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a character in “Doctor Who”, as played by Cypher

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Allen Mackennay is a rather unassuming man in terms of size and stature. He stands at 5'10" and weighs around 140 lbs. His hair, both in his goatee and on his head, is starting to gray out, and his belly is a bit softer than he would prefer it to be. He's getting on in his years, and he shows it. He has cool bluish eyes to go with his graying hair, and his skin is fairly well-colored for a guy who spends so much time in space.

This isn't to say he's gone soft entirely, yet - Mackennay's eyes still shine with a great measure of guile and intelligence. Behind his layers of soft pudginess lays steel-hard muscle and bone. And he can still outrun and outfight men much younger than him.


Allen is best described as the "gruff but well-meaning father" archetype - he's frequently derisive and insulting, but when speaking to his companions he always means well. Also, if you do something that he appreciates, you'll get a "thank you" out of him. To his opponents he's just some kind of rough, unbeatable hardass - pursuing his goals with dog-like determination.

This is amplified by his drinking habit - he loves alcohol like he loves life, and he loves life a lot. When he's not drunk he's usually found seeking another bottle. He admits he has a problem, but does nothing to fix it. Luckily, he's usually good at controlling his temper while drunk.

He enjoys a good fist fight as well, although that's more of a preference than an actual facet of his personality.


Allen owns little more than the clothes on his back at this point. When he was pulled in by the TARDIS, he had about a day's rations, his crewman's uniform and a Deralean Armaments Model 160 Lepton Accelerator, which is kind of like a long-ranged energy shotgun.


A former merchant pilot for the Terran Tradesman's Alliance (TTA), a union-like organization based on Earth some time in the 54th Century, Allen Mackennay is (was) the pilot of the TTV Edinborough. A trader and gunman by trade, Allen plied his trade across every arm of the galaxy.

Then, disaster. While moving the Edinborough through uncharted territory in the Saxon Nebula, he was attacked by raiders of the warlike Klasees species. When he refused to surrender his cargo the Edinborough was boarded, captured and scuttled (destroyed), her crew killed and cargo stolen. Allen just barely managed to slip away, thrown into the void in an escape craft with no chance to leave with his life. After all, the Saxon Nebula was a shortcut known far and wide by tradesmen as an easy way to cut days off of transit as well as a place to refuel using vapor scoops, but not too many tradesmen used it for the same reason the Edinborough had been destroyed - it was well-known Klasees territory.

So imagine Allen's surprise when a blue police box box from times long gone came drifting past in the deep ether and pulled him in.

So begins...

Allen Mackennay's Story