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"If you only knew what I felt... It's too late now, but I'll always look out for you."

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Name: Lucius Terellius Corella

Nicknames: Lu (only to those closest to him)

Position: Member of a prominent noble family in the Vivadel Kingdom and powerful politician.

Age: 18

Looks: 6ft 2, very fit, medium length blond hair, dark brown eyes, normally wears a long white cape, white boots, and a formal blue tunic with a few gold stripes and lightning bolts on the front. He also wears a silver headband with the words: "Freedom, Liberty, Peace" written on it.

Personality: Very focused and concentrated, Lucius never loses sight on his objective and goals. He is mostly serious during his day-to-day life and tends to view life from a strictly political view as he stormed into the Vivadel political scene. He commands the respect his father before him did and most suspect he will surpass his retired father in politics. He views all people as equals, but follows the regulations that a monarchy dictates; although, he holds a grudge against the Kingdom Nitalian. Lucius is known to lose his temper should he be aggravated enough; he does his best to avoid this in public. As serious as he may seem, Lucius is known to have a sense of humour, something he kept from his childhood.

Likes: Democracy, peace, rivers, lakes, horseback riding, jousting, debate, sparring, wrestling, generosity, rain.

Dislikes: the Kingdom Nitalian, discrimination, oppression, greed, lies,

Weapons: a rapier sword along with a "main gauche" sword. Weilds a small handheld crossbow with deadly accuracy. During his short military service, Lucius wore full gothic plate armor and wielded a longsword and a heater shield. He keeps the suit of armor and the sword in his personal chambers.

Skills: Master negociator and diplomat, powerful speaker (compassionate, aggressive, manipulative), well trained with sword, shield, bow, and crossbow.

Love Interest: Princess Belladona Elliryanna Levienne Lidalia, but since the announcement of the royal wedding between her and the prince of the Kingdom Nitalian, he has given up on courting the princess. He feels he will never stop loving her, but is trying to move on and find love elsewhere.

Opinion of the Princess: They met at a young age, seeing as both their families were very close to one another. Lucius' father was a skilled politician and strong ally to the King of Vivadel; so interactions between Lucius and the princess became almost mandatory. From the first meeting, they became instant friends; Lucius made an effort to visit her as often as he could. Their friendship was completely innocent and he looked after her, even trying to fight the prince of the Kingdom Nitalian for picking on her. As Lucius began going through puberty, he started to see Belladona in a different way. He started realizing that she was becoming a young woman; she was no longer the little girl he grew up with. He harboured his feelings and prevented Belladona from suspecting he wanted to be more than friends, as to not jeopardize the friendship. Now that she is destined to marry that arrogant, foreign prince, Lucius has abandoned his dreams of being with Belladona, though the feelings will never dwindle.

Opinion of the Prince: Lucius never liked him from the beginning; he thought the Prince was a completely selfish, and cruel, spoiled brat. He had only spoken with him a few times, but knew something was rotten with him from the beginning. Lucius still holds a grudge against the Prince for taking Belladona as a bride, and lets that grudge extend to the entire Kingdom Nitalian.

History: Growing up in a well-respected noble family, Lucius was raised very luxuriously: he recieved the best education, training, food, weapons, horses, books, and oppurtunities... Second only to the royal family, of course. Though treated as a noble, Lucius did not let his high status affect his ego; he generously donated to the less fortunate, and associated himself with the lower class children when choosing friends. At age 15, his father began teaching him the ways of diplomacy, military, and politics. Lucius was thrown into studies, learning the history of Vivadel and her monarchs, memorizing battle strategies, learning to wield weapons and armor, learning to ride on horseback, and mastering negotiation and power politics. At age 18 he enlisted with the Vivadel military and was made captain of a small army, as most nobles were. After a few victories and 7 months of service, Lucius retired from military service, despite the protests of the king. At age 18, he entered into the political world; the same year his father retired. He quickly spread his influence throughout Vivadel; word spread of his compassion, tenacity, integrity, and pursuit of justice and equality. Though he was lenient, Lucius was never afraid of taking aggressive measures and cracking down when necessary. At present day, he stands as one of the most influencial people in the Kingdom of Vivadel, though his influence could never compare to that of the king.

Other: Owns a large, pet scorpion named Lola.

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