Dragon Ball: A New Adventure II

Dragon Ball: A New Adventure II


Goku left five years ago with Shenron the dragon,along with the dragonballs;being told that the magic items wouldn't return to Earth until they were not needed.As times of peace set in there was, a feeling that something was missing from the world.Open

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Image Dragon Ball: “A new adventure II” Image

Set five years after the end of GT.

Goku left five years ago with Shenron the dragon, along with the dragon balls; being told that the magic items wouldn't return to Earth until they were not needed. As times of peace set in there was, a feeling that something was missing from the world. Everyone moving on in their lives and trying to be“normal”.

Vegeta settled into becoming the new hero of Earth surprising since he at one point strove to destroy the planet. Krillen after the final passing of Master Roshi took over the title of “Turtle Hermit”, despite having his wife 18 and his daughter Marron living with him. Trunks Briefs has been busily trying to run Capsule Corp. but is becoming uninterested as he had been when he first started. Missing the adventure that he had when he was younger he is looking to train someone so that he can step down as his mother had. Unmarried and living in a luxurious apartment by himself, he is also finding himself lonely at times. Missing the time five years ago when he Pan and Goku traveled through space searching for the black star dragon balls.

Pan graduated from Orange Star High school with honors, and has been in college for a couple of years now. But she is finding that life is becoming dull and boring to her. She spends her weekends at the Briefs home training with Vegeta, her uncle Goten; and surprisingly enough Bra. The once princess of shopping, after her experience of being taken over by Baby made her realize that, she needed to learn how to protect herself; that her father isn't always going to be able to protect her. So she started training with her father to become stronger, the daughter of Vegeta did not disappoint; as she excelled at an astounding rate. Learning things in half the time that her brother or Pan had.


Even participating in the last World Martial Arts Tournament where she fought against her best-friend Pan. The girls having become close after finally finding some common ground, between the two.

Bulma never being able to shake her obsession with the dragon balls, one day decided to see if the old dragon radar still worked. But when she turned on the device she noticed a blip on the radar. “This is impossible the dragon balls are gone right”, she said to herself, after bringing it to the attention to her son; she and Trunks determined that it was indeed a dragon ball showing up on the radar, and not to far away. After a quick search they indeed found a dragon ball. Shining brightly in
sun light, what did this all mean.

Meanwhile at the Son house things were about to become just as interesting. As Chi-Chi is outside hanging laundry she get a feeling like she's being watched, as she stops and looks around she sees nobody and shrugs. Taking the empty basket inside, Videl and Pan are busy getting dinner on the table. “Guys dinner!”, calls Pan as her father and uncle come in and sit at the table, “Gee girls this looks great they both say”. Pan sighs she had been helping her mother and grandmother all day and hadn't been able to go to the Briefs to train. Not that she didn't love helping and not that she didn't love eating the results of their labors, but what was the fun in cooking all day. “I wish something would happen, things have been so boring lately”, she said leaning back in her chair. “Mwmamemammwwa”, said Goten, Pan gave him a confused look; “I didn't understand a word you just said”. “I agree with your uncle dear you should be grateful that there isn't something drastic going on”, said Chi-Chi.


“Hey is there enough for me too, cause I'm really hungry”, they all turn and look at the window as Goku walks through, the dining room window. “Dad!, Grandpa!”, said Pan, Goten, and Gohan.

After a confusing explanation from Goku, they determined, that the Earth had been allowed to have the dragon balls back. That despite the fact that everyone was training hard, so they could protect the Earth themselves that a new foe was coming and they would need all the help they could get.

As the old team gathers together at Dende's Lookout they decide that someone should go and collect the dragon balls. Bulma, and Goku think it would be neat if the four children Trunks, Goten, Bra and Pan, go in search of them; that way they can experience the world in a different way. Pan and Trunks having already traveled the galaxy together thought it might be just what they needed to get their lives in order. Goten and Bra are a little more reluctant but in the end they agree just to have something fun to do. Deciding not to rely to heavily on their powers, they take a Capsule Jeep and hit the road.

But this is not all that needs to be done, a request goes through king Yema directly from the Kais that all, good warriors from otherworld are to be brought to action immediately and granted their lives on Earth. In exchange they must train hard to help the Z-warriors to defeat the new foe planning to destroy the cosmos.

Main Character's Needed
Trunks- Played by French91
Goten- Played by Mr. Fly on the wall
Bra- Played by snipergirl24
Pan- Played by snipergirl24

Minor Character's Needed (some of these characters will become bigger later on in the RP)
Goku-played by Chulance
Mr. Popo-
(please not team four star I have anything against them its just I want this Rp to run more like the Canon story line)

All cannon characters belong to Akira Toryama and Funimation please support the official release.

Pics 1,2,and3 are property of Apple Cake on Deviantart I based the story on her pics.

Picture 4 belongs to risachantag on Deviantart as well.

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Age(Trunks- 33, Goten- 32, Bra- 21, Pan- 20):
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Dende and Popo stood before the group, "Well it's certainly nice to see everyone together again", said Dende with a smile. Just as Piccolo walked out from the shadows, "Ah Piccolo you made it wonderful", he said greeting the elder Namekian. "Yeah King Yema wasn't to happy about it but it was over his head and he couldn't do anything about it", said Piccolo looking over at Gohan, Videl, and Pan.

He blinked a bit had he really been gone that long, yeah she wasn't a little girl when he was sent to the Home Of Infinite Loosers; but now she was obviously all grown up. He had always thought of Pan like a granddaughter but now she was a beautiful young woman and he could sense her tremendously higher power level. Then he turned to Vegeta and his family, Vageta being saiyan hadn't changed much but Bulma was beginning to show her age. Trunks had filled out and was finally looking like an adult it seemed like he had taken forever, and Bra she had obviously taken to training with her father because she now had a decent power level. Piccolo continued to stay in the background and observe the others.

"Well now that Piccolos back so are the dragon balls", said Bulma with that twinkle in her eyes that always happened when she reminisced about searching for them with Goku. But she realized she was getting to old to go be-bopping around Earth searching for them, "Well yes Bulma the dragon balls have returned; but that is only part of the problem; it is the reason they have returned that is the problem", said Dende.

He sighed why was it Earth that always, attracted the most powerful foes, "Piccolo is not the only one that had been asked to return to the world of the living; but we'll talk about them more when they arrive", said Dende as he looked over at Piccolo who nodded in understanding. "The point of all this is that the Earth and the universe is once again in danger of being destroyed; and as much as you have worked and trained for the past five years it will not be enough to defeat this foe".

Vegeta gave an awkward look, "What do you mean we are not strong enough, what is the point of all this crap about getting to the point of protecting the planet ourselves instead of relying on the dragon balls", he said. Dende gave a nervous laugh, “Well Vegeta, the eternal dragon determined he might have done this prematurely”, said Dende.

“Prematurely... PREMATURELY!”, yelled Vegeta , then Bulma smacked him on the shoulder, “Vegeta enough!”, the saiyin prince growled but backed down. Bulma is the only being in existence that could get him to back down. “Unfortunately you are all familiar with this beings family all to well, his name is Frost and he is the last remaining member of the Kold empire; he is more powerful than any of the others you have ever fought including the shadow dragons”. "I have not been informed on the actual arrival of Frost but I have been informed by the Kai's to work and train as much as we possibly can, and to collect the dragon balls” said Dende.

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Pan was happy to see Piccolo and everyone at the look out it had felt like forever since everyone had been in one place together. She glanced over at Trunks and smiled something seemed different about him. Over the last few years she had gone over her feelings for him, at first she had thought of him as like a big brother but now that she was older she realized that she might actually be in love with him. She tried her best to not let those feelings out but it was getting harder hold them in. She turned back to Dende "So this guy is like Frieza, I mean how big of deal could he actually be the Trunks from the future took him out in like a few swipes of his sword. What could his family really do".

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Standing in the back of the group was Goten. he was Trying to listen into what dende was saying between receiving text messages form Valise. They been in a argument and valise was texting him nonstop all day wanting to see him right now. sent a message back saying that he was busy. then he heard dende metion something about some frost guy. Then he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. he looked at a text that read If you don't get over here right now Son Goten. we are through. you hear me through.

'' What No way aww man.'' Yelled Goten out loud and in font of every one

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"Yeah Guys, it's gonna be pretty pretty dangerous. But to be honest, I'm all happy to have a new fight, it's been a while, I can't wait to see who's tougher then evil Shenron. I'm telling you the training I did with that dragon." Goku grinned a smile on his face as he appeared on the look-out fashionably late as always. However he'd managed to appear instantly, as if he'd improved his Instant Transmission technique over the last five years. While he'd strove to learn techniques, he also wanted to gain more power over his Super Saiyan transformations he'd focused on gaining the same level of mastery he'd obtained over his regular transformation. But now wasn't the time he went over to Goten.

"I see you haven't slacked off... completely, the girls didn't distract you too much did they! I don't have to come down do I." He laughed he wasn't like that, he had married the first girl he dated. Sometimes he lived to regret that, and Hercule had playfully recommended he should check out other options. He saw the great master of fighting still as "powerful" as ever.

"Oh Hercule! Still doing good huh" Hercule laughed a hearty laugh. "Yeah still the champion of the world, you can be the hero tho! But well with you back competition just got that much harder.! My little grand baby is all grown up nooow!!! HE rushed over to Pan and Goku laughed looking at Pan going over to her. "You sure have grown up, 5 years is a long time isn't it. I better stop disappearing all the time next time I show up you'll like Grandma"

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Pan shook her head it was true Goku had always been gone for long periods of time, and her grandpa Hercule was... well... he was Hercule. So she was glad to have Goku back again, "Well grandpa I hope you plan on sticking around a little longer this time, I know grandma would appreciate it" she said with a big smile. Knowing full and well that her grandma Chi Chi had a chewing out of the century for her grandpa Goku. '' What No way aww man.'' she rolled her eyes at her uncle Goten it never failed he always had his ear glued to the cell phone and Valese. Seriously the girl got on Pans nerves after everything was settled with the dragons and the black star dragon balls she tried to weasel her way into the Son family and had been for the last five years.

Deep down her uncle Goten just couldn't commit to her, not that Pan wanted him to. The woman had the brain the size of a walnut and the rest of what was in her skull was hairspray fumes. She had the audacity to call Pan unfashionable and even made the comment that Pan might be a lesbian. That was the last time she had spent any time with Gotens girlfriend, her own best friend couldn't get her to dress "fashionably" what made her think she could change her. Pan had told her off and then Valese had gone crying to Goten about how mean she had been, just leaving out the part about what she had said to Pan first. Goten didn't speak to Pan for a month until Valese screwed up and let the truth slip out. They broke up for about a year after that and Goten began to concentrate on his training again. Now over the past few months Valese has slithered her way back to him.

"Uncle Goten why don't you just tell Valese to shut up and go wash her hair or something" she said with a chuckle.

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"Uncle Goten why don't you just tell Valese to shut up and go wash her hair or something"

Bra clapped her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh out loud but it was very hard. She didn't like Valese anymore than Pan did but the comment in the middle of the reunion was hilarious. She looked over at the disappointed Goten and felt a little sorry for him, she knew what it was like being in relationship with someone that was... well she didn't want to really think about it. Goten was a such a sweet and nice guy he didn't deserve a girl like Valese that was demanding and jealous half the time they spent arguing with each other. Not that she hadn't done her fair share of being demanding but she knew that there was a line between wanting attention and just flat out being obsessive. The arguing well she was used to that her parents argued allot but she knew that no matter how much her father protested he loved her mother and would die for them all. Her father liked to act like he was in control of everything but the truth was Bulma Briefs had the prince of all saiyans wrapped around her pinky finger. It seemed to be common with saiyan males, they all chose women that were very strong mentally and physically well her mom not so much physically but she was one of the most powerful women Bra knew. Who else could, run a company, help invent things to help countless people all over the planet, change diapers and cook dinner. And now Bra had the option of not only becoming mentally strong but physically as well just like Pan, Chi Chi, and Videl. Now that she had decided that she was going to train and become a super saiyan just like the rest. Sadly her nor Pan had achieved that yet, but it was what they strove to do, to show all the men that they could do it to.

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