Zaldir Kestal How May I be of Service today?
Character Portrait: Saewyn Anaya Ehrhard "One's life should be cherished.... for the slightest of blade strokes.. the swiftest of motions... is all that it takes to end one."
Character Portrait: Aznyxphia, the Pariah Knight (In Sign Language) "They called me a freak... I was an outcast, a pariah... I was redundant... But they were wrong. I have a purpose, and that purpose is to bring an end to the Darkness and bathe the world in Light."
Character Portrait: Pau'Ka
Pau'Ka played by KumoriRyuu
"The Darkness has tried to tame me and failed. Who else wishes to try their hand?!"
Character Portrait: Vernon Shulls
Vernon Shulls played by Tanman
"Everything can be a weapon. You just need to know how to use it."
Character Portrait: Carmen 'Ruffles' Rufferones "Forecast is clear. Lady luck is here to turn the tide!"
Character Portrait: Korose
Korose played by KumoriRyuu
"Darkness became my tool... My world. And so now I use it to help myself and others."
Character Portrait: Aranaea Kestal I stand on my word as a Kestal, I will protect you!

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Character Portrait: Zaldir Kestal

0.00 INK

Zaldir was in the midst of a transaction of a magical item he crafted, when his ears twitched. A small look of concern crossed his face. He looked towards the sea of the port town he was in for the purpose of gaining enough money to purchase a boat. The sea seemed calm.

Quiet. Too quiet. Much like the day they came and took everything from him. He looked at the sea, not noticing that a cloud passing over him, might not have been a cloud. Then there was a crash, Screams and panic. He heard the sound of growling close by, as he turned around slowly. There, face to not so close face, was a dragon, staring at everything below it like an normal mortal would look at an ant.

”Oh crap.” he said as the dragon roared. Chaos reigned as town guards moved to attack the creature to drive it back. However, all attacks made it seem futile as it only began to breathe fire upon the town. Zaldir ran for his horse and cart and began to try and make for a hasty getaway. He had to leave. But before he even did anything, he saw a mother taking a child from the scene, only to get a wagon falling on top of them.

The elf’s mind took him to another place, to a moment where he thought He was back amongst people he lost. He then grit his teeth in anger and dove out of his cart and hurried to the fallen wagon, hoping to ad other villagers until, A fiery explosion knocked him towards his cart once more, and turned to where it came from. His eyes widened as he saw charred, still burning remains of the people he aided before. Panicked, Zaldir began to scramble.

”Ardyn! We gotta get out of here!” He shouted at his horse who at this point panicked so hard the moment rubble separated him from the cart, the stallion bolted. ”Ardyn Wait for me!”

But his cries couldn’t deter the horse from trying to find a point of safety on its own. Abandoned and alone once more, Zaldir’s hands trembled. He reached for an amulet around his neck. He remembered the face of his sister who gave it to him. His right hand gripped his sword, the other onto this token that represented his one of very few good memories left of his family he lost.

”Mother Goddess, and all other gods I can name, I call on all of you. Zaldir, Last of the Kestal Clan, requests only this; Help these people, give these people the strength to fight back! Give them hope! This is my wish! I know I’ve given selfish prayers, wanting my life to be better, I’ve been bitter and alone, But for them let me be strong!” He Mentally prayed out, drawing his sword and preparing for an inevitable death, and therefore, bringing the Male line of Clan Kestal to an end.

Then, all of a sudden, he heard a voice, making his ears twitch once more. "Child of the Forest. Flesh of the Earth. Receive now my power, and drive away the Darkness!"

Zaldir felt a rush of magic flowing into his veins. It felt foreign, yet so invitingly peaceful. The magic mingled with his own as he poured as much of it into his own sword, the blade gaining an aura of fire as the elf glared at the dragon, and the creature now giving him it’s full attention.

He ran towards the beast and threw arcs of fire at the dragon by merely swinging the sword. The arcs struck the dragon’s face as it drew back in pain and terror as it took to the skies. It took one final look at the elf that managed to leave a defining mark on its face, before taking to the skies. Zaldir began to attempt pursuit when he suddenly began to feel drained of energy. It was then he heard the voice again.

"Seek out my Sister, Sil'Eph Niir. The Dragon Goddess. She sleeps, and calls to you, from Dragon's Cove. Hurry my Child! There is no time!"

”Okay... I just.. need a nap.” he mumbled as he began to head for his cart, and collapse near it in exhaustion. The last thing he heard was the clop of a horse’s hooves.

”I hope you’re here to apologize Ardyn....asshole.” he muttered in Elvish as consciousness was lost to him.


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Character Portrait: Vernon Shulls Character Portrait: Carmen 'Ruffles' Rufferones

0.00 INK

#2019-03-09 17:05:03, as written by Tanman
Vernon Shulls /Carmen ‘Ruffles’ Rufferones


The first sign that things were amiss was the turn in the weather. A strong, foul wind began blowing against the sails, a thick and unsettling smell in the air. The skies turned grey, and the waters grew darker as they began to churn and foam, whipping into a frenzy that began to batter the galleon about as it dipped and dived over each crest. “What the hell is this…?” Vernon muttered to himself as he tightened the rigging, adjusting the sails to try and account for the new, more brutal weather. “Oysten! Putts! Tie down the cannons; it looks like we’re in for a rough ride!” Rain was now beginning to pelt the deck and cut even more visibility, lightning crackling through the sky as if tearing the heavens itself asunder. If Vernon believed in the gods, he might think they’d somehow pissed them off.

Gritting his teeth as a wave buffeted him as it poured over the side of the ship, Vernon shook his hair clear of his eyes, turning to shout over his shoulder to his partner. “Oi! Ruffles! What’s with this storm? I thought you were chartering a clear course!” Grimacing as another flash of lightning struck the waters near them, Vernon hoped that their Lady Luck could hear him over the thunder. “See where’s the nearest place to dock! This shit will tear us apart if we stay out in it too much longer!” Calling out as loudly as he could, Vernon didn’t hear any response from Carmen, which was a little odd. She better not be sleeping through this somehow…

“I don’t get it! I glimpsed the weather and there shouldn’t have been anything like this! You sure you idiots didn’t steer us off course?” Finally, the mermaid responded as she came up from below deck, ship’s compass in hand as she tried to make sense of their heading. Holding her hat to her head to stop it blowing off in the wind, Carmen squinted through the rain to watch the compass turn, slowly heading up towards where Barten was at the wheel. “The only idiot around here is you for getting us into this mess!” Vernon shouted as he slung around the side of the ship, landing on deck to help tie one of the cannons into place. “Oysten! Get to work on bailing out the lower decks! I don’t want a single piece of the cargo spoiled, hear me?!”

“Hey I am NOT an idiot!-” Dragging herself up to the stern of the boat and next to Barten, Carmen got a firm grip on the support as she double checked the compass. “-And apparently, neither is the crew. So why…” Mumbling to herself, Carmen was certain that they were on track. So why then were they in the middle of this typhoon? Gesturing Barten to move aside, Carmen got a hold of the wheel. “Go help Vernon with the cannons, I can handle this.” Tipping her hat down as she became serious, Carmen winced slightly as she felt a flash of something. Then her eyes went wide. “Wait! Untie the cannons!”

Vernon looked up to Carmen like she was insane. He also said as much. “Are you crazy? Why would we-“ Before Vernon could even finish his sentence, a cacophonous roar filled the sky, and for all but a moment it’s shadow was imposed above on the clouds, illuminated by lightning. Everyone on the crew seemed to freeze, before someone finally shouted out in alarm. “Dragon!” Harsh winds battered the ship once more, the crew struggling to stand against the force. Was this murderous storm a result of this beast?! Vernon turned back to Carmen, and as he did, she was already there, holding out a large shield. Grinning, Vernon took it. “Thanks, Partner.” Nodding happily, Carmen began heading below deck once more. “Barten! Hold the wheel while Carmen gets prepared. Oysten, keep bailing! Harvey, Jenkins, get these port side cannons ready for when this monster comes by! Putts, get those cannonballs up on deck!” Shouting orders to his crew, Vernon turned to try and catch sight of where the gigantic dragon had moved to.

“Bow of the ship! 1 O’clock! Incoming!” The call came from below deck, Carmen crying out to Vernon as he swiftly moved into place, shifting the shield into place. Just as he got into position, a blast of lightning cut through the sky, striking the shield and dissipating across its surface. Any ordinary weapon would’ve melted under the heat and power, but Vernon didn’t specialise in ordinary weapons. Getting back up on to the deck, Carmen had a bundle of gear in her arms, moving into position back at the wheel, but ready to retrieve anything Vernon needed in an instant. This was how their team worked. She could see just far enough into the future to anticipate what weapon Vernon would need in order to get it to him in time. With so many different kinds with different abilities, there always seemed to be something for each situation.

“So, that’s a dragon huh?” Vernon sneered, eying up the giant beast in the sky. It was an intimidating looking thing, black as night, with jutting spikes all over its outer features. Carmen was pulling out a large lance, tossing it to her captain. “Not just any dragon, a Storm Dragon! I’ve heard stories about this thing. Wings that shape the tides and the sky, breath like lightning and a roar like thunder…” The mermaid, moved back to the wheel, turning hard to try and get them into position for a cannon volley. “Sounds like a worthy opponent. Harvey! Jenkins, how are those cannons coming along?!” Vernon called out to his crew, but his eyes stayed on the flying prize in the sky.

“Trying sir, they’re tied down pretty tight!” Came the panicked wail, a quick glance revealing that neither was in good position to start shooting. Vernon swore. “Forget being careful, cut the damn ropes! I’ll see if I can hold it off!” As he said that, the sky cracked with more lightning, Vernon giving a grunt of exertion as he moved about the ship, barely managing to stay upright between the sway and the blasts. If a stray bolt hit them, the ship would go up in flames. Intercepting the next few lightning strikes, another heavy roar filled the sky, the monster turning from its position flying around and above them, and beginning a fast and furious charge straight at them. “Just try it you bastard!” Vernon yelled out, rushing forward to meet the dragon. “No 12! Pierce the horizon!” With a war cry, Vernon tossed the lance, a crackle of energy rippling through the air as it went right on target straight at the dragon!

Then, just as it hit, the spear bounced off, deflecting high into the sky. Still, the strike seemed to deter the dragon, causing it to pull up slightly. It wasn’t enough though. The ship couldn’t avoid all damage, the monster crashing through the mast and crow’s nest rather than the side of the ship. With the main mast down, they were going to be out at sea a bit longer this time. Swearing, Vernon looked to Carmen and the others, but didn’t say anything for the moment. He knew she was doing the best she could to avoid damage to the ship, and if this thing took out the mast, then that was the best future she’d seen. Calling his lance to return to him, the magic weapon emerged from the water, spiralling through the air before catching in his hand. “Harvey! We need those cannons, now!”

“Loaded and ready sir!” Came the call from Putts, having finished bringing enough munitions up to the deck. “Alright! Carmen, get us in position! Fire on your mark!” Vernon called out, getting in position to meet the dragon as it came by again. “Aye aye Captain!” The mermaid called out, knowing things were serious if the Captain was calling her by her name. Shutting her eyes as she spun the wheel, Carmen guided the ship so the cannons were on the right angle. Vernon looked out to sea, watching the dragon coming by for another pass, roaring at them once more and sending another frenzy of lightning bolts from its mouth. Gritting his teeth, Vernon intercepted with his shield again, stumbling back before looking back to his navigator. “Any time now Ruffles!”

“Don’t rush me!” Carmen snapped back, opening her eyes to check the dragon’s approach. Then, as soon as it drew no more than a few metres away- “Fire!” Explosions rang out as the three cannons blasted, the heavy cannonballs right on target- “What?!” Carmen stood, stunned as the dragon twisted, wrapping itself in its wings before hitting the ocean, ducking under the waves to avoid the cannon fire before resurfacing. Like a torpedo, the spinning spike looked destined to strike the ship and stab through the hull-

“Tough bastard!” Vernon screamed, getting into position with his shield and pushing up under the beast, letting the collected energy of the shield release, blasting the dragon upwards. It shrieked, breaking out of its condensed form and taking flight once more, heading back out to sea. In a flash, Carmen knew what he wanted, and quickly tossed the chained harpoon over to Vernon. Just before the dragon could get clear, Vernon ran after it, catching the weapon mid stride as he threw out the harpoon. Hitting its mark, the blade seemed to sink in somewhere in the underbelly, Vernon dropping the shield as Carmen tossed a sword his way, Vernon barely getting the chance to place it in his mouth before he was gone, hanging tight to the chain as the dragon flew back into the sky with him attached. Barely hanging on with his two hands through the slick rain, Vernon battled the rushing wind and clouds as he began to climb, getting as close as he could to the beast before drawing up the blade, slashing and stabbing at the underside. The dragon reacted, but the sword barely managed to slice through the thick carapace, and not a drop of blood spilled. “You’re a hard one, I’ll give you that! You’re gonna make a fine weapon for me once I have your head!”

Watching the dragon soaring about the sky, Carmen felt terror seizing her heart. Vernon was strong, sure, but there was no way he could handle a dragon like that! He’d either fall, or the dragon would hit the ocean or or-Why couldn’t she see what she needed to save them?! Just as she was thinking that, Carmen felt a bolt through her mind, a thought, a pulse of life. Words. ”Child of the Sea, the Deep Ocean Blue. Receive now, our power, and drive away the Darkness!” Staggering slightly, Carmen felt a million vivid pictures and scenarios filling her mind, flashes of what was, and the potentials of what could be. Fate was in her hands. Glowing with a faint light, Carmen moved over to the panicked Harvey and Jenkins. “Barten, get back on the wheel. Jenkins, we’re going to save the captain, but I need your magic. Putts, load the cannons again. The four of them…”

Up in the sky, Vernon found himself clinging on for dear life, having slipped down the chain and lost his sword to the dark depths below. If he could get on top, maybe he could- Grimacing as another roar deafened his ears, Vernon felt the tug on his body as they changed direction once more, sweeping back and heading for the boat. He couldn’t let this thing ruin them! If they sunk out here, they didn’t stand a chance of all making it back to shore! “I won’t- Let you…!” Gritting his teeth again, Vernon started to climb… Then- “Captain!” The voice came from far below, shouted from a familiar navigator. Vernon smirked. She must have had a weapon ready for hi- “Let go! On my mark!” Vernon paused for a moment. What was that crazy girl planning now?

“1…!” She had to be insane. He’d die if he dropped from this height…

“2…!” Surely there was a better plan than this…

“3!” At Carmen’s voice, Vernon was dropping, relinquishing his grip on the harpoon as he descended towards the ocean. At the same time, the sound of not one but four cannons filled the air. And as he fell, Vernon couldn’t help but smile. “That crazy idiot…” As the cannon ball flew through the air towards him, Vernon extended his hand, and in a moment, snatched the scabbard and sword in just as it was about to pass him, snapping the rope that had been effused to both it and the cannonball. It seemed Jenkin’s magic was coming in handy. Continuing his fall to towards the ocean, Vernon swung his blade, creating a carpet of wind beneath him to both cushion his fall, and to guide him towards the ship. Ruffles plan had worked to save him, but what about-

Up above, the dragon had seen the attack coming, and perhaps could have dodged a couple of simple cannon strikes. In fact, all three were going wide, on either side of it. Perhaps it was an attempt to have it dodge into them. Moving to flap its wings to hang in place, the dragon realised far too late the trap that lay before it. As the cannon balls reached their target, the rope connecting the two became more apparent, and in moments, the dragon was ensnared, the cannonballs swinging around it like bolas and impeding its flight as it fell to the ocean. The tremendous splash rocked the area, and the crew stood in stunned silence. That made it all the easier for Carmen to hear the voice that spoke next.

”Our dear sister, Sil’Eph Niir, the Dragon Goddess, calls to you from Dragon’s Cove. Daughter of the Sea, please, we beseech thee to aid her! Help protect this world from the Evil King!” Staggering slightly as Vernon returned to the ship, Carmen began to feel dizzy, but she needed to explain some things, and quickly. “The dragon won’t be held long… We need to get clear… To Dragon’s Cove…” Falling to her knees, Carmen panted for breath as Vernon knelt in front of her. “Sure. You okay Ruffles?”

“I’m… Not feeling so good… Also… What does beseech mean…?” Mumbling the last part, Carmen fell face first into Vernon’s arms, the captain cradling her for a moment before lifting her up, moving to head below deck to let her rest. “You heard her men! Chart a course for Dragon’s Cove and get us out of here! Putts, with the sail out, we’re relying on you!” A resounding ‘Aye Captain!’ was the response to Vernon, who could only grit his teeth once he was out of sight. He was still far too weak. He would have to become stronger.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aranaea Kestal

0.00 INK

#2 days 24 hr ago, as written by Firewind
Aranaea flew across the Skies using her spells before landing on the path again to catch her breath and give her mana the chance to replenish. As she walked she began to hear the sounds of roaring in the air, along with screams. She ran towards the sound.

”I have to make it and see the trou-Oh my gods...” as she gazed at the dragging razing the village she began to flash back to the moments during the Scattering of the Kestals. The day she lost her little brother when he was under her watch. Only now, it was a large dragon attacking a village. She gritted her teeth and prepared a spell using her staff and sent a bolt of Fire at the dragon.

”How’s that for a taste in your own medicine you stupid lizard!?” She shouted as the bolt hit the dragon, Both it and the taunting seemed to have gotten its attention as the beast blew a torrent of Fire at her. Gasping she jumped in and used her spell that propels her to the sky, feeling the fire hitting stone, failing to notice bits of rock from the beast’s tail pelting her from the left side, causing several cuts as it the surprise caused her to spin out of control for several moments before right herself

”Oh gods! I wish I had a little help!” she shouted with a nervous tone in her voice. As she flew towards the ground to avoid the next stream of fire she heard this message;

"Daughter of the woodland trees. The ancient soil below. Receive now my power, and banish the Darkness!"

And with that she felt something rushing into her being, and she spun her staff as she remained floating in the air mere inches from the ground, preparing two white fireballs and sending them hurling at the beast with a flick of a finger. It impacted the dragon, causing two white dots to show on its black exterior as it shrieked, spreading its wings and flying away.

Aranaea would have given chase if she didn’t suddenly feel light headed and landed on her feet, using her staff as support to try and walk towards a spot to rest, when she heard the voice again.

"The Dragon Goddess, Sil'Eph Niir, slumbers in Dragon's Cove. She calls to you now. Hurry my Child! Time is short!"

”I will hurry...I will...I must, hopefully, Zaldir can forgive me, if I delay in finding him.” She muttered as she collapsed underneath the shade of a tree, her brilliant sapphire colored eyes closing as she passed out. Her last thoughts before doing so, was of how it sucked to be passed out by oneself. She was thankful for the shade at the least.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Korose

0.00 INK

#2 days 22 hr ago, as written by KumoriRyuu
The winds softly caressing the land whispered unto the ear of the world a foul and vile secret. The weight pushed down against each blade of grass, flattening them ever so slightly out of their natural alignment. And upon those blades of grass crashed a heavy, thundering boot of raven black leather. Sliding up to black pants, loosely fit to the frame of the wearer, to a belt with a silver buckle, and a hide leather jacket atop a black under tunic with a small 'V' cut collar. Finally to a pair of simmering crimson eyes aglow with the light of the Wicked.

"I feel you." He whispered.

His fists clenched, stretching the leather of his black gloves forcing a groan from them as his knuckles went white beneath them.

"Where are you?"

The very air practically crackled with an overflowing source of mana which was rapidly drawing closer. All the years of meditation and honing his skills had taught him to read the world's mana and sense its natural ebbs and flows like the waves of the ocean. And ahead, towards a city on the coast, was a horrible imbalance. And not only that, but now that he looked closer, there were the first signs of a massive fire bursting out on the Eas-No, the Wes-No, the entire city!

"What in the name of-"

Wasting no time, the Red-Eyed Demon disappeared into the darkness of his Shadowfare magic and raced towards the now rapidly burning city.

To describe the event as a nightmare was an understatement. Even for Korose who had seen and done horrible things throughout his long life as an assassin, this was something altogether different. A beast drawn straight from legends, a Dragon, was now on the rampage. Its ebon wings had to be at least one hundred feet from wingtip to wingtip, with a body of even greater length. The crest upon its head sported seven spiked scaly protrusions like fire around its crown. And those ominous, almost dead eyes cut through the very souls of all who made eye contact.

Not knowing what to do to stop the creature, Korose had little time before ducking for cover during a strafing run of its powerful flame breath. Barely avoiding the assault, he beheld his jacket, partially charred at the end, before looking back to the Dragon as it resumed its assault. Dashing through the alleyways, Korose noticed that storm clouds were gathering which was excellent. Soon, the world would be cast in shadows. His home. His world.

With a smile slowly spreading across his lips, he dove for a nearby bridge to hide beneath it and channel his mana as he prepared to engage the Dragon with his Shadowfare magic.

Within minutes, the skies were completely covered. Thunder roared and lightning flashed as rain began to bathe the land beneath. The charred, flaming city became an ocean of steam and ever changing air currents thanks to the Dragon's effect on the air around it as it flew. With its fire breath mixing and clashing against naturally cold storm currents, miniature tornadoes were formed in its wake with each attack run.

But at last, the sun was blocked completely. And from beneath the bridge erupted a tower of dark energy with a pair of gleaming red eyes at its core. The Dragon, being too large and far away to see the eyes, only saw the tower of darkness and charged at it. Deftly from within the core of the tower, Korose sunk beneath the Dragon letting it fly straight through. The darkness tugged at the Dragon's body throwing its flight pattern off slightly, but otherwise leaving it without a scratch.

Damn. I thought that would hurt it at least a little.

The Dragon circled back once more, attempting to chomp and tail swipe the Darkness into submission. But to no avail. At least, not immediately. But on its fourth run, it managed a lucky blow and knocked Korose out of his tower and hurtling towards the ground. But before becoming a red smear, he managed to activate his magic to save himself at the last second. However, doing so came at a cost. His left arm grazed the ground tearing away the jacket and tunic sleeves and shredding his flesh before he managed to right himself and escape certain death.

Coming to his feet, he looked at his now horrifically bleeding and skin-shed arm before seeing the Dragon about to attack once again. The beast was almost on top of him, but a dash to the side saw him observe, almost in slow motion, the massive teeth slamming into the Earth beside him kicking up dust and concrete and knocking him away from the force of the wind its wings created. To make matters worse, one of the miniature tornadoes had picked up debris from a crumbling building nearby and sent several shards of glass screaming through the air before impacting his body across his chest and waist. Four shards in all, each buried about two inches into his flesh.

Grunting and growling in pain, he kept his eyes on the Dragon as it circled around for another run. And so, carefully removing the glass from his body, he stood against the Dragon's assault.

The beast flew down, and he used the Darkness to blind it with a protective wall before shooting himself to the side as it passed. But the tip of its wing struck his stomach sending him flying through a nearby window into a general goods store and crashing through several shelves and stands of items and goods. Now buried beneath a heap of debris, he barely managed to lift one of them off his chest before gasping for breath with a small spurt of blood coming up with it. Looking down, a thin piece of wood protruded from his lower left stomach and a crimson liquid all too familiar to him dripped to the debris and floor below.

The roof of the building was torn free, and the Dragon gazed angrily inside at the tiny mortal who'd pestered it with a snarl. And in that moment, Korose's mind began to wander somewhere it never had before.

I never did believe in the Gods. But if you're real and listening... I'd rather not meet you just yet.

Suddenly, the world went quiet and time stood still. Korose looked left, then right. Everything was in a haze. Everything moving at a fraction of its normal speed. The Dragon's gaping maw bearing down on him, he could see down its throat and count each stain on its otherwise white teeth.

And suddenly, a voice.

Wayward son of the Earth and Trees. Vessel to the Wicked. Receive now my power, and let begone the Darkness before you!

Through the haze, a beam of light only he could see crashed down onto him. Flooding him with energy and vitality, Korose erupted from the debris in a massive whirlwind of dark magic which sent the Dragon sprawling onto its back and its head bouncing off the ground twice cracking two of its horns. The beast roared in rage and pain, looking up to see the towering maelstrom of black magic swirling before it as Korose's red eyes glowed furiously within.

The Dragon quickly wriggled onto its stomach and turned to face him, but this time things were different. The moment it lunged to bite into the darkness it was repelled and bio-electricity sparked between them searing its scales. This was followed by a massive spiked flare of darkness aimed at the creature. It broke upon contact with its body, but the impact force sent it to its side on the ground and skidding for several dozen feet. Another flare, another several dozen feet. And another. And another.

Finally, the maelstrom of darkness all came crashing down on the Dragon's body consuming it entirely as it shrieked in fear and agony. But at last, the Dragon broke free. Flying into the air, its body now sporting numerous missing patches of scales and dripping blood, flew off into the distance as the darkness came under control.

Korose touched down and crashed to his knees.

Sil'Eph Niir, the Dragon Goddess, calls to you from Dragon's Cove! Hurry my child! Time is of the essence!

"Yeah... I kind of figured that out, thanks."

Just then, a little girl no more than three years of age approached the wounded Korose as he fought to keep himself upright.

"Mister... Have you seen my mommy?" She asked.

She was holding tightly to a doll hand-stitched, likely by her mother, and her eyes glossy and out of focus. Looking up behind the girl, he noticed a pair of female legs protruding from beneath a crushed building, and the girl's footsteps leading away from them in the mud to where she stood now.

Reaching out to put a hand on her head, Korose offered his best smile.

"She's... Sleeping. But she'll... She'll be back." He said quietly.

Korose then collapsed, and the world faded to nothing.

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