Don't Stop Believin': The New New Direction

Don't Stop Believin': The New New Direction


New Year. New drama. New romances. New friends - New Direction. Who are you going to be? And is your voice going to be heard?

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3900 Stansbury Avenue, Sherman Oaks, California 91423


The Buckley School is one of the oldest co-ed day schools in Los Angeles β€” and one of the few with all students, grades K–12, on one campus. Our beautiful 18-acre location is home to 830 students. Escaping the clamor of city life for a serene natural space to learn may seem unrealistic in the middle of Los Angeles, but that's exactly what Buckley's campus provides. Students can push a stool away from a state-of-the-art microscope and eat lunch at a table overlooking the canyon.

Students are safe β€” physically and emotionally β€” to simply focus on being students. Visitors to our San Fernando Valley campus are struck by the close-knit nature of the Buckley community, characterized by the warmth and enthusiasm of students, faculty, and parents. Among other things, our facilities include 67 classrooms; two libraries; 725 computers and campus-wide WiFi; 35 interactive whiteboards; 20 interactive projectors; 150 iPads; an indoor gymnasium and theatre; a 4-acre outdoor field and stadium; an indoor pool; a weight-training facility; an outdoor basketball practice court; two Lower School play yards; a nature trail; and a garden and outdoor classroom/patio in Lower School.

Buckley draws students from more than 70 zip codes across Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Culver City, Encino, Hancock Park, Hollywood Los Feliz, Pacific Palisades, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, Westchester, and Westwood.

Student Life

There is something to engage each student’s interest here at Buckley. We offer a wide range of activities that help students expand their horizons. From athletics and clubs to the arts and community service, Buckley students are in action beyond the classroom and beyond the campus.

Buckley students delve deeply into their chosen craft through an extensive arts program. Middle and Upper School students select arts classes based on their growing interests. Visual arts classes include photography, ceramics, jewelry-making, painting, sculpture, and drawing. Performing arts classes include dance, theatre classes, band, and orchestra.

Physical development is a key component of Isabelle Buckley's 4-Fold Plan of Education. At Buckley, athletics encompasses traditional team sports as well as various types of games and movement activities. From the Lower School physical education program, in which students learn hand–eye coordination and cooperation, to Middle School dance classes and the Upper School strength and conditioning program, students across divisions learn the importance and experience the benefits of physical development.

The Buckley School is committed to service, which enriches all the members of our community. Community service experiences help students expand students' perspectives while benefiting causes, agencies, and individuals in need. Community service can include individual or group projects. Our community service program is broad in scope and integrated with other aspects of our curriculum, including classroom lessons, special events, and the school's clubs and special programs.

By emphasizing multiculturalism and inclusion across our campus, we commit to creating a community where everyone, regardless of their ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status, feels welcome and all students can thrive. Our program helps students develop skills for living in a highly connected, diverse society where a multiplicity of perspectives and experiences are recognized and valued.

Student activities complement the work students do in the classroom and foster strong relationships among classmates. Niche organizations such as the Martial Arts Movie Club and the Kite Club round out more time-honored institutions such as Student Council and National Honor Society. With more than 40 clubs, groups, and after-school activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Our thriving Afterschool Programs include sports clinics, enrichment classes, and private music lessons. Sessions are a semester long. Recent offerings include chess club, cooking, dance, hockey, a mock trial club, musical theatre, sewing, science, and yoga. Buckley’s Performing Arts Conservatory also arranges private lessons after school on campus, in several instruments including electric bass, guitar, piano, strings, and voice. A recital at the end of the year showcases student talent.

Buckley offers a variety of activities as part of our Summer School and Summer Camp. Children can take part in fun academic pursuits and team-building athletic opportunities or explore a number of special topics during week-long sessions. Summer programs are open to both Buckley students and students from other schools.

The Bell Schedule & Posting


To keep time flowing and the days moving over the course of the role-play there is going to be a post counter that will keep the time and the periods moving throughout the role-play. How the counter works is that during the weekends and during non-school hours an hour will pass with every 15 posts. So, let's say that in the starter post that I make that kick start the role-play I have my characters do x,y and z and by the end of my post, it's 7:30 a.m.That means that up until whoever makes the 16th post whatever happens to your character will be taking place before 8:00 a.m. So, you can have your character wake up at five o'clock in the morning and whatever happens over the course of your post is happening before 8 a.m. By the 16th post time moves forward and another hour is playable. So, everything that happens with our characters will take place between 8 - 9 o'clock. This aids in making sure that people don't unrealistically move time forward to suit their own needs or out of impatience as every second counts.

Now on school days, once that first bell rings, the post counter restarts and with every twentieth post, a period passes. So, the second someone posts about the first bell ringing the timer restarts and between the first and twelfth post we will be role-playing the first period. On the twenty-first post, second period has started and time moves forward and that we will keep going like that until then end up the final period and which the counter once again restarts and we go back to the 15 post counter. This will keep things from coming to a standstill, and no one is confused about when we should switch to the next class or start a new day. This roleplay is a slice of life roleplay that follows the lives of the middle and high schoolers that attend Buckley. I plan on roleplaying out the daily lives of our students which means that while the roleplay does focus on the Buckley school, a lot of the roleplay will take place outside of the classroom and off of school grounds. Particularly since, when we do begin posting, our story will begin in December during the last week of school before Winter break.

In the beginning, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some confusion so if anyone is in any way puzzled about the post counter let me know and I will attempt to clarify and make things easier to understand. Be mindful that if you are EVER confused, say something in the OOC. We both can be a touch sarcastic at times, yes, but also understanding. Your question could be anyone's question and as stated before, we're expecting the confusion on how things are run. Just ask - I promise you that you will get answered and you'll also be helping someone else who might be in the same confusion boat as yourself.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for 2016 - 2017
Lower School (Grades K–5) | Tuition: $33,430 || Middle and Upper Schools (Grades 6–12) | Tuition: $39,320

Tuition covers the annual costs of instruction during the regular academic day, as well as the cost of textbooks, workbooks, certain school supplies, physical education uniforms, school publications, and support of extensive classes in the visual and performing arts. Tuition is higher in the Middle and Upper Schools to cover extra items such as laboratory and art supplies, uniforms for interscholastic athletics, etc.

Students who enroll at Buckley for the first time will be charged an additional nonrefundable $2,000 fee. This new student fee should be paid along with the commitment deposit at the time of enrollment. For new seniors only, the new student fee will be $4,000 to cover the costs of college counseling, transcript preparation, and graduation.

Financial Aid

The Buckley School offers financial aid to families with demonstrated needs based on an evaluation by School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS. The school’s Financial Aid Committee makes financial aid awards to students who qualify for aid on the basis of financial need and who, in the school’s judgment, are able to make a significant contribution to the Buckley community through their academic accomplishments, talents, and personal attributes. Our review process involves applying consistent principles across all applicants to determine the families most in need of a financial aid grant.

SSS is an independent needs assessment program used by thousands of independent schools nationwide. Families interested in applying for financial aid may begin the process on November 1 each year by completing the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online. Schools that subscribe to SSS can use the information collected on this form about your family size, income, expenses, etc., to help determine your family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses.

Character Sheet Template

β€’ Full Name β€’ Nickname(s) β€’ Date of Birth β€’ Age
β€’ Zodiac Sign β€’ Nationality β€’ Ethnicity
β€’ Sexual Orientation β€’ Sexual History β€’ Relationship History

β€’ Height β€’ Weight β€’ Body Shape β€’ Body Type
β€’ Skin Tone β€’ Shape of Face β€’ Eyes β€’ Hair
β€’ Distinguishing Marks β€’ Fashion Sense β€’ Overall Attractiveness

β€’ Good Traits β€’ Bad Traits β€’ Written Personality
β€’ Strengths β€’ Weaknesses β€’ Greatest Joys β€’ Greatest Fears
β€’ Priorities β€’ Life Philosophy

β€’ Hometown β€’ Upbringing
β€’ Idol or Hero β€’ Pets β€’ Dreams
β€’ Education

β€’ Household β€’ Pets
β€’ Secrets β€’ Summer Spent
β€’ Socioeconomic Status
β€’ Residence β€’ Transportation

β€’ Relation To β€’ Relationship Status

β€’ Short Term Goals β€’ Long Term Goals
β€’ Aspirations

The Buckley School
β€’ Grade β€’ Lifer? Newcomer? β€’ Scholarship or Not?
β€’ Group/Clique β€’ Are You Happy? β€’ Would You Change?
β€’ Clubs? β€’ Teams? β€’ Sports? β€’ What Are You Looking Forward To?

Out of Character
β€’ Plotline Ideas for your Character? β€’ Timezone β€’ How Often Do you Post?

The Rules

1. Reservations. Don't start a sheet unless you have every intention of finishing it. Reservations will be accepted and last for one week. There's no need to tell you or assure you that you'll be getting an extension because a week is a rather long time to get a sheet in (and most people get it done in at least 72 hrs), so if you cannot adhere to that, then you do not need to be involved with this RP. Upon submitting your reservation, you need to provide the following:
~Face Claim
~AP Student or not?

2. Character Limits. You can have a maximum of 14 characters (although I can't see anyone making that many). Try not to make more characters than you can handle. If at any time it becomes overwhelming or you just lose interest in certain characters we can find a way to write them out of the role-play.

3. Ratios and Diversity. As important as things like activeness and inclusiveness are in a role-play, ratios are also critical (or, at least, I feel so). In the high school role-plays that I've been apart of and created I've noticed that every character that is created is either a junior or a senior, and they are often popular. This lack of diversity I feel makes the role-play boring and is what often contributes to role-plays dying.

No one makes underclassmen because their characters won't have anyone to interact with which is boring because their character has nothing to do which ultimately leads to disinterest and the person leaving the role-play. And again, this is an RP about a school with K-12 and I can assure you, the K+ was not added for shits and giggles. Having all wealthy and famous characters is also boring as it's no longer impressive or unique. Naturally, this role-play takes place in California and plenty of students will probably have dreams of becoming famous singers and starlets. But, not everyone has to be a multi-selling artist or from a family with millions upon millions of dollars. Diversity is a good thing.

I will stress this again once I get to the reservation tab, but if you're gonna reserve, you need to be considerate of all of these things: the fact that we need just as many guys as there are girls (which means no reserving more than one girl without a male reserved somewhere), we need more than just seniors and juniors, and I'm mandating that people create characters from the other grades, and that middle school students are on the line as well (if you are reserving more than two characters [and also, DO NOT try to change your mind about the number of characters you reserve simply because you're being asked to consider playing middle schoolers], then I am asking that third and/or fourth character be in grades 6-9). If you need help with finding baby faces, here is a face claim directory and considering people use gifs, I'm sure you know how to search Tumblr for more.

4. Activeness. This should go without saying, but in inactive role-play is a dead role-play. I'm not asking people to dedicate every hour of every day to this role-play or to make this role-play their sole focus because that would be stupid and crazy unrealistic. As much of I love role-play I also love the real world and the real world often takes me away from my computer- which isn't a bad thing. All I ask is that if you're going to join this role-play then be a part of it and be active. Get your characters involved with other role-players' characters and be considerate enough not to keep people waiting for your response for days at a time. You don't have to be on and post every day, but if you're only posting once or twice every week, then it's best that you not join.

5. Inclusiveness. I feel like I've touched on this already and it really shouldn't need to be a rule because roleplaying is all about togetherness and stuff, but I'll say it anyway - don't exclude people. This is a school-based role-play which means that the characters are going to be rather cliquey. However, just because your characters aren't in the same clique or group, it doesn't mean that they'll have to have zero contact with each other. It's school. Teachers don't give a damn about cliques. Partner your characters up through projects or after-school clubs and teams or taking it outside of school and get creativity. The best thing about high school is that drama is never far away. Don't be afraid to start drama!

6. Relationships. Before you sign up for this role-play, you should know that there will be a relations tab and before anyone is allowed to post in the IC, your connections and links to other characters need to be documented. I'll make the relations tab after the majority of the characters have been accepted. You'll only be responsible for working out relations between your accepted characters and the other already accepted characters. As other characters get accepted, you will be expected to reach out to new role-players and work out relations between their characters and yours and, of course, update your sheet.

7. Face Claims. Being that this is a realistic role-play face claims are, of course, a given. In some role-plays the gm asks that people try to use face claims that aren't used often, but I don't really care. It's your character use whoever face that you wish. However, you all know which face claims do not fit the middle school/high school genre, which means that no Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth will not pass as high school seniors. I will tell you to try again if the face claim chosen is too old.

8. Character Sheet. I have created a character sheet template because I feel like it's easier for everyone that way. All the information asked for must be given but you can add, format it and dress it up however you like. I am all for quality over quantity, but that doesn't mean I am for one sentence answers. This is a semi-literate role-play, and while I don't need novels, I do expect at least a couple of paragraphs (paragraphs include 5-7 sentences each). This goes for both sheets and the role-play in general.

9. Maturity. This role-play about middle and high schoolers going through life and along the way, things like violence, drug abuse, self-harm, sexuality, profanity or other adult themes can find it's way into the narrative. Be mindful of what you right and remember that this is a friendly role-play not some tasteless 50 Shades of Grey fan-fiction. Keep it tasteful and overall respectful.

10. Have Fun. After all the rules I feel like I also need to state that this is meant to be fun, and I want people to have fun. Keep the drama between the characters, not each other. Don't be afraid to communication with me and the other role-players. Share your ideas and if you get stumped and get hit with writer's block - LET US KNOW! We're all here to have fun and create a story full of interesting characters and drama. I look forward to taking this journey with you all! =D

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All around Lima, Ohio people were stirring; some for work, and others, particularly the kids of McKinley High, for school. Coffee machines distorted blissful dreams and the smell of freshly-cooked eggs lulled many out of their beds. Summertime was over and school was just waiting around the corner, though no one is ever particularly excited for school. At least, not many would admit to being such. Things hadn't been particularly easy in the last year in McKinley High. Since the disbandment of the Glee Club and the Cheerios haven pretty much obtained their rightful place on top of the social hierarchy, some students have even transferred and others are simply hoping to wait out the obvious calamity that greeted them every time they stepped through those red double-doors. However, something about this year seems...different. Could it be the return of Rachel Berry and some of the former New Directioners? Or is it the stack of pancakes on somebody's table this morning? Who knows! The point is that it is a new year and there are new possibilities for each and every individual, whether new or old. What awaited them on their first day back, no one knew. But what happens, dear readers, is up to you.

It was only after her mother had departed for work (whatever that meant) that Lacey decided to rise from her bed. Truthfully, she had awoken some time around five in the morning, the anxious butterflies in her stomach snatching her from the remarkably dreamless slumber she had grown accustomed to. However, when she heard her mother running around in the spare bedroom that she stayed at since Lacey had begun to live with her aunt, Lacey had decided to stay as still and as silent as she possibly could, curling up beneath her blankets. She wasn't ready to face the older woman yet: she didn't want a lecture about how to act, an outfit to be subscribed to her, and she definitely didn't need any tips or anything of that nature. Her mom didn't always understand what it meant to be a mom, her Auntie had said. It was still a learning process. So, when her mother came in and pressed a kiss on her forehead, she didn't react. At least, not until she heard her own bedroom door close and felt something akin to peace.

Afterwards, attempting to get another thirty minutes or so of sleep just didn't feel right. So, she contended to hopping out of her bed, making it all over again since that was just the type of person she was, and decided to hop into the shower. Knowing her cousin, Robbie, he wouldn't be getting up until they were going to be nearly late or, at least until he was finished singing in the shower. Which usually sounded great, but it impeded upon the punctuality Lacey was known for. She rolled her eyes at the thought before lathering herself in the Warm Vanilla body wash. It was her favorite and it was her signature scent. It smelled like home and on a day when she was actually going to school - when she wasn't going to be trapped in a house with tutors, but actually being around other kids - she needed something familiar. The thought finally struck her that she was actually not going to some psychiatrist session nor was she being confined in the same four walls, and Lacey hurried up to get out of the bathroom. Suddenly the idea of her mother having helped with an outfit for the day sounded a lot more appealing to her. No, she decided as she reentered her bedroom, teeth brushed and water-slicked tanned body wrapped in a towel. We can do this.

"Lace, Robbie! I'm starting on breakfast!" She heard her Aunt Minnie proclaim and she yelled out the door, "Be down soon." There was some muffled thing going on in Robbie's room, which Lacey didn't even wanna think about. She just banged on the side of her wall that he would hear from. Afterwards, she turned to her closet to pull out something sufficient to wear. She didn't want to come off too preppy or too girly, but at the same time, girly was her staple. And before she knew it, she already had something to work with. It was still very much warm outside, so shorts were acceptable. She didn't need too many layers. After slathering herself with lotion of the same scent as her body wash, she pulled her clothes on before fixing up her hair into a simple pulled-back style, which consisted of most of her hair being left down while a few strands were pulled back from her face and tied at the back of her head with a barrette that was very reminiscent to the color of her bottoms. Considering the fact that it was the first day and school, she went light on her makeup and jewelry. Unlike before, Lacey didn't pull away from the mirror too quickly. However, a prolonged amount of time in front of her had her nitpicking and while something in her mind wanted her to find something else, she grabbed up her backpack, spritzed herself with some of her vanilla perfume, and then headed downstairs. Well, she headed downstairs after banging on Robbie's door and yelling, "Wake up, jackass. You're my ride and I'm not being late cuz you think you're Justin Bieber." Lacey didn't wait for a response. She simply jogged down the stairs lightly.

"Morning, sunshine. At least I can count on one of you to be on time," Minnie said and set a plate down in front of Lacey, which consisted of Eggs Benedict and a small bowl of sliced melons, strawberries, and grapes. Lacey giggled, shooting her aunt an appreciative stare. She knew the former pageant girl wouldn't want to eat anything too filling, but she also wasn't allowing Lacey to skip any meals. "Someone's looking cute today. Did you see your mom before she left?" A wave of guilt passed over her, but Lacey shook it away when she responded.

"Uh, no actually. I think she came in my room, not really sure," she replied and hurried to drink some of her grape juice so that she couldn't answer anything. Minnie shot her a knowing stare. Just because she and Victoria weren't getting along, it wasn't fair that Lacey wasn't at least talking to her. That was the problem, right? A lack of communication? Yet and still, Lacey pushed her problems away in favor of sinking her fork into a succulent piece of strawberry, wondering what her first day at McKinley High would be like.


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Meagan woke up rather early, like, 6:00 A.M. early. She always woke up at six, so she would have plenty of time to get her daily routine finished. Her whole morning had a strict schedule which she ALWAYS followed through with. Meagan would wake up at 6:00 A.M., Workout until 6:15, then she would sit down and eat breakfast with her parents at 6:20, hop in the shower by 6:45, She'd be dressed by 7:15, and would be out the door by 7:30, every day. She didn't talk to her parents much, mostly because they weren't a very 'warm' family. Her father was a very strict business man, and her mother was a quiet, timid woman. During her time at home she mostly spent it helping out around the house or studying.

Due to her strict father, she wasn't allowed to go places for recreation often. In fact, the few times she got to go shopping with friends was because her mother made up an excuse that Meagan needed the clothes... If it was completely up to her father, she wouldn't even have her 2011 Volvo S60 Sedan, he'd drive her to and from school himself to make sure she had a nonexistent social life after school.

She stopped to get an iced mocha on her way to school, seeing as she felt she'd need the extra pick-me-up, but as always, Meagan made it on time. Actually, Meagan made it to school early, as usual. She pulled into the parking lot, sighing a bit, sitting in her car as she watched students pour into the building. A good portion weren't here yet, but there was also the early birds like herself, or those related to school faculty that were drug along for the ride.

First day of her Sophomore year? No big deal, right? She thought to herself as she mentally prepared herself for the day ahead. She always had a plan, and regardless, she'd get through this year. Who cares if she lost all of her friends last year due to that incident? She'd make new ones, or maybe not. She didn't necessarily need other people to process day to day living. She knew she could get through this school year on her own, actually, she might do better without other students clogging up her spare time. Keeping her peers at an emotional distance would definitely help her focus on her college resume. So that was a perk, right? Besides, Meagan didn't really mind if she would be alone in a crowded building.

No one ever seemed to meet her expectations, so why should she continue to set herself up to be disappointed in those around her anyway? Being shunned by all her past friends would be a GOOD thing, she felt it in her bones... yet somehow she couldn't find the strength to exit the car. She had time, so she just took a sip of her mocha, hoping the extra oomph would get her feet moving. Her mind was dead set on rocking this school year, but her heart wasn't as convinced, nor was her stomach. She could feel the nerves practically eating her alive.


Zayden woke up early, mostly because he wanted to get to the art room before everyone started pouring in. His mother helped him gel his hair after he got out of the shower, seeing as he was hopeless when it came to styling his own hair. Once she was finished, he gave his mom a kiss on the cheek. He threw on his leather jacket and plaid scarf and was out the door shortly after. He hopped into his 2011 Ford F150 Ford and made a beeline for the school. He made it in no time, actually beating the crowd. He pulled into the parking lot, walking into the building, not really even giving the teachers recognition. In fact, he didn't even stop to give anything a second glance until he was in the art room. He immediately grabbed a canvas, some paint, and got to work. His brush strokes were quick and almost erratic.

No stroke that Zayden made seemed to be planned, actually to anyone who was watching they looked like an array of strokes on the medium that had no immediate purpose, but that was his favorite part about art. All kinds of pointless strokes would eventually create something amazing, it was how he envisioned life to be. A bunch of pointless events would eventually produce a fruitful life, or so he hoped.

He kept with the strokes, shrugging off his jacket and threw his scarf down with it, revealing a relatively thin, long sleeved gray V-neck shirt. He went straight back to painting, as if in a trance, but his focus, the way he stared at the canvas, he was truly enjoying himself. It was as if the brush was an extension of his arm. It came like second nature to him, like breathing. Though, he preferred painting at this hour so no one would disturb him. Actual art class was too noisy and a bunch of annoying girls would always crowd around him and try to flirt with him. It always ended up keeping him from finishing his piece on he chose to come to school at the crack of dawn to get a head start.

This year couldn't be any worse than those before... but he had a horrible feeling something would interfere with his simple way of life. He had no clue what would be in store for him, nor would he ever imagine he'd end up in the Glee Club...but how could he? So far it ceased to exist. As he stood in the Art room, Zayden would probably never experience this much peace again, at least until graduation. He didn't realize just how much he should really take advantage of this moment and truly enjoy it. How many teens ever realized that they should REALLY appreciate a moment? In the end, that's all Zayden was deep down on the inside... a typical teen.. however, there was a lot more to him as you got to know him. He had plenty of ideals, he had ambition, determination, loyalty, and he wasn't easily pressured into things like most guys his age. If someone took the time to get to know him, they'd know Zayden was old fashioned, a very loyal and romantic person... If you can ever get past his tattoos and majorly anti-social attitude that is...


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Valerie woke up to the noise of her twin brothers Mark and Matthew. She got up and walked to the cupboard and grabbed out a white and blue and red dress. She laid it out on the bed before going to the bathroom to shower. She showered and changed into her dress. She walked down the stairs to see her sister and brothers at the table with her grandmother and mother sitting at the dining table. Her father just walked out of the kitchen. "Hello guys." She sat down and ate breakfast in silence.

Once breakfast was finished she got up kissed everyones head and said her goodbyes. She walked out the door and began her walk to school. As her last year of school she decided to join more clubs then she ever did. She walked to the school and walked inside. Taking a look around the building she knew it was her last year and she sensed she needed to make this a good year.

She walked deeper into the school and walked to the secretary. "I need the class sceduel please. Valerie Camden." She smiled at the secretary who handed her the schedule. "Thanks have a good day." She walked to her locker right beside her locker the bulitan board with all the signup sheets for clubs. She decided she would definetly sign up for the Glee Club.


Jack woke up to his alarm clock beeping 7:00. He got up made his bed, and changed into a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. He walked down the stairs to see his grandmother sitting on the table. "Hey Grandma, How are you this morning." She looked up over to him. "Oh hello Grandson. Have a good day at school tell me everything when you get home." He smiled at her and grabbed a plate with eggs on it eating it quickly. "Sure will Grandma." She was already dressed.

He walked with her to the car. He drove her to the school a block away so he could walk the rest. "Thanks Grandma. See you this afternoon." He walked into the school with a confident smile. He walked to the secretary and grabbed his schedule. He walked to his locker putting his bag into there looking around. There was a girl near the board signing up for something he noticed.


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Sarah woke up bright an early that morning with a smile on her face she loved going to school it was one of her favorite things to do. Sarah got out of her bed and went into her bathroom and freshened up she put on some make-up and went back into her closet and started looking for one of the perfect things to wear today to school so she looked all over her room in 15 minutes she finally had an outfit good enough to wear, she went back into her bathroom and changed into it.

Once Sarah had changed into her outfit she went downstairs and kissed her mother on the cheek and said "good morning mother, how are you?" her mother answered with a friendly smile "I'm fine dear thank you."

Sarah went into the fridge and grabbed the eggs, bacon and a Greek yogurt. She put the eggs and bacon in the frying pan and started cooking them she then grabbed her Greek yogurt and put it on her table counter, she went back to the stove to flip the bacon and take out the eggs she always makes her mothers breakfast so she put the eggs on 2 plates for her mothers and finished with the bacon on their plates as she handed it to them. Sarah sat down and started eating her Greek yogurt and tried to hurry so she wouldn't be late for the bus so she at as fast as she could and once she had finished she put her container in the sink and ran back up the stairs and grabbed her bag and her purse.

Soon Sarah was out the door and walking to the school bus stop and sat down on the chair and waited for the bus to come to this stop. Sarah waited for a couple minutes before she heard the bus coming around the corner and stopped at the stop where she was waiting for 7 minutes, so Sarah got on the bus and sat down in the front Sarah always sat in the front so if their was ever an emergency she would be the first able to get out.

A short time later Sarah and all the other students arrived at the school and stepped off the bus, Sarah started walking to the front of the school where she saw tons of the students coming off their cars and buses Sarah started walking faster she knew soon Harrison Locke would come and he would dump her in a trash bin so she walked as fast as she could and walked into the building and went to her locker.

Sarah got to her locker 321 and picked out her books for the next class and went straight to the next classroom.


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A rather fine specimen of a male, or so he likes to think so, stepped out of a steam filled bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel that was wrapped well below his v-cut midsection. A slight smirk curved among the corners of his lips as he walked past his mirror, seeing himself. He did a few muscle flexes then chuckled while going over his closet, picking out his outfit for the day. It was a little bit too early for him to be up but he received a text from one of his fellow buddies saying that they were dumping Freshmen, nerds or basically anyone who crossed their path into the dumpster and he had to be there, as soon as possible. After pulling out his outfit, which consisted of a blue buttoned up collar shirt and a pair of blue jeans, he quickly placed it upon himself then reviewed over himself in the mirror again.

"Well, first day back at McKinley, let's go get 'em." He spoke while running his fingers over his blemish free face as he grabbed his book-bag, cell phone and car keys. Harrison jogged down the stairs and saw a note on the kitchen table over a plate of fruit. [Hey Harrison. I had to rush to work this morning and didn't want to wake you. Anyway, enjoy your first day at school, I cannot wait to hear about it. Love ya'!] The note read as he sighed then balled it up and chucked it into the trash can nearby, picking up a piece of cantaloupe and biting into it. He looked down at his wristwatch and scurried out of the house and unlocked his car with a simple click of a button then hopped into the driver seat while throwing his book-bag into the passenger seat. Harrison cranked up his engine and placed on his sunglasses while skidding out of the driveway and heading off to school.

Harrison pulled up into his parking space then grabbed his book-bag while getting out, placing the sunglasses onto the top of his head now, flashing a beaming smile as he closed the door behind him, locking it afterwards. He walked through the school grounds and went to the designated area, which was on the side of the school, the infamous dumpster. "Hey guys." Harrison spoke as his friends fist bumped him and he did the same in return. "So, what's on the menu today?" He asked as his eyes flashed upon a scared, shaky nerd, who had the muscular arm of a jock basically weighing him down. "New nerd to the school." His friend said while waving his hand dismissively at the fresh piece of meat. "Well, let's get this over with." Harrison said with a slight sigh as he tossed his book-bag to the side then walked up to the nerd.

"Don't worry, kid. You are the first of the year to be dumped by Harrison. You should be smiling." Harrison smirked as they shuddering male was hoisted up above Harrison's head, with the help of a few friends. "Welcome to McKinley." He said while throwing the kid into the dumpster and clapping his hands together. "Alright, boys. Have fun. If I see anyone else around, I'll be sure to bring them by." He waved them goodbye then picked up his book-bag and walked up the few steps that lead to the main entrance of McKinley High.

Image Upon opening the doors, he walked down the middle of the hallway, seeing everyone move out of his way made him think of them cowering in fear with his presence. A sick smirk came over his lips at the thought as he stopped by his locker and grabbed his notebook and a pencil, which he stuck onto his ear. He turned around and bumped into someone, as Harrison snarled at them, sending the person running away.

He breathed in the school air while leaning against his locker, which he propped himself up off of. "Oh, crap." He muttered underneath his breath while going back over to his locker, pulling out a folded up mechanism, which was his brand new scooter. "Can't forget this baby." Harrison patted the handlebars while speaking those words then placed one foot on the scooter while kicking the other one back and riding it through the halls, whistling a random tune.

This year was going to be all about him and no matter what lengths he had to go to make sure that happens, he was going to make sure that it happened.

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Character Portrait: Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox

"I'm right you're wrong accept that"

Character Portrait: Harrison Locke
Harrison Locke

"I May Be A Bad Boy But There Is A Love In My Heart That I Cannot Get Over."

Character Portrait: Lacey Valentino
Lacey Valentino

"Not everyone can say they're a pageant girl..."


Character Portrait: Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox

"I'm right you're wrong accept that"

Character Portrait: Harrison Locke
Harrison Locke

"I May Be A Bad Boy But There Is A Love In My Heart That I Cannot Get Over."

Character Portrait: Lacey Valentino
Lacey Valentino

"Not everyone can say they're a pageant girl..."

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Character Portrait: Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox

"I'm right you're wrong accept that"

Character Portrait: Lacey Valentino
Lacey Valentino

"Not everyone can say they're a pageant girl..."

Character Portrait: Harrison Locke
Harrison Locke

"I May Be A Bad Boy But There Is A Love In My Heart That I Cannot Get Over."

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